Adventures with my Irish Twins!

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They may not be traditional twins, but their close age proximity never fails to spark amusing encounters and cheeky grins.

Three Weeks of Age Synchronicity: there are three glorious weeks each year where Lachlan and Gwenivere magically share the same age. It’s not uncommon for curious strangers to approach me with excitement. “Oh my goodness, are they twins?” they ask, eyes wide with anticipation. I can’t resist playing along, so I reply, “Nope, not twins! Meet Lawson and Gwendolyn!” Cue the priceless look of utter confusion. Mission accomplished! Though it is fun these 3 weeks – saying no they are no twins but both are 3 – usually they think Eric and I must have a blended family of sorts.

Individual Personalities Unleashed: Sure, they may have been born just 11 months apart, but Lachlan and Gwenivere are two peas from different pods. It’s really interesting how they’ve developed their own unique quirks and talents. Height-wise, they may resemble Lawson and Gwendolyn, but their personalities set them apart. Lawson and Gwendolyn play together constantly while Lachlan and Gwenivere pretty much scream if one touches the other one’s toy.

It is funny since Gwenivere and Gwenyth Grace are 12 months apart ( so really not that much difference in time) and they are much closer. I do not know if I suggest having an age gap less than 2 years. I really liked Lachlan and the twins age gap of 2 years – this 11 or 12 month really is difficult.

Every year I like to write a little post about these 2. Let’s just hope next year they are playing better together – because the screaming from these two is something else.