Did We Plan Baby 5?

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Did We Plan Baby 5?


Nope. Nope. Nope.

Of course every baby is a huge blessing. I knew before I took my test I was pregnant since my clear pregnancy signs were there for about a week. When I ended up confirming the pregnancy I felt at peace ( kinda) about the news.

But then became the huge question – what happened?

Last time Gwenivere ( who was also a lovely surprise) was the result of failed birth control. This time after I had Gwenivere  I wanted to make sure there was no chance of user-failure. I choose something that was 99% effective and something I could not mess up myself and I guess we fell into that 1%.

I will not lie. I am scared. The concept of having 5 kids in 49 months is a lot for me to handle. I worry about giving enough love. I know my body is tired – like tired tired. Throw COVID into the mix.

Did We Plan Baby 5? So no we did not plan a baby 5 but we are happy and scared with a dash of confusion.