People That Use Coupons Are Losers

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This is the exact words I heard yesterday at Walmart as I stood in line ( with my coupon binder ) by the women in front of me.

I told this event to my awesome followers on Facebook and was surprised by the outstanding 200 + responses I received

I pose this question to you –

What would you have said to her? If she told you that only losers use coupons?

This is what Budget Savvy Diva did:

I gave her my business card ( for Budget Savvy Diva ) and said see what a loser can do.


Another question I would love to know your take on:

Do you ever feel like people look down on you for using coupons?


Please leave a comment – this site is not only to show you great deals and how to score freebies it is a community in which you can feel safe to discuss coupons and ways you save πŸ™‚



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  • tanyetta

    I would have said, “YES I am a LOSER! I am LOSING out on being in DEBT! That’s a GREAT LOSS to HAVE” and then flip my hair over my shoulder and kept it moving! People are CRAZY! What is the purpose of speaking a NEGATIVE comment regarding something I am doing for MY FAMILY! Thumbs down to the Negative Nellies!

    • Kelly

      OMG Tanyetta that would have been an awesome comeback! A few weeks back at the grocery store on base, two of the employees actually stood behind me at the register for at least 5 minutes, talking smack about me, my many jars of ragu, and my coupons. Usually I’m quick to cuss someone out, but I just couldn’t that day. I felt like a neon sign as it was, and knew if I “cussed em out” I’d only draw more attention to myself. I wanted to say something to Tubby tubs about his weight, lmao, but I was the bigger person, that one time. I’m going to remember your line and start telling people, in my most sarcastic voice”I’m just a loser, losing out on debt that is”, flip my ponytail, and maybe for an added bonus I’ll laugh like I’ve lost my mind!

  • Abbi

    I do sometimes feel down when I use coupons, but then I remind myself WHY we’re using them and I know that we’re going to be better off putting that money towards something else and with hubby losing his job last year, we know what it’s like to rack up debt just to get by, so we’re using coupons to help us decrease our debt, so then I don’t feel bad about using coupons! πŸ™‚

  • heather

    The jokes on her! She obviously has some Issues.. Couponer or not you should not look down on anyone who is trying to save money in a legal way. My now husband then boyfriend used to make fun of me when I used coupons until he realized how much I’m saving now he asks if I got the paper yet! haha!

  • Tina

    My answer would have been, Well this loser has saved enough money to go on a 5 day cruise. how bout you????
    I have been in line and gotten all my coupons ready and people are more curious as to how you do it?, than be rude. They ask, how long does it take, where do you find them?
    In reality it doesn’t take that long, not once you have mastered the art of couponing or the art of finding where they are at. Once those 2 are out of the way, the rest is cake.
    I do not shop at Wal mart, I just find the store and people who work there rude. I am sure they are all not rude, but the few times I have been in there, my experiences weren’t pleasant and try to use a coupon from another store where it is clearly marked right there at the register they take competitors coupons was a bit of a nightmare. It took 4 people and me to keep pointing at their signage to get it resolved.

  • KerriC.

    The way i see it…..people who do NOT use coupons are the ones who LOSE! They are losing money out of their pockets every time that they step up to any register. I think they make negative coments like that because they don’t understand couponers. If they took the time to use 1 coupon they would use another, and another, and another….and would then understand why we take that extra time at the checkout line. If they don’t like waiting in line behind a couponer, then who has glued their feet to the floor behind them in line? Move to the express lane!! My grandmother taught me how to coupon at the age of 8 and i have been doing it ever since. I am now trying to teach my own mother. She is one of those “embarrassed” couponers and i am trying to get her out of that. It doesn’t help when you have people in lines making negative remarks. I think handing her a business card and saying what you did was fabulous!! I will remember that next time that i hear a comment like that! πŸ™‚

  • Patty Farnsley

    I probably would have said, “like my daddy always said – Opinions are like a$$h#les, every one has one”!!! Then after my order was ring up and I was leaving, i’de ask them if they could beat that? lol

    • Kelly

      Patty, I use that line as well, only I add a little extra, making it”Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one, and some people are one.” Make sure you smile when you say it too lol!

