How to remove permanent marker from everything!

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How to remove permanent marker from everything!
The answers are finally here!! How to remove ‘permanent’ marker!!
Clothes –hand sanitizer
Walls     –toothpaste or hairspray*
Carpet  –white vinegar
Wood   –rubbing alcohol
*don’t scrub too hard with hairspray, you don’t want to remove the paint!
Make sure to read the comment section because readers have left even more great ideas I cannot wait to test out!


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    • Sarii Raii Raii

      Or you can use Nail Polish Remover. I use NPR for almost everything. You can even get old, dry ease maker off using Nail Polish Remover. It’s pretty amazing stuff!

    • Tammio

      I use to use a dry erase markers over the permanent marker on my dry erase board but now I use alcohol. It makes the board look brand new and it’s less of an effort to clean.

      • C. Sanders

        Mean Green is amazing at removing permanent marker. You can get it at almost any dollar store, large chain stores (Walmart, Sams Club, etc.), and most hardware stores (Home Depot, Menards, etc). We discovered how great it worked decades ago when you had to order from TV! My Mom tried everything else, but nothing worked till she found Mean Green. Fortunately it is way cheaper now!!a

      • Proudmuma98

        I used toilet paper covered in nail polish remover to rub off my daughters sharpie drawing off the wall too bad all the toilet paper is gone now

    • Tiffanny

      To get marker off doll (It worked with American Girl doll!) use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne medication (I used Clearasil). Place on marker and cover with plastic wrap and put in direct sunlight for 4 hours. wipe of cream and repeat as many day as needed.. Our AG doll had a good amount of purple marker on her chin and it took 4 treatments.

      • Crystal

        You can also use Lysol on plastic to remove permanent marker. Sometimes it will wipe right off, other times it takes a little scrubbing.

        • Theresa

          I’ve used Lysol spray to remove permanent marker on our metal and laminate tables at work. Sometimes it comes right off; sometimes I have to let it sit for a minute.

      • Kristina Reynolds-Haney

        You can use the Mr. Clean sponges (even the Dollar Store version works) to gently wipe off marks. You can start with using a mild abrasive, ie: white toothpaste or baking soda, to carefully remove permanent marker stains.

      • Lorraine

        This actually works.
        You can use the store brand as well just don’t use the clear stuff the pimple cream that is white is the best stuff.
        I used this on a doll that I gave my oldest granddaughter (Goetz doll)
        Her three year old sister had this baby tatted up from head to toe and, when I got through with that doll you wouldn’t have known.
        When you have to do this to any vinyl/plastic doll cover the eyes as the sun and, the benzyl peroxide/pimple cream can damage this as well.
        NEVER use nail polish remover on a dolls face. They look creepy without makeup.

        Rubbing alcohol and, hand sanitizer will remove Sharpie ink from fabric and, sealed surfaces.
        I had a new white work shirt and, got red Sharpie on it the first day and, used hand sanitizer on it and, after two or three application no more red Sharpies.
        Do this before you wash the item also let the hand sanitizer dry before putting more on the item? Marker will lighten and, disappear.

        This is good for cotton and, cotton blends never use hand sanitizer on leather or silks as this may damage the finish and or the fabric.

      • Amber

        what would u recommend to do with sharpie on the fabric (body) of an American girl doll. My daughter just realized that one of her friends wrote her name on the body’s, of all four dolls. She cryed for about an hour last night

    • Diane Carroll

      Hope this helps,
      How to Remove Ink Stains From a Plastic Baby Doll

      Use this very unlikely remedy of Clearasil Stayclear Vanishing Acne Cream. HA! That’s right.

      1. Pull back the doll’s hair and remove any clothing that is near to avoid bleaching it.

      2. Liberally apply 10% benzoyl peroxide acne treatment cream to any areas with ink. Be careful to avoid the eyebrows. We now have a Barbie without eyebrows. So much for Barbie being perfect.

      After removing one doll’s eyebrows, I began to use a q-tip to make sure I avoided any areas that I didn’t want to be bleached.

      3. Lay the doll in the sun. Emma’s dolls took two applications to completely remove the ink. My mom’s took four since Chloe had skillfully and repeatedly scribbled in one spot and it had sat on the doll longer. Just keep reapplying until the ink is completely gone. Found on Jip Junkie

    • Red

      I used to work at American Doll, as a Doll Doctor. We used to use Soft Scrub, water and a toothbrush to clean up the dolls face, arms and legs and it removed the easy stains and dirt.

      • Amber

        what would u recommend to use for getting sharpie out of the fabric(body) of American girls dolls? Do I need to mail them to a doctor?

  • Tammy Barnes

    You can remove permanent marker from most non-porous surfaces by drawing over the marks with a dry erase marker then wiping off. It may take more than one try, but keep repeating, and it will get it.

  • jessica cam

    My 2 yr old drew on my back seat with marker the seat is tan and its a brandnew car dnt wanna make anything worse

    • Shelly

      I learned this when I had to turn in my leased car. Buy Armourall wipes the purple ones and work on the spot it took out markers and pen marks from my daughter getting in the car with them in her back pocket from school. I just worked on it for a couple of days. I would clean the area and then let it dry and then do it again the next day until the marks were all gone. Hope this helps.

      • Kristin

        Shelly, does this work on fabric upholstery, or do you mean leather? My youngest “wrote” his brother’s name on the arm rest in the back of our van. That was a year ago… I’m just hoping that I can still get it out before we trade it in!!!

    • karla

      By spotshot…Walmart and most stores carry now. My daughter when she was little took red ink and covered my back seat. Took everything out. All the auto shops wanted to know what I used…I wouldn’t tell them lol. All they said I could do was buy a new bench seat.

