*NEWS* Kroger Rolls Out Change To Coupon Policy

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Well looks like another coupon policy is change… oh joy….

The days of extreme couponing may be coming to an end at Tri-State Kroger stores.

Kroger changed its coupon policy to limit the number of coupons people can use for a single item. Do you agree with the change?

Shoppers will now be limited to no more than five paper manufacturer coupons for the same product. There is also now a limited on Internet coupons. A Kroger representative said the policy is intended to keep product on store shelves for other shoppers.”We encourage our customers to bring coupons in,” Betvler said. “It’s a great way to save additional money.”

What do you think about the changes… this policy I hear is to roll out in full affect to all Kroger chains – like Fry’s and Ralphs


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  • Lori Goldstein

    I live in Southern California where Ralphs is. Right now only 1 coupon is doubled and all others for the product at face value. What will change with the new policy? I think 5 coupons per person is fine as long as they don’t ALL get doubled.

    What next “No Doubling”?

  • Dianna

    Your policy as you stated that it is only 5 paper coupons, HOWEVER, in the stores the cashiers only allow 3 like coupons, SO, I feel that everyone should get on the same page, clean up their hateful attitudes towards the ones of us that uses coupons, and quit making this a big issue! Order more items for your shelves. I have shopped at krogers forever, NOW, I go to Meijers!

  • Merilee

    Works for me! There was a time they wouldn’t even take internet coupons. I know they won’t take an internet coupon worth more than $2.

  • Karen Hoier

    I agree with the new policy, cant believe it didnt happen sooner. Most of the coupons I see have a limit of 4 items of the same on them, so I never understood how people could buy 100’s at a time. None of the stores that I live near in Wisconsin allow this. They also do not allow more than one transaction per visit. Maybe this will stop the shelf cleaners once and for all. I love the idea of saving money using coupons, but I dont abuse them.

  • Kristen

    I agree with Katrina. My local Kroger ran out of French’s mustard a few weeks back. I mean, how in the heck does that happen? I had never before seen ANY store out of mustard! I think the policy is very fair.

  • Dianna

    I also feel that 5 coupons of the same is just fine. It does make me mad that I see someone with a cart full of 1 item. This is upsetting! I do feel that all Krogers employees need to know that it is 5 like coupons.

  • tammy

    I think its fair- surely 5 of the same item is plenty for most people , except maybe those being filmed for that coupon show – lol- and then policies get adjusted anyways . Considering the fraud and other hoopla’s caused by extreme couponing, I think we should be thankful that one of the only grocery stores that still doubles coupons is allowing 5 like coupons for an item , some dont do that

  • sheri cost

    That sounds very fair. 5 is more then enough for one trip. Dont have a Kroger around but TLC made a mess out of couponing.

  • Nicky O

    I am sure people will find a way around it anyway by doing multiple transactions. I think it is a good thing but if they are doing this they need to enforce it. There is no reason to buy 100 mustards even if you can get them nearly free. Other customers need merchandise too.

  • meggielikesfreebies

    I wonder how their 10 for 10 deals work, espcially if you want to use coupons on them! (Just saying) I think the coupon policy is fair though =]

  • Hilary

    Well, I live in a small town in Ohio and recently, our Kroger limited to 3 like coupons per transaction, no back to back transactions (but they would let you walk outside and right back in if you wanted). However, I went in to the same Kroger yesterday morning and they told us that they just received an email from corporate stating that they were only to allow 1 like coupon per customer per DAY! They had some amazing clearance, but I was so frustrated that my 2 friends and I took our 2 full carts and just left them there in the store. It’s getting ridiculous! They too told us that this policy was to keep shelves stocked (since it is the only food store in the area), but that’s crap!!! I’ll take my coupons elsewhere, like Giant Eagle or Wal-Mart, anywhere! It’s a shame that I don’t want to give a local store my business anymore because I hardly buy an item without a coupon. I believe first come, first serve anyways……

  • angi

    sounds like a fair policy to me. I hate going to the store after “shelf clearers”. 5 of any one item per trip should be enough for most anyone.

  • Megan

    Five is very generous. My store only accepts 3 ( NW Colorado) I hate dragging both kids to the store to get a deal just to find there is nothing left and it was a waste of time .

  • Jessica Sites

    My Kroger in Virginia has been doing this since August. I don’t like it and I don’t think it’s fair. If they are concerned with keeping sale items on the shelf, then maybe they should consider having more of the item available. In the end the company is still getting their money so it shouldn’t matter. I would rather take my coupons to Wal-mart, get a price match if needed, and use all the coupons I want.