  • Dottie

    Your response was awesome! The first thought that came to mind while reading this is that she is the real looser in this situation. How much money is she “loosing” every month by not using coupons?

    I get the “look” all the time, but do not care. I am bettering (sp?) myself, my family and my community for using coupons.

    On a more possitive note, I get asked questions all the time about how I do what I do. I have even started helping some other less fortunate people save tons of money with coupons and they are eating better than they have in years. I LOVE to help others and wish people would stop being so negative about couponers.

  • barb ulmer

    My friend love my couponing because I give them the coupons that they need..I spread the savings..and for your questions what would I do? I would of looked at her and said what it to ya? Everything is so expensive we have to do something to save money..YOUR JUST JEALOUS……RIGHT…THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT:0)

  • Sonya Parga

    Wow… I probably would have done exactly like you! If using coupons makes me a loser, then so be it! My husband supports me in doing this and tells me daily how much he admires the way I am able to save money in this economy… His opinion is for me the only one that matters!

  • Crysta

    I was with two friends the other day, and one was telling a story about having an issue using a coupon at a locally-owned grocery store (the checker pulled it off the item, it wouldn’t scan, wouldn’t scan, so instead of calling for help, she turned to my friend and said, “Do you really want to use the coupon?”).

    Anyway, like three times during the story she said, “I don’t normally use coupons” or “I’m not really a coupon user.” I just laughed and said, “I am! Why would you pay more than you have to?” and then she was comfortable talking about it. But it seemed like initially she was expecting us to judge her because she wanted to save 55 cents on her bread!

  • Cathy

    I would have said, how about you wait until I am done with my shopping trip and see how much this loser can save.

    Actually, a friend of mine was busting on people about using coupons. I told her that my $1 off coupon was the same value as her $1 bill and that she can hand over all the money she wanted to, but that I would rather spend mine else where. I also asked her if she would walk pass a $20.00 bill and that her not using coupons was the same thing as walking pass a free $20 laying on the ground or her throwing one away herself…

  • Liz H

    I would have told her on the first question. Why dont you wait till I finish checking out and see who the loser is then. I can be a person who can say it nicely but evil too all in one sentence I am afraid.

    far as people looking down on me for using coupons. As being a half breed indian they have always looked down on me so what else is new and DH family use to look down but they see my stock pile now and they dont anymore. Oh well their lose and all of us that do coupon gain I say πŸ™‚

  • Melissa W.

    I’ve gotten “oh, you’re one of THOSE people” before when I let someone with a few items go before me. lol

  • Melissa

    I don’t understand what has happened to our world, where people feel they can be so blatantly rude. AND TO YOUR FACE! My mouth probably would have hit the floor with disbelief. They I would have said something like… uh… oh my God….. huh? I wouldn’t have known what to say.

    I have not encountered anyone’s rudeness about couponing as of yet. I am not super extreme, but I do more than one transaction most of the time and stack coupons. I mostly coupon for toiletries and laundry stuff, sunscreen and such.

    Good for you for standing up to her and giving out a card. I’ll just bet she’s couponing before the month is out!

  • Chartay

    I have just begun using coupons, and am still struggling with what people think. But yesterday for the very first time, I took my binder with me to WalMart and shopped with coupons. It was a good experience. The cashier was very nice and didn’t mind the coupons, and since she closed the line after me, I didn’t have to worry about what others would say. I also saved over $16.00 so I am learning to enjoy the experience!

  • Brenda

    I do think sometimes people get annoyed if I happen to be ahead of them in line and I have a lot of coupons. But for more people, they either use coupons themselves, or just appreciate the fact that I’m trying to stretch my dollars. I responded to your FB post yesterday (so I won’t go there again) but I still can’t believe the nerve of that person!

