How to Make Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

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How to Make Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

1 cup Water

1 1/2 tablespoons Tear Free Baby Shampoo

1/8 tsp Baby Oil

Mix ingredients together in small container.

Shake before every use.


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  • Taylor Schranghamer

    So, I found this while browsing Pinterest. I saw it and just had to go try it. As a 16 year old girl I love makeup, but….. I don’t love having to scrub my face for hours trying to get the waterproof stuff off. I also don’t have the budget to buy the expensive makeup removing creams and most of them either, a. work, but make my face break out. Or, b. They just don’t work. So, as I stated before I had to try it. I Made up a batch about an hour ago. We had everything on hand. I tried it and it literally removed my, $50 waterproof eyeliner and my $60 waterproof mascara in one swipe. It was extremely gentle and mild on my skin as well. It’s amazing and I love it. I’m going to be making bottles full, for my friends . Never again will I be buying makeup removers. Thanks so much!! <3

    • Jen

      So Taylor doesn’t have the budget to buy expensive eye-make up removers but has $50 liner and $60 mascara? So thats a juicy contradiction! But kudos for trying this out and letting us know it works. I hit up my local harmon cosmetics and can get great eye make-up removers for less than $5. By the time I buy the baby shampoo and baby oil I’m sure I’ll be over $5. And I’m sure it’s about quantity, so maybe that would last me longer than the wipes I do buy, but sometimes it’s about ease of access and I’d rather pay a little more for that.

  • Diane

    LOL to Jen’s comment! I just made a batch – we have baby shampoo on hand for my kids. I just had to buy baby oil (which cost $1.75 for the CVS brand). All in all, it would probably cost $5, but you can make tons! This recipe allowed me to fill two Sephora fillable bottles. The cost was probably pennies because it’s mostly water. Haven’t tried it on my eye makeup yet, but I figure it’s got to work! Thanks for posting!

    • Emily

      Agreed!! i have a lotttt of expensive makeup that I never bought myself. My Aunts buy Mally kits and never use the black eyeliner so I have a ton. Same goes for my bare minerals products.

  • brenda

    I can’t wait to try this. I have always used Mary Kay products, but the bottle I bought last year is almost gone, and this year I can’t afford any new products. Everything now has to be homemade as my budget is completely changed.
    And hey maybe Taylor had a job when she bought the make up and doesnt now. One never knows what is in another persons life.

    • Lupita

      I have always used the Mary Kay oil free make up remover and it works really good for me but my budget has changed drastically as well so now I will be trying this version. Thanks for the tip.

  • Jenni

    I have super sensitive skin and have been using Johnson’s baby shampoo as a face wash since high school. I’m 33 now – occasionally I’ll try something new, but I always end up going back. I’ve never had issues with it alone not taking off my makeup – even waterproof stuff. It always leaves all of my skin in great shape!

  • Mylisa

    Hey guys! Hit up the dollar stores for these ingredients and it’ll be super cheap and last a long time. đŸ˜€ They often have brand name if you need that too, although you can get the same quality in unknown brands many times.

  • Sandra

    or you can also purchase travel sizes of the shampoo and baby oil. With using 1/8 tsp of the oil at a time, it will last a long time.