  • Kelly Smith

    I’m all for the change..I know some don’t like it but I NEVER clear out a product just b/c I have the coupons for them. Yes, I do stock up, but I keep a limit.

  • Tisha Wright

    I think it is more than fair….. the only people who think this is unfair are the hoarders that clear the shelves and leave NOTHING for the others. Thanks Kroger!

  • jeannette

    I think 5 is generous. I live in Michigan and it has been only 3 like coupons for awhile now. Last time I went to Kroger they were even talking about changing it so you could only use 1 coupon instead of 3 in a 24 hr period. I am only able to go to Kroger about once a month since it is so far away. I only buy 3 newspapers because of this rule no point wasting the coupons if I can’t use them. lol I will be bummed if I can only use 1! Especially when Michigan’s economy is one of the worst in the nation! So we should count our blessings that we can use any at all I guess!

  • Bridget Williams

    I think it is a very fair policy, but if they have sales wher eit is 10 for $10, then they should allow 10 …but oh well, 5 is better than noen and maybe now when i go shopping there will be some on the shelves, and as i am 5 mins from Kroger, i know i can always go back if i need more.

  • Chris R.

    Yessss! Kroger is my grocery store, and I agree with the other ladies who said 5 of each item is plenty – glad all of the shelf-clearers, like on last week’s TLC show, will be stopped at least in Kroger! 🙂

  • Charity - The Coupon Snob

    Our Kroger (Terre Haute, IN) has always had a policy and only allowed 6 like coupons. I don’t honestly know if they have a total number of coupons per transaction policy or not, but I would be okay with that.

    I would NOT like any limit on internet coupons though, as long as they were all different things and not 20 of the same coupon. Internet coupons are manufacturer coupons and just happen to be offered to us through the internet and not the mail or our newspaper. Limiting them would be a little harsh I think.

  • Pat

    I agree with policy — I do use coupons and stock pile certain things — However the extreme couponing tht they show on the TV show is another addiction – No one will ever use that much toothpaste – One lady bought diapers – and had no children – WHAT! Some of it is going too far. I love my coupons and use them – But I do want the items to be on the shelf when i go to buy my 2 – 3 of them.

  • jessica lucas

    i dont mind the policy. But what irritates me is that KROGER is one of the stores who allowed the stupid extreme couponing show into their stores to show people how to do it. So basically they ruined it for everyone! But i understand with the internet coupons, there are morons who still copy coupons not realizing the store doesnt get paid back for coupons with same upc bar codes beyond 2.

  • Deborah

    I think it is GREAT. Now they just need to limit how many transactions at one time. One show I watched had 18 transactions. SERIOUSLY!! That is just rude in my opinion. I know the stores lifted coupon policies for the show, which started all the couponing hoopla. The show could have been so much better. I wish they would show ONE extreme trip and the remaining time left, actually talk about couponing 101 and go from there. Now that would be a show!

  • ashley

    I think they should make the rule that if yer gonna buy over so many of the same item that u have to order it a head of time & that u can use as many coupons as u would like. That would help with keeping the shelves stocked & the customers with multiple coupons happy.

  • Christine

    The coupon policy is fair; however it is not going to stop people from stockpiling. They will just get relatives to help them. All it takes is 5 people with separate transactions and they got 25 of everything. The only way they are going to stop people from clearing shelves is to BAN them from the store!

  • Angela J

    If you want more product on the shelves, then ORDER MORE PRODUCT!!!!!! Hmmm…supply and demand. Pretty simple really. I am a manager of a retail store, I do my research and my customers have product, plenty of product! That being said…I am obviously a couponer, hence this post, but I do NOT clear shelves. I do know of other stores that have plenty of the advertised sales products and don’t restock them to make you buy the more expensive items, then later on they put out the sales items! Or run out and don’t restock for the same reason.
    I have used more than 5 coupons for products because I DONATE them to shelters. Unfortunately there are more than 5 people in the shelters where I live. I think that if I take the time to buy a paper, cut coupons, organize them, make lists, drive to the store, shop, and deliver my donations, I should be able to do as I please. The store is reimbursed, what’s the problem? ORDER MORE PRODUCT!!!!!

  • nikki l

    I also think it is fair. Shelf clearers are getting under my skin. I really wish they would take that show Extreme couponing off of tv. It is not even close to real life because the store are busting there own policies just to be on tv. Were is the fairness in that? I understand that is how some people live, but give be a break. I am a couponer also, but not like that.