  • brittney

    I want to use my coupons more but sometimes I dont feel its worth the snarls rude comments and the cashier rolling her eyes. Its sucks but ive never had someone actually say something to me about it I probably would have cussed her out to be honest.

  • Rhoda S

    I’m not a confrontational person, so I probably would have just stood looking at her with lots of things going through my mind that I want to say. I would want to say, “Losers spend more money than they have” or “My husband seems to be pretty happy with what this “Loser” does with his hard-earned money”.
    To answer your second question: Yes, sometimes I do, especially by people who have more money than they know what to do with. Sometimes I think my excitement about couponing annoys people, so I have learned to just talk to a few about my passion.

  • Jaime

    I would have told her that only smart people use coupons. We save money while she pays full price. I think she is the loser. I know people look down on us coupon users. It does take a while to scan all the coupons. But this is our way of saving money deal with it or get in another check out line.

  • wendydurison

    I am the type of person who would have been too stunned at the rudeness of that woman to say anything. But I can tell you the loser in this scenario was not you. It was someone who thought she had the right to comment at all on coupon usage or not using them at all. I have two sisters, one who is joining me in couponing and one who thinks we are idiots (not that she would say that). I am going to get her to coupon when she sees what I can purchase with the same amount of money.

    Keep your dignity. Don’t let someone who is showing you their ignorance bother you. As a wise person I know recently said “Never argue with an idiot. People who are watching can’t tell who is who.”

  • Brandy

    I’m pregnant and hormonal so anything I would have said to her would not have been very nice at all.

    I know a few ppl who are afraid to use coupons because they think ppl will look down on them. As for me, I’m quite proud of myself for doing what’s best for me and my family and being this good at it lol.

    • Beatrice Ford

      LOLOLOL. Your comment made me laugh so hard. I’m not hormonal but I don’t tolerate rude people very well….. πŸ˜‰

  • Teralee

    I love what you decided to do. Very classy, you didn’t name call & you were not rude… which for some people might be a very hard thing to do.
    I hate holding up the lines at places like Wal-Mart because of the cashiers’ non knowledgeable coupon ringing up skills. Sometime the coupons do not work for whatever reason, and the line gets held up. I think some people behind the held up line get annoyed along with the cashier. That, I think is the reason some people may look down on an awesome money savvy couponer. What they don’t understand is that some people have to coupon to save money, or even be able to eat if they’re in a tough situation or maybe they’ve had a taste of not having to buy something and now they’re hooked. Plain and simple couponing is super smart and if you’re not doing it, you’re wasting money that you could be setting aside for childrens’ college, retirement, vacation, new purse, ect.
    I have seen a few eyes roll, and a few people leave lines in which they were next to come after me. So yes there are naive people who look down on couponers, but for the most part I think it intrigues people, more positive than negative. A lot of the eye rollers may just be jealous and some of them know it, but some don’t :p

  • MiSavingMommy

    I have been looked down upon for using coupons, and even before I became an extreme couponer. I’ve gotten several condescending looks, and even comments about it. “How pathetic to live your life according to coupons” or even “I don’t waste my time doing coupons like you do, I have the money to spend” What I really want to tell these people is, I’m completely debt free, I have a large stock portfolio, and I’ve saved enough in my son’s college fund to send him to Harvard if he so chooses. It’s not a “poor person’s” acitivity. It affords me the opportunity to provide luxuries for my family that I couldn’t before like vacations and a house that ISN’T getting foreclosed on….I think carrying large amounts of compounding debt is pathetic.

