Screw the McRib: Bring Back These 5 Discontinued Fast Food Items

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What fast food item do YOU want them to bring back?


Screw the McRib: Bring Back These 5 Discontinued Fast Food Items

Please leave your answer in the comment section ๐Ÿ™‚

I personally miss the salad shakers at Mc Donalds – does anyone remember those?


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  • Stephanie B

    Oh, I remember the salad shakers! I personally want them to bring back the old Happy meals! The fries are so small now, and the burger is so thin…and it tastes different, Even my kid says so! (or maybe they just over cooked ours)

  • Gordon Gerth

    I would like to see them bring back the McDLT it was the hot stuff the burger and chesse on one side of the container and the cold stuff the lettuce, onion, tomato, and mayo on the other side , it was in the 80’s.

  • Natasha Kehrley

    I say that ALL THE TIME. I LOVED the salad shakers. I still put lids on my salads (if they have one) and shake the box after I put the dressing on. ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Mindie VanBoxel

    The chef salad shakers were awesome! I loved the mushroom swiss quarter pounder (with the fake spray can cheese they used, not the slices), as well as the chedder melt, or whatever they called it, had caramelized onions and once again, some junky cheese from a can. I can’t have gluten, so I wouldn’t be able to have the buns, but the fries taste soooo good dipped in the cheese.

  • melissa young

    This was probably a regional thing, but for a while about 10 years ago, McD’s was doing fried chicken – I liked having the extra choice – I also wish Carl’s Jr would bring back their Taco Salad – I know they have it at the locations that are combined with green burrito or whatever, but I’d like it at all the locations – and stuffed crust pizzas ANYWHERE! – and Taco Bell changes out lots of items in their little $5 boxes, but when they switch to a new box, the old item is out the window – I wish they would just add some of those items to the regular menu!

  • Desiree Holloway

    I wish REALLY WISH Taco Bell would bring green sauce back on the line so I can get me bean burrito with green sauce and extra onions! Oh – 2 more for TB – Beefy Tostada and Taco Burgers! Those were the days! *sniffle*

  • kathy

    Oh me too!!!!!!! I loved those things. I told my kids about them recently. Wish they would bring them back cause I’m not into paying the price they want for those fancy salads they sell now. Jusy give me a plain cheap salad shaker and I’m good to go:)

  • Angela haney

    Michelle B… Pb max was my fave candy bar as a kid. I have often wondered what in the world happened to it!! why mess with perfection?!

  • Sarah Sparks

    1) A real McDonald’s Pie – not the baked ones they have now. The deep fried ones. I would die to have one. Please put me in a time machine. Seriously apple, cherry, pumpkin, they were so good! If people eat huge burgers and greasy fries, why can’t we have our deep fried dessert goodness?
    2) Wendy’s pitas – any of them. They seemed pretty healthy to me. Just like the McDonald’s salad shaker, the healthy option bit the dust. I actually emailed Wendy’s about bringing back the pitas and they said it was a limited time/ special offer item. I remember them being around for several years. Am I going crazy?
    3) Chocolate soft serve ice cream at McDonald’s. I think they had this at one time. I might be dreaming this one up though!

  • Kelly Blackwell

    I feel horrible. I thought and thought, and I realized, I don’t miss anything. I so rarely go to fast food restaurants that I really don’t know what they discontinued. Finally I remembered how Burger King used to have fish tenders like the chicken tenders when those first came out. That is what I miss. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • abby p

    i wish they would bring back the chili cheese burritos at taco bell when i was prego that was the one thing i craved but couldn’t get

  • Becca

    No one said mine yet. I miss Chicken Littles from KFC. They slowly started discontinuing them but they still had them at 1 a few hours from here….the day that place stopped carrying them I was so sad!

  • amber

    every once in a while mcd’s will sell an italian chicken sandwich w/ tomato sauce and cheese that I love! also Arby’s had little chicken eggrolls w/ a great sauce that were yummy.

  • Chicken Gizzards

    I miss Wendys apple dumplings and breakfast sandwiches,they were the best fast food breakfast ever.And lets not forget their massive salad bar.Wendys4Life.

  • Beautiful Red

    I would love to have a Wendy’s Apple Dumpling. My 1st Pregnancy I craved those Apple Dumplings from Wendy’s. Everyday I’d have to go there & get 2. One to eat then & one for later in day. Then I went there to get one & to my surprise, they’d stopped selling them. I remember the People working there said they’d have them in by the Weekend. Well,I’ve had 2 pregnancies since then & No Apple Dumplings. YES, I MISS THOSE. ALSO,HOT TAMALES & CHILI,WHERE CAN I GET ONE IN KNOXVILLE TENNESSEE?????
    Also there was a Mexican Restaurant named “TACO RANCHO”,&They had the best Tacos in the world. They had a sweet dessert & it was a Empanada, Strawberry & Apple. Those were delicious. This day & time nobody has Mexican food as good as that place. All the food’s that are our Favorites don’t even taste like it’s supposed to because of all the crazy ingredients they make the food with, nothing tastes the same anymore. If there’s a certain food out there that someone always wants it almost daily, they mess it up by changing the way it’s made or added something to it to where it’ll never be the same again. TO WHOEVER IT IS THAT’S GOT SAY SO ABOUT OUR FOODS & DRINKS, LEAVE IT LIKE IT IS, WE DON’T NEED CHANGE. EXAMPLE; THE WRIGLEYS CHEWING GUM,IT’S TOO SWEET & DON’T TASTE LIKE IT USED TO. THAT’S BEEN 10 YEAR’S MORE OR LESS SINCE THEY MESSED WITH THE “WRIGLEYS DOUBLE-MINT,SPEARMINT &JUICY FRUIT, IT’LL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.

  • Angela

    Love, Love, Love “WENDY’S” “APPLE DUMPLINGS”!!!! I worked there in 1985, it was my first job and would eat one every night with a “CHOCOLATE FROSTY”!!!! THE BEST!!!!โค๏ธ

  • David W. Blaney

    Most missed fast-food items: 1. Wendy’s Apple Dumplings dessert from mid-1980s. Warm cinnamon syrup on a tender apple dumpling. These were awesome. The first and only time I was a Wendy’s regular…when the dumplings went away, so did I. 2. Friendly’s Big Beef cheeseburger. Was long and narrow shaped. Split-top style bun. The meat had a unique seasoning which has never been duplicated. So sadly missed. 3. Kentucky Fried Chicken barbeque beef ribs. Lots of flavor and meat. Only us old-timers will remember these foil-wrapped gems, they go back to about the mid-1970s. Why a restaurant that specializes in chicken made the best barbeque beef ribs ever is beyond me. I still miss these 45+ years later. Finally, does anyone else remember Burger Chef’s hot cinnamon-dipped apple pie desserts? Better than McDonald’s naked apple pies. All that cinnamon in the bottom of the package was almost like its own dessert after dessert. When Burger Chef died these left a void for years, but Popeye’s Chicken has nicely replicated these treasures.