Extreme Couponers BLAMED for Coupon Insert THEFT

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I posted this yesterday but I know that not all everyone was able to see it

How many Sunday Newspapers do you get? Do you thinking taking inserts out of newspapers you do not buy is right?

Here is an article that is mind boggling

BOISE, Idaho — Some extreme coupon cutters may have crossed the line from savvy shopper to newspaper thieves.

Both the Idaho Statesman in Boise and the Idaho Press-Tribune in Nampa report that coupon inserts are being nabbed from their newspapers.

On a Sunday last month, the Idaho Statesman reports all of the ads were taken from a newspaper rack without being purchased. The value of the coupon inserts on that particular day of the week ranges from $300 to $1,000, said Statesman Circulation Director Frank Peak

“It is becoming a real problem on Sundays because of the value of the coupons and the local interest in couponing over the last few months,” Peak said.

The newspaper filed a police report after sales manager Don Waters staged a stakeout at a Boise restaurant and watched a woman remove all the advertisements from a nearby newspaper box after she had purchased only a single copy.

Peak blames the trend on the economic downturn and an increased interest in coupon cutting. The television series “Extreme Couponing,” debuted on TLC in April and follows shoppers whose intense devotion to finding bargains can whittle a $555.44 grocery store bill down to $5.97.

At the Idaho Press Tribune in nearby Nampa, publisher Matt Davison said signs have been placed on newspaper boxes to remind buyers that taking copies without paying is theft.

“We have seen a dramatic drop in theft from the boxes,” Davison said.

The newspaper has also heard complaints that ads are being removed from grocery store stands and front porches.

“At this point, we haven’t pressed charges against anybody,” he said. “Our goal is just to educate people that they are stealing. The people who are doing it, I guess they wouldn’t consider themselves a criminal. They are just trying to save money.”

Cathy Yoder, who co-owns Fabulessly Frugal and blogs about using coupons, said she has heard stories from extreme coupon cutters who drive through neighborhoods taking newspapers from driveways. She’s also heard from frustrated coupon users who can’t get ads from a newspaper rack.

“People think they have to keep up with the ‘Extreme Couponing’ thing. It’s not normal, it is not reality. They just did it for the show, for the hype. It is obnoxious,” said Yoder, who advises shoppers to instead buy multiple newspaper subscriptions and ask family and friends for their used coupons.


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  • Tabathia B

    This has happened where I live also in Eastern NC where we receive more coupon inserts from Raleigh’s News & Observer and people have started taking the coupons out of the newspapers and leaving the papers or just taking the entire paper. The N&O are removing their circular machines out of the areas where it’s really bad and moving them into nearby stores that sells papers inside to reduce theft. But I usually buy just two papers and get the local newspaper delivered.

  • Judy Pennington

    I’ve seen this first hand and I think it is WRONG!! I went to buy a couple of newspapers at the Dollar Tree a few Sundays back and thank goodness I looked to make sure the coupons were there first, because the first few sets that I went through did not have the coupon inserts in them. I had to dig a little deeper in the pile and I found some that did have the coupon inserts. I told the cashier about it when I went to check out and they had a very “I don’t care” attitude about it…I just couldn’t believe that people would come in there and steal the coupon inserts and leave the paper. It’s just wrong!

  • Sonya Parga

    This is horrible….especially when I know how easy it is to just ask your local quick stop if they would just save any inserts their customers don’t want! My local 7-11 knows me as I buy my papers there every Sunday and yesterday offered to do just this for me!

  • Cynthia

    So funny that you posted this. Just yesterday I complained on a coupon forum about how the newspaper my husband bought at the gas station was missing most of the circulars. I told him to check, because I know this happens, but neglected to say there should be three packs. There was one and it made me so mad to go to CVS with one coupon when I could have had two for an item!

  • Cynthia Sandifer

    This has been happening in our area for several years. Our local Walmart simply puts all the papers on an open rack, where they are pillaged every Sunday. I have requested the paper be put in the plastic covers, but they haven’t tried that yet.

  • nicole

    I think this is happening around here, its really starting to make me mad, 1st I had to goto about 5 gas stations just to get a paper, it was only 10am,than when I got home realized there was no p&g, this isnt the 1st time this has happened and its started to get really frustrating!!!

  • Danne

    As with many things, there are a few who will end up ruining things for the honest ones. The next thing you know, there will be some sort of “crackdown” and we’ll end up all losing out. I’ve already taken notice that some stores are getting more stringent on their coupon policies.

  • Kristy H

    I’ve seen it at Dollar Tree for the past few weekends now! I know to look for the plastic sticking out, but none of the papers left had it! Cashier said people have been sticking 2-3 inserts into 1 paper leaving people like me to have to drive around to find a full Sunday paper! Come on people, it’s $1 a paper! What you save in those coupons you’re taking, you can pay the damn $3 for the Sunday papers!

  • jessica

    I agree with Kristy H, i had to drive around to find a newspaper with the coupons inserts. Also like 3 weeks ago at Walgreens i send my husband to buy the paper for me and he come home there where no inserts on it. so i went back to Walgreens to exchange the paper and a men look at me weird like thinking i have keep the inserts so i show the cashier some other newspapers with no inserts and she did not care.