  • Colleen

    A cashier saw my binder and said, “Oh your one of those” To which I replied, “Person who uses coupons? Yes, I am” The whole conversation got ridiculous as she continued to lecture me about how “we” cause her store to lose money (even after I explained to her that the store gets paid for every coupon) and how they had to change their coupon policy because of “you people” Mind you I had about 10 items on the belt and a few that I wasn’t even using coupons for. There are times now when my binder gets me looks, and I have taken it personally, because I am human, but I remember how much money I save, and the positive things it allows me to do for my family and I feel much better. Rather be a coupon “loser” than a full price paying “winner” anyday! πŸ™‚

  • Miriam

    I went to Walmart late last night to steer clear of the usual Walmart craziness…

    Scored some great deals on this week’s sales. Put all my items on the counter and the Cashier didn’t say a word to me…didn’t smile. NOTHING. She just scanned my coupons…and I had to walk all the way around to her side to grab the bags off the rotating bagging thingy…Can you say RUDE? It wasn’t complicated. NO trouble at the register with the coupons either. I don’t get it.

  • Jen @ Master the Art of Saving

    Wow! That is so crazy; you handled yourself very well. I probably wouldn’t have done so well, I’m a really nice person and all, but I don’t like mean people. Hopefully that chick isn’t going to come up here and leave nasty comments at you. I know that it happens, but it would suck.

    Ever since “Extreme Couponing” aired, things just haven’t been the same couponing-wise for me. It’s amazing how people can be so judgemental about people they don’t even know. Maybe we all use coupons—so what? We are the ones that are taking the time and initiative to better our financial futures. So many people don’t even really get it, and they’ll be the ones having a hard time later on.

    You have an amazing website w/ tons of readers and are doing things that help other people as well as you & your honey. Isn’t that like the total opposite of a loser?

  • Rachel

    I’m a cashier, and I coupon. People always come through and apologize for being the “crazy coupon lady”. I always tell them-I coupon too, and I think that they people who don’t save money are crazy, not us.- I love it when couponers come through my line because it is fun to see how much they save!

  • Lucy

    Actually, I get more mean looks from the cashiers! Like i’m stealing from them personally or something. Usually I have a smile on my face bc i’m so happy when the numbers start coming off that the people behind me are curious and impressed (and I do it on such a tiny scale!) I spew out as many tips as I can about how I got started and wish them luck πŸ™‚

  • Rhonda

    Well in my opinion only Losers pay full price for something. The only thing I lose out on by using coupons is not wasting money!

  • picklejuice

    The good part in this is that people are recognizing what we do. If they are choosing to remain ignorant, so be it. I hate that I can let others’ opinions bother me, but continuing on challenges my character and adds to my savings account, which is much more productive than engaging with those people. You totally did the right thing, I would have sat there stunned and then thought of the million things I “should have said” afterward. lol. There’s another saying out there too, but its from the movie Rush Hour ( i know, old school haha) … “I like to let people talk who like to talk. It lets me find out how full of poo they are.”

  • ElizaBeth

    Seriously. Name calling from an adult. Even my teenagers get how using coupons is a good thing! I’m not sure how I would have responded. The only people I’ve encountered are those who want to know how to make couponing work for them. (Which is the reason my quick 30 minute trip ends up taking an hour and a half while I give a mini couponing lesson right there in the store while someone types everything into thier electronic notepad…) I have delt with rude cashiers, and managers. I have discovered that its better to go to the young guy cashiers, they’re pretty indifferent to anything that doesn’t impact them directly. I guess if we couponers are losers, then at least we’re in good company. πŸ˜€

  • Denise B.

    I have been extreme couponing now for 25 years and have never heard anyone say a bad word about it or about me. On the contrary, customers and cashiers have always shown an interest in seeing how much the final tally is when I’m checking out. I have also made sure I did not hold up the line by making sure all my coupons were in order–like ones together and piled smallest to largest coupon to make it easier to go through. I also would bag the groceries while the cashier went through the coupons (watching and counting the coupons at the same time of course).

    People who say negative things about other people are people who are not happy with themselves. In this situation, I would have just ignored the person and not even acknowledged them; because that is exactly what they are trying to do–get a rise out of you.

