Age Gaps Between The 5 Children

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To follow Baby 5’s Journey Go HERE.

Please excuse the dates being wrong for Gwenivere and Lachlan they are now – 19 months and 8 months ( mama is late on writing this post) ;). I never use to be late but I find myself late for LIFE these days.

I have received an overwhelming amount of messages about the age difference between everyone and I thought it would be good to have a post with all the dates.

Twins – Lawson and Gwendolyn – 3 years old – July 2nd

( Age Gap  24 months) 

Lachlan – 19 months – July 19th

( Age Gap 11 Months) 

Gwenivere Rose – 8 Months – June 30th

( Age Gap 12 months ( maybe 13?)  – if for some reason I can keep the baby cooking extra long it will be super early August ). 

Baby #5 – sometime in Late July.

I always seem to have blood pressure issues at the end of each pregnancy which results in early birth – right around the 36 – 37 mark. So I really only can guess when baby 5 will be here. I am hoping we make it pretty close to the due date which would make it the last few days of July. Most likely it will be right around middle.