  • Mia

    I experienced the same thing in Alabama..I was up at 7am and went to 14 different locations to get a Sunday newspaper. Our areas gets 3 large Sunday Newspapers and I was hoping to get one of each. No such luck, someone had cleaned out all the stands. I stopped by the local hospital where they also have all the newspaper racks inside the entry way to the hospital, I was so excited, the Sunday paper rack actually had newspapers in it, and the Sunday paper was showing thru the front of the rack. I put my $2 in quarters in machine and was so MAD to see that it was full of SATURDAY newspapers..someone had taken all the Sunday papers and put random newspapers inside! I mean how crazy is this. And yes the television show is making people crazy around here, a couple of months ago we never had this problem with Sunday newspapers! I am now subscribing to the newspapers and just hope no one steals it out of my driveway. That is also happening in this area to…Its crazy!!!

  • Penny Gray

    When the recent Sunday paper had like 5 inserts, I went and bought my papers and no inserts. I contacted the paper about my disappointment. They sent me some inserts through the mail which was a huge surprise! When I went to buy my papers the next Sunday, there was a big sign saying you had to get that paper from the service desk from now on. I was glad, I am so tired of not getting the coupons because others want to take them without paying.

  • Michele

    I just use an insert service so I don’t have to worry about it. I don’t read the paper anyway so this saves a tree and me driving around having to scope all the papers.

  • Heather Cranmer

    I know I live in Butler, PA and I got 4 newspapers this weekend for the inserts, and each of them only had 1 insert. Personally, I wanted the P&G insert cause I use a lot of those items. Ridiculous that people that steal get the rewards by saving money. Why don’t they just steal the food too, apparently there are no boundaries.

  • Natalie

    This is ridiculous. People have no self control. You don’t NEED 37 bottles of mustard. Period. I don’t buy that people are “donating” items after watching shows like extreme couponing. That show gives people who are only trying to save a few dollars a bad name. I won’t be surprised if coupons are discontinued after all this. :/

  • Laurie

    It is frusterating to buy a paper with no inserts in it. This has happened to me more than once. It is ASOLUTELY wrong to take the inserts from another paper. It is stealing and taking from those who actually do pay for their paper. And if you are buying a paper from the Dollar Tree, then you are already getting a good deal! Isn’t coponing about saving? These people are stealing and should be prosecuted for it.

  • Cathy

    Ok, I went to Walgreens and started going through their papers looking for a complete one. I was not making a scene, nor was I making a mess. (I was actually putting them back neater.) The manager came out and told me that I had to take the top paper and it was not his fault if it was missing something. I then told him that I was putting them back neater and just wanted to get the complete newspaper that I paid for. He then told me to leave or he was calling the cops. I wont shop there anymore!

  • mary walker

    There is one way to stop it! In our papers back home in around Buffalo NY there are NO inserts in the papers in boxes only in the stores and home delivery. Down here in Florida there is and when I used to buy the paper from the box I was very upset if there were no inserts. We are all in this thing together. They shouldn’t give us couponers a bad name. If you want more than one of certain coupons either pay for the papers, buy them from a coupon clipping service or buy them on Ebay!

  • Nessa

    I am sooooo glad that the clerks at my Circle K know me and that I coupon. They have been keeping a better eye on the papers so that people don’t steal the inserts. They don’t kick up a fuss if I’m looking thru them all to make sure they have all the inserts. Here in NE Ohio our paper only costs 50 cents so I think most folks just suck it up and pay for it. My sympathies to those of you who have to deal with this!

    • erika m

      Id love to know where in NE Ohio it costs 50 cents. Because Akron Beacon is 1.50 a sunday! Also my two cents: I am scared to give out my secret…but there is a store that sells Sundays papers discounted on Monday, so I usually pick up 3-4 extra on Monday in addition to my 1 home delivery. Finally, at the Wags here the employees are now required to sign that they will not remove the inserts(the next day) from the newspapers AND the papers have to be pitched, with coupons and all. All convenience stores and gas stations around here have said that they must give back their extra newspapers on Monday or they will be charged for them so they cannot save them/give them away-they will lose money. AND all of our drugstores, CVS Wags and RA are getting exhausted by the couponers, around here if you don’t go Sunday after coupons/ads are out, everything will be GONE! Some couponer is literally cleaning the shelves—-SO frustrating for those who want to pick up 3-4 of each item at a good deal and leave the rest for others. Sorry for the long comment.

  • Sally

    About a month ago I picked up four papers, got home, got all my couponing stuff together, and there were ZERO coupons! The Sunday posts here are 2.00 a piece, so I was a little angry. I went back to 7-11 to get a couple more, and the lady told me she thought the delivery person was taking them out before she delivered the papers since every paper was misssing them! Again, this past Sunday; I wanted a few extra papers since there were three inserts, so we went to one of those machines, and ZERO coupons in any of them! Not to mention the place where I always got my papers did away with their machine, because for 6 straight weeks all of the papers were gone, and there was only 2.oo in the change box. Someone kept puttting in the 2.00 to get the door open and taking every single paper!

  • Heather

    I always check my Sunday paper before I buy them now. People will take a bunch of inserts and put them in one paper, it is getting ridiculous.