  • Amy

    I’m fine with this policy. I don’t think I have ever used more than 2 coupons on the same item. And it would be nice to have product left on shelf longer than the first day or so of the sale. I understand people saying they should have more product, but sometimes it’s hard to stock if say there are none left in the warehouse and because of expiration dates and stuff.

    Also, maybe it will help stop my neighbors from stealing the coupons out of my newspaper every Sunday. Seriously, we have to get the paper at like 6am or they are GONE.

  • Angela S.

    i do not think its fair…for 1 they should allow 10 because they do have the 10 for 10 sale…and 2 …i have 7 kids so total there is 9 of us..when i get groceries i HAVE TO buy more than 5 items of some things and i NEVER buy without a coupon ..no i agree no one should buy 100 mustards but i do need more than 5 gatorades!!!…so i will no longer be using krogers i will head to wal mart and price match and use as many as i need to!!!

  • britney peart

    my kroger now says 3 like coupons PER DAY and only 2 if they are internet coupons, also they said they will not take a coupon if its valued over 1/3 of the products price!

  • britney peart

    i dont think its right, they dont make a limit on how many items you can buy without coupons…..i think if a person walks in and buys 10 bottles of juice without coupons then we should be allowed to do the same with the coupons, just because we use a coupon makes us no different!

  • Amber

    I think the change is necessary. I’m tired of going into a grocery store and not being able to get something because someone has already cleaned the shelf!

  • Tawnya

    I think this is great. It allows those of us that use coupons to use them and know there is a better chance of getting it. There are of course ways around everything. Multiple trips, spouse paying seperately, etc. I had to laugh the other day when a 5 year old behind me was buying 5 boxes of feminine products with coupons…LOL!


    Good.. Then may be these B***Hole Extreme Couponers whose ruining it for the rest of us can get a clue. 5 is enough. Sick of you people. You don’t *&(&^* need 20-100 of each of ANYTHING. You freaking Hoarders. God Will punish you one day for your excessiveness. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins. Think about it.

    • Angela S.

      WOW….Freak out much??? And remember God also does not like people judging others either!!!..Now, u think about that.


    And most of you people that claim your donating.. Bull Shit and you know your just trying to justify it so people dont know your an obsessive compulsive rude hoarder. And you know it. GOOD FOR KROGER & Good for walmart they look at the bar codes for duplicate numbers. HA-HA and I still save enough with coupons monthly for my family in a normal way.

  • Smardiemom

    It seems to me everyone is beating up on the wrong people. It is usually the job of the manager of the store to anticipate how many items will be sold & Oder accordingly. I don’t think a savvy couponer is the problem here. The stores are getting reimbursed for the coupons so to me it makes way more sense to order more product! It seems so ridiculous that a grocery store would limit the amount of product you can purchase, when that is their business, to sell their product. With a family of 7, groceries are quite expensive, & five like items will last in our house about 2 days. Believe me, with all the limits being imposed, there is no stockpiling in the couponing Mom’s house! Just trying to survive!

    • Angela S.

      i agree…i have a family of 9 and like u 5 of anything doesn’t last long either. With all the limits i just prefer to shop else where. i cant stockpile with 7 kids..so useing 10 coupons on the same 10 items is nessary for me, so the 5 rule is a waste of time for us!

  • Carol

    Unfortunately, this is what the shelf cleaners have forced on us. It’s sad that this is wht it takes to allow us all to share in the savings.

  • Amy St Louis

    I’m actually glad they’re doing this because theres a local shelf clearer at the Kroger I go to and maybe this is kinda stop/deterr him/her from clearing the shelves! Damn shelf clearers! Grrrrrrrrrr

    • Rosa

      Yeah we have a local Shelf clearer too, she clears off the shelves on Sunday, and on Wednesday, and on Friday. Leaving NOTHING for the others who are looking to use their measly 3 or 4 coupons for the same items. It really, really, really pisses me off. I do not mind this new policy, since I do not usually buy more than 5 of any one item.

  • Michelle

    Well tonight I was told my Kroger only allows THREE internet coupons period. Not three of one product/item, but three TOTAL!!!

    I was able to use my coupons just this one time since people were behind me and I didn’t know about this new policy. I was shocked. I agree with limiting coupons on one particular item but not limiting internet coupons to three total. Kroger even has printable coupons on their site so it just makes no sense at all.