How to Set a Manicure Quickly Using Pam Cooking Spray

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How to Set a Manicure Quickly Using Pam Cooking Spray

Lightly mist cooking spray on freshly painted nails for instant smudge protection


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  • Friday 5 ON THE 4th! – Stephanie Drenka | Dallas Photographer | Portfolio

    […] via The basic idea is that you spray Pam on your wet nails, and they dry immediately. When pinning it, I didn’t know if I should pin it on my “Great Ideas” board, or if I should make a new board entitled SHUT THE FRONT DOOR or NO FREAKIN’ WAY or something similar….. because I tried it, and it worked. CRAZY! I would prefer for us not to talk about the fact that something that we cook our food with has the power to dry nail polish at lightning speed. Instead, let’s just talk about the amazingness of it all and the fact that MY NAILS WERE DRY. After like 23 seconds. Dry. 6) Nordstrom released new sale items Wednesday night!  Patterned shorts HERE that are now 40% OFF! These are 5″ shorts, come in regular and petite, and you can choose from a total of 14 colorways (other patterns as well as solid colors)! GREAT REVIEWS […]