  • Kellie

    I would have done the same thing if I were you. Great Come back now if she comes to check out the site thats a different story. But i would have also added in there. watch this losers total drop at the register while you are paying full price whos losing now? Right me. Thanks for the compliment. Because why she is paying full price for everything in her cart unless it is onsale for that week we are getting it at bargin prices with our coupons so yes we are losing and that is fine with me. As for your other question are we looked down on. IN some aspects yes we are. that grumpy check out person in isle 6 sees a cart full of stuff coming down the lane and then the coupon binder and roles their eyes. that crazy couponer who clears the shelf (drives me crazy) and then leaves nothing of the 77 bottles of mustard for those who actually use it. those that think that they need it even tho they dont use it only because it is a money maker.(hope they are donating) BUT in some peoples eyes they want to know. HOW do you do this? I never walk into a store anymore and pay all of the grocery bill. i walk out at least saving half 99% of the time if not more. even some cashiers want to know HOW. Ill tell them i dont have a problem sharing the wealth. because at the end of the day that is what us loosers have in common. Wealth. We are wealthy in the fact that we know we are not spending 3.00 on shampoo or conditioner or XYZ we are spending maybe 1.00 Well worth the time if you ask me. people know me If they want to know something all they have to do is ask not insult me Ill tell em. NO problem. thanks for this post. some great posts are coming up lately. Man i hope that my CVS still has razors. LIKE i need anymore. but at that price you cant beat em. i think i will loose out and get 2 deals this week. IM A LOOSER IM A LOOSER because i am going to pay .50 cents a pacakge for a razor you will pay 8.99 for. HAHAHAHAHA.

  • Merilee

    I’ve never heard a negative comment from anyone about using coupons. Personally, after your purchases had been rung up, I would have shown her the receipt of how much you saved using coupons and asked her who the loser was then. I see couponing as a game. Any fool can pay full price. Coupons, sales, whatever. I’m gonna get a deal wherever I can.

  • Mel Barthalow

    Yup I’m a loser. I lose big numbers on the total line on my receipt. I’ve been learning which cashier’s to go to at what stores. I watch to make sure every coupon goes thru and if it doesn’t then I say something about it which gets me dirty looks. Here’s how I look at it. If someone gets behind me when I have a large cartful and a bunch of coupons then that’s on them. They have the choice to move to another line. Issues happen in stores all the time. We have the right to take up as much of the checker’s time as needed. We are paying them to do so. Wic users take up time, check writers take up time, price mishaps take up time, get over it and move.

  • Barbi Rumfield

    Some people will go their entire lives “downing” other people. It wouldn’t matter what you were doing, it will be “wrong”. It’s the only way they can validate they meanness that is rampant their lives. They will never be happy and will spend their entire lives trying to make everyone as miserable as they are.
    So don’t feel bad about using coupons. And if someone makes cruel or crass comments about it do try this. Smile sweetly and tell them to have a blessed day. Kill them with kindness! It’s probably the only kindness they will ever have.

  • Lisa

    Seriously???? What is wrong with people? That is just ignorance. Coupons are issued for a reason. Shes the one who is “losing” out on all the great and free deals out there!!! I would say the losers are the ones who are wasting money paying full price…….I”ve been able to start college funds for my kids by spending a few hours a day on freebies and coupons. How is that losing???!!!!!

  • Melissa Jones

    Im not sure my comment would be as nice as some of the peoples on here. Mine would be something like.Well I guess Im a loser but I dont know about ou but my money dont grow on trees and I have a family to care for.So if couponing allows me to provide better things and “times” for my family than I guess I am a loser. But I can tell you that in 10 yrs this loser will be out of debt and you wont.So if I were you I would watch what I say in front of some people cause your best friend might be a couponer.Then ask her to stick around while Im checking out and tell me if Im a loser after I pay $2.00 for $300.00 follars worth of stuff.. People are so judgement now a days and feel like they are better than everyone else. Im teaching my 3 small children not to be that way.Everyone has different situations. So dont say anythin rude cause it’s not a great idea and to think about the reponse you might get..

