Options to Consider When You Want to Cook Outside

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You don’t know what you’re missing if you only cook inside. If you’ve got the budget and the space, you might want to create an outdoor living space with a kitchen. While you don’t need to go all out to enjoy cooking outdoors, an outdoor kitchen can be a game-changer.


According to Grand View Research, the outdoor kitchen market was worth $19.64 billion in 2021 and $21.11 billion in 2022. It adds that the growth is due to factors like a shift in consumer behavior, rising disposable income, and a heightened focus on outdoor living spaces. 


If you haven’t cooked outside before or don’t do so very often, now’s the time to learn how to cook up a storm on your back deck. You’ll see various options are available if you’d like to have an alternative to creating meals in your kitchen all the time.


Outdoor Kitchen


If you want the same conveniences outside as you do in your kitchen, consider getting an outdoor kitchen. How functional your outdoor kitchen is will depend on factors like your budget, but it’s possible to have an outdoor living space with comforts found in your indoor kitchen. You can get a grill, a counter, a sink with running water, storage, a table, chairs, and other things you’ll want in a kitchen. 


Take the time to explore options for setting up an outdoor kitchen. Once you select the right equipment and configuration, you’ll be ready to tackle some of your favorite meals outdoors. For inspiration or to try something new, check out some recipes on our website.


Charcoal Grill


Another way to cook outside is with a charcoal grill. It’s like a BBQ grill. But it’s fueled with charcoal rather than natural gas or propane. It can be a cost-effective way to cook your meals out on the back deck. You don’t have to limit yourself to burgers, steaks, or seafood. 


When cooking outside with a charcoal grill, the sky’s the limit. Try cooking lasagnas, stews, or rice dishes. Charcoal doesn’t have an expiration date, so you can stockpile it. If you want to cook outside on your charcoal grill, you’ll always have some on hand without worrying about the charcoal going bad.


Outdoor Pizza Oven


You can also enjoy homemade pizza cooked in your own outdoor pizza oven. Whether your family likes plain cheese, veggie lovers, meat lovers, or other pizza varieties, you can make the pizzas you want without having to order and pick them up at a pizza shop across town. An outdoor pizza oven will also shorten the wait time, so the food will be ready to eat faster than if you cook them in your kitchen oven or order them from an establishment.


BBQ Grill


A BBQ grill is one outdoor cooking method you’re likely familiar with. Perhaps you like to have BBQs with your family on the weekends or whenever it’s too hot and humid to cook indoors. You can cook up some burgers and hotdogs, toast some buns, and set out the condiments. It can be a fun way to enjoy food and conversation with family and friends.




Yet another way to enjoy outdoor cooking is on a campfire. You’ll need a firepit, a grate to put your food on, and a fire to cook the food. You don’t have to be at a campsite in a rural area to cook on your property. Of course, you need to be mindful of whether you have the space to do it safely. But if there’s sufficient space and no local ordinances against doing so, have at it.


These are some ways you can enjoy outdoor cooking. You and your family will enjoy exchanging the kitchen for the patio deck every now and then.