Coupon Extremists: Zeal for savings resulting in thefts

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This is an article that every couponer should read…. Where is the line drawn of being frugal and saving money with coupons AND deciding the save even more money from stealing inserts. Personally I never understood the taking of inserts – yes I understand more inserts means more coupons and that means more savings BUT it is also stealing. I would love to hear all your thoughts on the subject đŸ™‚

An incredible story about a Valdosta newspaper deciding to prosecute coupon theft, as they’re losing over 1,000 papers a week to insert theft –and it gets worse. From the story: “Individuals are also showing up at the newspaper print facility, attempting to steal coupons from the carrier bins… it’s also forcing coupon distributors to consider dropping certain markets, such as Valdosta, due to the amount of theft.”


The Full Article is HERE

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  • Cherie Mercer

    This is ridiculous! People that steal inserts are going to mess couponing up for all of us who really need to save money!!! This makes me sick!

  • Crystal

    Seriously, where are people’s conscience? I can’t imagine sitting down to eat a meal with my family knowing I got it by stealing coupons!

  • Jenn

    I heard about this too and in our market the stores themselves are cracking down. It really bites that a handful of extreme couponers (or maybe more than a handful) are giving couponers in general a bad name. I am by no means an extreme couponer but I love a bargain and do use coupons on a regular basis saving $30.00-$50.00 or so a week on my weekly food budget. I however DO NOT steal coupons, nor steal newspapers, newspaper inserts, etc.

  • Barb S

    I have to say, I was waiting for something like this to happen. People just to not have a conscience. It is a shame for the many of us that have been using coupons for years (and years) and really need to save the money. I am in my 50’s and my mom used coupons, so using coupons is not new to me, but neither is honesty. It seems like both coupon using and honesty is something others need to learn.
    I also have had some concerns with my paper delivery person on occasion. There have been times I do not get any coupons at all when others say there should be one or two. This concern has become more noticed recently. It would be a pain to have to call the paper every Sunday to see how many, if any coupon sections there should be in my paid subscription, but I think it is coming down to that.

  • Belinda M

    I also buy 4 coupons a week and my neighbor gives me her inserts. I also print my coupons off the net. I got into couponing a few years ago, but didn’t really know what I was doing so I stopped. After watching ‘Extreme Couponing’ it inspired me to try it again so I started looking around online and found this great blog and several others who have taught me the right way to coupon. My goal isn’t to get $1000 for under $5, but to pay less then I usually have to pay. For example, I got 38 cans of S&W beans for the price I usually pay for 10 That means for nearly 3 months I won’t have to buy beans, which is great!

  • shon

    We all want to save money in this economy but going to this extreme will change it for everyone. There is already a trending change in store coupon policies and even the dollar amount for coupons. At one time, it was a rare thing to come across a coupon higher than .50 but now .75 and 1.00 coupons are the norm. This makes doubling an even greater challenge. I enjoy the “rush” I get from using my coupons to save but this is definitely going to far! I am new to this “extreme couponing” craze but would not risk jail for a coupon.

  • Brenda

    Recently had a case in Texas where the lady was stealing the inserts out of the papers while still in the vending machine right outside the door at a Whataburger. Her defense was she was only taking the inserts out of the papers she bought, but her main defense was she was a single mom. She even admistted to stealing all the papers out of a machine before because she was moving. Think she has some sort of entitlement problem. She had to spend 24 hours in jail and has 3 charges against her. Her plans are to pay for her defense with couponing. There are a lot of single moms but resorting to stealing is not the answer. Maybe if they do start cracking down and arresting some of these people it may start to discourage the others. There is nothing more frustrating than buying a paper for the inserts and having none there. It’s happened several times to me.

    • Rissa

      I read about this case too. Initially it was going to be charged as petty theft as the newspaper is only $3, but when they assign the coupon values to it (although they don’t have cash value, they still have value) then it could be charged as a higher crime. Sorry but I have no sympathy for her. It’s hard on everyone, but stealing is stealing and if you have no problem with that makes an unfit parent.