Reusable Toilet Paper

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While pinning on Pinterest I found this – which is actually something someone sells on Etsy.

Do you think this is taking frugality to far? Or does someone just really love the planet?

I really do not know to think… I am going to stick with my Charmin 😉


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  • Mary Beth Elderton

    We have downsized our living space, invested in a water filter and bottles, collected reusable bags and containers, switched to cfl and LED bulbs, stocked up on cloth napkins and dish towels, begin shopping for many things at thrift stores, and reduced our thermostat to save according to the seasons. But I’m with you—I think I’ll keep my Charmin, too!

  • Linda Flores

    I’m okay with it for babies but as an adult…I’d rather cough up the money for some toilet paper. Hopefully these people just use those cloths for wiping #1. Imagine all of the laundry they must have to do. A little counterproductive if they’re trying to save the planet.

  • Candy N

    That is just gross! I’ll also stick to the Charmin! 🙂
    Did any of you catch the episode of “Extreme Cheapskates” where the lady did this at her house. The episode showed one of the kids folding the “toilet paper laundry” and they held up a washcloth which had brown “stains”. Yuck!
    My son always tells me I’m cheap because I coupon but after watching that episode, he thanked me for buying toilet paper and told me not to get any ideas (he’s only 6!). LOL!

  • ElizaBeth

    I’ve seen this “family cloth” and “mama cloth” and even reusable tampons…. I’m frugal, I was raised in a large family and taught not to be wasteful. But this is where I draw the line. I did use cloth diapers and washable nursing pads, so its not so much the “yuck” factor that gets me. I just think that some “expenses” are simply worth the convenience.

  • seana

    That is totally disgusting. I could never do it. I’m all for saving money but that is just too yucky for me. On a different note, it’s not really that much different than using cloth diapers on a baby. Too each their own.

  • brenda webb

    Could you imagine going to someones house and they have this in the bathroom!! I agree with the magority!! No thank you!!!

  • sheri cost

    OK I to have stockpiled all I need but reusable toilet paper goes to far. That is not frugal that is cheap. I have heard people using MAMA Clothes and Family Clothes and Would not or Could not get into it. I would use 1 ply before usable.

  • Hmmm

    Same concept as cloth diapering a baby… If its good enough for your child then it should be good enough for you. However I will continue to stick to the Huggies for my babies and the Quilted Northern for myself.

  • TheHousewife

    I am actually planning on using it for myself. I have issues with being allergic to paper products, even sensitive tp causes contact dermatitis after a while. I think it is a great idea. I will not use for #2 though.

  • Danielle

    Some of my green mama friends made reusable toilet paper like the one shown above as april fools day jokes for their husbands a few years back. Totally had them fooled (and freaked out). Needless to say they were on the floor laughing hysterically at the husbands reactions.

  • Bronwen

    I love the roll idea, but I have better tings to do with my day than to resnap the family wipes after laundering them and the snaps might “catch” and scrape. I have to say…I am sad for all the closed minds above. I read about this idea in 2008, the damage that processing the paper for the ULTRA white TP being used, the damage to the water system, the billions of trees that are used for something to wipe your bottom!! and it occured to me…those chemicals are in my home, being used on our most tender parts – and TP is rough down there and it takes so much to feel clean.
    I decided to give family wipes a try. I have since switched our WHOLE family (myself, hubby, 16, 14 and 6 yr old) to FW. I started out using cotton tshirt squares triple layered – but they turned out to not be absorbant and too small. I have since made our family wipes from cut up towels that would otherwise have been thrown away. (soft and absorbant! I personally use the dark colored ones for BM and the lighter for urine) They are the perfect size – 5 inches x 5 inches. I keep a stack in a basket next to the toilet. I LOVE THEM!!!!!!! Not only do I love them, but my HUSBAND does. He would NEVER use TP unless all the family wipes are dirty at the same time! (and we have ALOT of FW) We do have TP for company, but my son has introduced the Family wipe basket to his little friends that come over.
    The “gross” factor you refer to is a non-issue. You go, you grab a FW, wipe, toss it in the little plastic can (lined with a mesh bag) and go on your way. On laundry day, take out the bag, tie it up and toss it in with your unders or towels. Either way – it’s all the same thing! We have found that you get SO much cleaner and the bag of FWs does not add anymore to the wash than an extra towel would. NO BIG DEAL!!! Unlike diapers that hold onto the whole BM or ALL the urine, they don’t smell. Also, people use a LOT of TP when given the chance – the toilet gets clogged up. EWWW. The treatment plant would have little to do but process the brown water if more people used FW. And we have also noticed less UTIs and WAY cleaner underclothes. As a side note – we live frugally as much as we can well: Ii shop almost exclusively at thrift shops and SA, the ladies use reusable menstral cups, I make my own laundry detergent, and cook from scratch as much as possible. Just trying to do my part. Think about it – cut up a wash cloth or old towel and try it. It may change your life. maybe just your way of thinking.

  • Samantha

    Honestly, we’ve been using family cloth for 7 years. We started because we were cloth diapering and our main sewer line kept getting clogged with tp catching on tree roots. I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars doing this (the other option was to spend $10K+ on getting our front yard dug up to replace the sewer pipe). If you’ve done cloth diapers, it’s basically the same thing and the yuck factor is actually far less than what you would expect. I do break out tp for guests though.