10 Ways to Save Money on Gas

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With gas prices topping out at over $4.00 a gallon across the country, it’s vital to save as much money on gas as you can. But how exactly do you do that? You’ve come to the right place! Following a few of these tips will have you well on your way to saving at the pump!

1. Get a tune up. Also watch out for worn spark plugs, as they can kill your car’s fuel efficiency.

2. Check the map. And check it again. Getting lost will not only waste time, it will put extra miles on your vehicle and waste gas.

3. Combine trips. Do you have to go to the grocery store, the mall, and the post office this week? Instead of taking one trip each day, combine the trips and make an afternoon of it. This will not only save you gas, it will save time.

4. Bike it. Obviously it’s not possible to ride a bike everywhere, but if it’s just a short trip, why not try it? Or, you could take public transportation. When traveling from St. Louis to Chicago, a train ticket is only $24. It’s a 5-6 hour drive, so just think about how much you’d save in gas if you took a train instead.

5. Stay on the road. If you live out in the middle of nowhere and have to take the gravel road, that’s understandable. But if you can avoid the rough roads, it can save you up to 30% on your gas mileage.

6. Air ’em up! Check the air in your tires. Make sure your tires are inflated to the maximum limit as specified in your driver’s guide. It’s also a good idea to have them balanced and rotated regularly.

7. Get rid of the extras. Remove bike or luggage racks from your vehicle unless you’re using them. Yes, it can be a pain, but unless you use those racks a few times a week, they’re causing you to waste gas. Extra weight also reduces mileage so get rid of the extra tires (except the spare), sand, soil, or whatever else you’re lugging around.

8. Slow and steady wins the race. Well, don’t go too slow, but going the speed limit will help your gas efficiency quite a bit. Also, use the brake sparingly. It takes more gas to get your vehicle to start going again, so the less you use the brake the less you’ll need to use the gas. Obviously, you’ll need to use common sense with this one, as brakes are definitely necessary sometimes. 🙂

9. Roll down the windows. If the weather is nice, turn off the A/C and roll down the windows.

10. Check GasBuddy.com for the cheapest gas in your area. It may only save you a few cents a gallon, but if the station is already on your way, then that can definitely add up.

What’s your best gas saving tip?