  • Tina

    When I go shopping I really don’t care what other people think and dont really notice others and the way they are shopping. I am way to focused on what I am doing to notice. I do pay attention at the check out line to see if the people ahead of me are using coupons and to see if they score big or not… I don’t pass any judgement on them since i don’t want to be judged either. I could be a millionaire and still use coupons! Don’t worry so much about what other people think … The only ones that matter are probably there at the store with you or waiting at home! Those are the ones that matter!!!!

  • hbomb

    I always love the people who get impatient when you hand over your coupons, but half of the time when they see how much I save, they have a face like “Wow!”. If being a loser means spending my money wisely while they spend full price on everything, I will gladly be a loser every single day of my life!

  • christina

    I have definitely had those looks and snide comments. Did this person actually say that to your face? I’d actually prefer that to under the breath passive aggressive remarks! I think your response was awesome! Dignified and left the other person looking like the ass that they are!

    On a more positive note, I’ve had several experiences using coupons where the cashier and the people in line behind me have been so impressed and actually complimented me on my use of coupons! Makes me feel great about saving money! Maybe those other people feel they can afford to pay full price for their groceries and toiletries, but using coupons means that I can afford to pay for other luxuries that they probably can’t! I’d rather have a nice new purse than toilet paper! LOL! Of course, could use a coupon for a purse too……

  • Lynn A

    I saved $45 dollars yesterday using coupons at Shop Rite plus I earned a $25.00 gas card for buying $75.00 worth of Kraft, P & G, and Unilever products. I felt like a winner leaving that store.

  • Babybags1

    Sounds to me like someone is jealous. She wishes she would take the time out to do this, I bet if she started couponing she’d feel like a complete idiot for not starting sooner. I call all my q’s cash, no one in my family is allowed to throw out any q’s (money). I try and tell my mother-inlaw how much money we’ve saved. I think she thinks I’m a bit crazy and that it’s no big deal. She also thought this when my husband and I decided to homeschool our children and to this day she’s floored at how much her granddaughters have learned. I’m still learning this whole (coupon) process and sometimes I a bit frustrated but I keep going, I don’t have a choice with 4 mouths to feed plus 4 pets. My husband is learning with me which is wonderful support. KEEP COUPONS ALIVE!!!

  • Sylvia

    My husband would pick on me for using coupons, now he has fun and always asks if I have them with me when we run to the store! As a cashier, I would get frustrated with tons of coupons (simply because most of them didn’t scan right, but that was 10 years ago), but as a customer I love them! Even the cashiers compliment me on my savings!

    If someone made a comment to me, I would just remind them who the foolish one was paying full price.

  • Jennifer

    First, I have no idea what gives a person the notion that they are better than someone else and should open their mouths and say something disrespectful.

    Second, I once was in the check out line at Publix and the lady behind me asked me if I was going to be satisfied when I and others “like me” put Publix out of business by using coupons!! Can you believe it?? I nicely handed her a coupon and asked her to read the small print that states that not only is Publix going to get the face value of the coupon back but they are also going to make 8 cents off of that coupon for handling. She looked at me and rips it in half, tossed it in the air and said “well, there’s one less coupon your broke welfare ass will be using in my favorite store!!!” The cashier called over the manager and they pulled her out of line. I have no idea what was said to her by the management, but as I was putting my groceries into my car, the manager came out and apologized for her behavior and said “I could shop in HIS store with as many coupons as their policy would allow” as he handed me a $50 store gift card.

    I don’t know why people assume that if you are using coupons it’s because you can’t afford to pay full price for something. I’ve always thought I was a smart shopper for using coupons. Not using coupons is like giving my money away!! I’m sorry but, I’d rather use the money I save with coupons on something more meaningful like saving it for my daughters college education or using it for vacations that we will forever remember!

  • Obla Dee Obla Da

    I have been seeing this more and more from people reacting to the Extreme Couponers show on TLC. Not everyone who uses coupons goes to those extremes. Most of us are just trying to afford our groceries. Grocery manufacturers have jacked up their prices at a greater percentage than general inflation in this recession. And now some people want to demonize couponing? I can’t see that doing any good for anyone except the manufacturers.