5 Tips for Growing Your LA Business

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Welcome to Los Angeles! The land of, well, everything really. If you can dream up an idea, it likely already exists within the city limits. If not identically, then chances are there is someone in LA who is creating or striving after something akin to your idea. This is especially true for businesses in the area – every venture, regardless of industry or niche services, will meet direct competition from another party. Because of this reality, growing your LA business may be slightly more difficult than you initially anticipated. But walking away from all you have invested financially and emotionally into your business is hardly the solution. When you consider the numerous options for growing your business, from LA billboards to location specific online advertising, there is no reason to walk away now. To help you stay the course, we have put together 5 tips for growing your LA business.



Speaking of these seemingly timeless advertising mediums, why not consider investing in a few of these to promote awareness of your business? If you plan the campaign correctly, you can grow your business more than you can imagine just off one billboard. Think about the Sunset Strip – possibly the pinnacle of traditional billboard advertising. Despite the rapid evolution of digital advertising, this area has stood the test of time. Now, you may not be able to dedicate enough resources to buying a billboard space on this strip. But its existence is evidence that billboards can work as part of an advertising campaign. If they didn’t, do you think Apple, Netflix, and more would have multiple spots along the Sunset Strip?


Work on your relationships

As mentioned previously, Los Angeles is overflowing with people and their ideas. For you and yours, this can mean getting lost in the proverbial shuffle. Obviously, this is hardly the route you want to go with your LA business. Afterall, who wants to declare bankruptcy simply because people forgot about them? To counter this, you want to ensure you have more than just a surface level relationship with each person your business depends on. Perhaps it is a supplier, or a client. No matter the case, human relationships are the backbone of pretty much anything of substance in the world of business. Assuming you want your LA business to stand the test of time, pay close attention to those in your business’ orbit.


Targeted advertising

Of course, no business’ plan for growing themselves is complete without incorporating the internet heavily. While this fact might leave somewhat of a sour taste in your mouth, it is no less true – businesses’ live and die by the internet at this point. For the technologically uninformed, targeted advertising is where you should put a fair share of your efforts. This is when you advertise to online users who have already expressed some level of interest in what your company has to offer. The technological aspect of this is unimportant for now. Simply understand that thanks to the internet, you stand a better chance to secure new clients by using target advertising.


Connect locally

You likely know a story or two about a person who operates their entire business from the comfort of their home – never once stepping foot into the “real world.” That idea is all well and good. But, for many businesses, it just is not practical. Real, tangible, human relationships are a necessity. Especially in a city as alive as Los Angeles. For you, the business operator in this equation, this means you must be connected to what is going on across the street, down the block, and so on. Offer to support community events. Introduce yourself to the corporate neighbors. Invite others to come see what you are doing or even to try and learn from their experiences. Basically, plug into your community and in turn, you’ll probably see some growth.


Make a splash

Everything mentioned above will assuredly aid your efforts to grow your LA business. But remember, this city is one of the driving forces of change when it comes to modern culture. Many consider it to be the trendsetting capital of the Western world. It would behoove your business to lean heavily into this reality. Whatever it is your and your business have to offer, make it known in eye-popping fashion. Whether it is a detailed social media campaign or a unique pop-up shop, do something that is so unique and so you that strangers cannot help but pay attention.

Nobody said growing your LA business was going to be easy. But, should you get this business to a point where it is a known, profitable, commodity, it will pay dividends.