Mead 101: How to Choose, Serve, and Enjoy This Delicious Beverage

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Have you heard about mead?

Mead, also known as honey wine, has been a beverage for humans throughout history. With its origins in fermented honey and water, mead offers a backstory and a distinctive flavor that sets it apart from alcoholic drinks. Whether you’re an avid beer enthusiast seeking to broaden your taste horizons or simply intrigued by something, this beginner’s guide to mead will assist you in selecting, serving, and savoring this libation.


So, let’s read on to know more about mead. 


Choosing the Perfect Mead


When it comes to choosing the mead, there are factors to consider. First and foremost, determine your mead style. Meads can be categorized as sweet, semi-sweet, or dry, with variations ranging from still to sparkling. Sweet meads contain concentrations of honey and tend to offer a syrupy texture and dessert-like flavor profile. Semi-sweet meads strike a balance between sweetness and acidity, while dry meads have residual sugar content for a refreshing finish.


Additionally, take into account the flavors and ingredients that pique your interest. Meads can be infused with an array of fruits, spices, herbs, or even hops.

There are different flavors of mead available, from classic ones, like apple or cherry, to more adventurous combinations, like lavender or chili pepper. However, it can be tricky for you to understand where to buy mead from. You can find a mead that suits your taste preference near any of the departmental stores. If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend trying a flight of meads to discover the flavors you enjoy.


Serving the Mead Perfectly


When it comes to serving mead, it’s important to know that it is traditionally enjoyed at room temperature or slightly chilled based on preference. Unlike wine, mead usually doesn’t need to be decanted or aerated before serving. However, letting it breathe for a few minutes can enhance the aromas and flavors.


You can serve mead in different types of glassware. A tulip-shaped glass or a wine glass is often preferred as they help concentrate the aromas. It’s best to avoid using narrow glasses like champagne flutes because they may limit the experience of the mead. There are many traditional and modern glassware available in the market to serve mead to guests. So, choose anything that complements your needs and preferences. 


Pair your Mead with different Foods


If you want to appreciate the range of flavors and nuances in mead, consider pairing it with foods. Sweet meads are great on their own as desserts, which can be paired with cheeses, dark chocolate, or fruit-based desserts. Semi-sweet and dry meads go well with foods such as cured meats, grilled vegetables, seafood, and even spicy dishes.


Enjoying Mead


Now that you’ve selected the mead and it’s been served right, it’s time to savor the moment! Begin by taking a moment to appreciate the color and clarity of the mead in your glass. Gently swirl it to release its aromas, then take a sniff. Remember, carbonating the mead is important before consumption. Notice the hints of honey, fruit, spices, or any other flavors that may come through.


As you take your sip, allow the mead to glide over your taste buds and relish in the blend of sweetness, acidity, and all other flavors present. Pay attention to how it feels in your mouth. Is it light and crisp or more full-bodied and velvety? After each sip, take note of the lingering flavors and any subtle warmth from the alcohol.


If you’re enjoying this experience with others, don’t hesitate to discuss what you perceive on your palate and hear their thoughts well. Sharing notes and experiences can add a layer of enjoyment to this experience. While it’s perfectly acceptable to savor each sip, mead also makes for a refreshing summer beverage or a unique addition to cocktails.




Mead is a delightful drink that offers a taste of adventure.

By selecting the mead, serving it with finesse, and taking the opportunity to relish and cherish every sip, you can truly embrace the flavors and rich heritage of this time-honored libation. Whether you’re hosting a gathering seeking a companion for a meal or simply yearning for an exciting culinary escapade, mead proves to be an exceptional option that transports you to bygone eras. Therefore, don’t hesitate any further; raise your glass and indulge in the essence of mead!