The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Deals at Kroger

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One of Kroger’s best perks is the many money-saving promos. But how do you even know of such offers? Discover how to find such best deals in this article! 

Where To Find Best Deals at Kroger

Kroger deals can be found not just within its stores’ walls. Even the Internet is thick with them, but it does take a bit of navigation and help from this guide to find them all. 


Exploring Kroger’s website unveils a treasure trove of deals, and these are some fantastic offers you may find on it:


  • Digital Coupons
  • Delivery fee discounts 
  • Free pickups
  • Membership free trial offers
  • Weekly points
  • Sales announcements 


If you find it hard to maneuver the site, you can proceed directly to its Promotions page or Digital Coupons database. They feature the company’s best and most recent and active promos. 

Mobile App

Avid Kroger shoppers are highly recommended to download the mobile app. You can use it for accessing receipts, grocery lists, and prescriptions. You can also order groceries and other items through the app.


However, the best perk about the app is that you can easily find and clip digital coupons. Then, when you need those coupons, you can easily apply or present them – no more frantic scrambling and searching. 

Weekly Ads 

Many stores still produce weekly ads, and Kroger is one of them. You can use the ad to quickly browse for exciting deals and the most recent prices of certain products. It’s especially suited for people who like visual material. 


An exciting thing about Kroger’s ad is it’s interactive. Thus, you can click on a product or promo you like, and it will appear on the sidebar. Then, you can add it to your list of favorite offers or immediately avail of it. 


There are Kroger deals you can’t find online – not even a prior announcement is made. Instead, you’ll only encounter them by exploring the store and looking for markdown announcements, clearance sales, and yellow tags. 


Such surprise, in-store promos usually cover perishables, like meat, dairy, bread, and produce (i.e., fruits and vegetables). However, they don’t have to be a surprise – if you’ve been shopping long enough at your local Kroger, you’ll discover a pattern for such price drops and become familiar with where such deals are displayed.


However, if you’re new, you can approach the managers – there’s a reason why these offers are also known as Manager’s Specials. You can ask them when they usually mark down items. They typically follow policies as to when they can slash prices, so the in-store promo schedules aren’t too random. 

Deal Sites 

There are deal sites on the Internet dedicated to Kroger, and one of the most popular is Such sites compile, post, and update the company’s weekly ads, previews, digital coupons, special deals, and more. 


Many of these sites also post articles sharing tips and tricks on scoring deals and saving money while shopping at Kroger. Thus, they’re a valuable resource for those new to the shopping game.  

Affiliate Sites 

If you need more deals and coupons, looking into affiliate sites and coupon databases won’t hurt. Usually, these sites are big companies or publishers like the Los Angeles Times and Forbes


These affiliates usually compile their coupons by the month. Sometimes, exclusive vouchers are available, and you can use them when you’re no longer eligible for the other promos. 


Kroger always has exciting deals and discounts you can use to save money and make groceries more affordable. Most are on the Internet, so some web surfing reveals them. Meanwhile, other promos, like clearance sales, are usually in-store, with no prior announcements.