Some Of The Best Ways To Clear An Outside Drain Blocked With Fat Deposits

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When grease and oil are disposed of down a drain, a horrifying disaster may befall; both internal and external flooding, as well as harm to pipes and sewage systems, are prime examples. The root cause of these blockages is the accumulation of fat, grease, and oil from cooking, which eventually come together in massive girths over time, leading to severe destruction. Check your drains before the worst thing happen, ask  for help.

Fat is capable of inducing significant damage, as clogs put an immense amount of pressure on the infrastructure of underground sewers, not to mention internal plumbing. Here are some of the most effective methods to remove an outside drain clogged with fat.

Boiling water

When blockages are still small and have not had enough time to accumulate, hot water can be effective in breaking down any fat deposits. This is an excellent first step to take, allowing you to verify if there is a blockage within the kitchen sink’s internal pipes as well.

Take a kettle filled with boiling water and pour it down the external drain and the clean kitchen sink. Before doing this, take out any catcher or strainer plugs. You can repeat this process several times, and check whether there has been any improvement in water flow.

Caustic soda

Caustic soda is a great aid when it comes to unblocking fat-filled drains. It’s a harsh chemical that can provide an extra kick to unblock your drain.  Caustic soda has a chemical structure known as sodium hydroxide that could cause a reaction with acids in fat build-ups. You can easily buy caustic soda from a hardware store in town or online.    

Drain cleaners

Drain cleaners, usually found in supermarkets and convenience stores alongside cleaning products and kitchen utensils, have a unique and selective compound of chemicals for clearing purposes.

Different brands have varying degrees of strength, so opting for a more potent drain cleaner is preferable when blockages are more severe, or if previous methods have failed. The directions for use that come with your product should be followed for optimal outcomes.

Drain rods

If prior methods fail to clear an outside drain backed with fat, utilizing some heavy-duty hardware can be attempted. By physically breaking down the blockage, drain rodding or cleaning can be fruitful. A drain rod or snake is an instrument that will come in handy.

After finding the outside drain cover, insert the rod and slowly unwind the drain snake, which may have to be quite long, contingent on the blockage’s location. Then, remove the rod and validate whether the drain is flowing more efficiently.

Call a Professional

When any of the above methods do not work, you should immediately call a professional plumber to handle the issue. A professional plumber has the necessary technology, tools, and techniques to handle any type of drain blockage. They will identify the exact location of the block and deal with the issue as soon as possible. The aforementioned article provides information on some of the best ways to clean an outside drain blocked with fat.