    • Tigi

      We have a pine coffee table that gets marked by the kids all the time, a solution of bleach mixed with a little flash and water seems to work well

    • Nancy

      Magic erasers for the win! It can take it off walls, dolls, doors, plastic, just about anything! I tried the vinegar for the carpet and it definitely made it less noticeable. Not satisfied with that. Then I remembered a great trick for getting stains out of carpet:

      Mix in a clean spray bottle 1/2 c. household ammonia (lemon scented works great on vomit stains) and 1/2 c. hot water. Spray on the stain. Cover with a white towel and rub a hot iron (cotton or linen settings) on top. Keep the iron moving. You can see the stain start transferring to your towel.

      I have used this on kool-aid vomit and fingernail polish that spilled in the closet carpet. All traces of the vomit were gone! The fingernail polish was almost gone but I had to stop because it looked like it was taking some of the carpet color away.

      • Sue

        Don’t use if you have cat. Smells like foreign cat to them. May start leaving scent all over the house. Then you will have a real mess! I know from experience!

        • Cara

          Nancy, thank you….and Sue! I did not know would prompt that response in a cat! Explains why I have a problem after using vinegar to “de-smell” the carpet….Wish I had read this about 6 months ago!

      • Bailey

        Getting stains out of the carpet became super easy at our house with hydrogen peroxide, dawn dish soap and an old toothbrush. Mixed the peroxide with a few drops of dish soap and scrub over the stain. Then use a cloth to blot the spot, let dry and voila stain no more.

        • Missy

          I’ve tried the Magic Eraser with Sharpie on laminate tiled floors and it was a horrible fail. S.O.S pad hasn’t worked, Lysol hasn’t worked.. those have all worked for the walls and furniture tho! .. my daughter the artist : )

          • Franie

            Norwex has a cleaning paste which is made from all natural products and it take permanent marker off of almost every surface. I do a demo taking it off a Ceramic tile, but have used on plastic, wood, leather, and other surfaces.

    • Doc Hansen

      About leather, after you try the above make sure you condision your lether with either Dr Jackson or vasaline, do not use this on suide (spelling??) leather.

    • Cara

      I used hairspray and then straight alcohol on my Corian countertop. Had to let it sit and soak- but it came up after a few tries.

        • jeanine

          I have used hand sanitizer to get ink off of my car’s interior but only works well if you catch it right away. Aerosol hairspray may work as well.

        • Jackie

          My grandson used a sharpie on my tan carpet, big screen tv and a porce flower pot, not to mention himself. I used a product from Sam’s Club called Heavy Duty Degreaser. It worked great. I deluted it for the tv screen, but it took the black marker out of my tan carpet with just a little scrubbing and off the flower pot. Bless his little heart, he had no idea what he had done!

          • SewHotMama

            I LOVE Sam’s Club’s Heavy Duty Degreaser! It takes all of the nasties off of the stove, oven, air filter above the stove, etc. But the best use for it was in the bathtub- I filled the tub with hot water then put about 2 cups of the degreaser in it; I then took down all of the cheap plastic blinds throughout my rental house (one at a time) and put them into the water to soak for about 5 minutes, swished them around and pulled them out. They were sparkling clean and I didn’t have to scrub a thing! I only had 5 to do so I didn’t need to change out the water before I was done. I hung them in the window to dry. That was the easiest time I had ever had cleaning blinds! I’ve used it to remove pencil, crayon, and ink pen. Glad to know that it will work on markers too!

    • Bianca

      We decorated a friend’s car with Sharpie; unbeknownst to us it wouldn’t come off with soap and water! We ended up using whiteboard spray–the kind used to get rid of tough marker streaks.

    • Rachel

      Wow that was not a helpful response from Jordan. Honestly, the main ingredient in all of these products that remove marker is alcohol. I would be afraid to put alcohol on Uggs, personally. So, is the stain minor enough that you can live with it? If the boots are so damaged from the marker that you won’t wear them as is, then it is worth trying something at any cost. A small area could even be covered with a patch, rhinestones, etc. You may just need to make peace with the stain or get a creative way to cover it.

      • Amanda

        I totally agree with Rachel!! Not a real friendly response from Jordan! 🙁 Vanessa I just found a pin on pinterest for Ugg care…. try to do a search and it has alot of very helpful tips! 🙂

        • emmie

          You are not alone! Brand new knew high it’s (tan) now have red permanent ink (Sharpie marker) splattered all over … If you come across a successful remedy please share! Devastated !

  • Christy

    My son took a ballpoint pen to my daughters brand new cabbage patch dolls face what can I use to get it off? Already tried magic eraser, fingernail polish remover neither worked!

    • Joanie

      try alcohol 95% or higher. i’ve never tried it for ballpoint pens, but it does work on permanent markers. so give it a shot, might work (:

    • maribethpen maribeth

      Apply a thick coat of pimple cream and set in the sun. It removed ballpoint pen from my daughter’s American girl doll.

      • Tiffanny

        To get marker off doll (It worked with American Girl doll!) use 10% Benzoyl Peroxide Acne medication (I used Clearasil). Place on marker and cover with plastic wrap and put in direct sunlight for 4 hours. wipe of cream and repeat as many day as needed.. Our AG doll had a good amount of purple marker on her chin and it took 4 treatments. 🙂

      • D

        Hairspray takes permanent marker off LOTS of things. As a teacher, I laminate card stock then used a Sharpie on it (flash cards, etc.) When I’m done, I just spray a paper towel with cheap hairspray and wipe it off.

  • Phyl

    I don’t know about porous surfaces, but 91% alcohol will get permanent marker off of ANY non-porous surface — but it MUST be 91% alcohol.

    • Violette

      Yea well I tried WD-40, Kraken which is 94% proof, the dumb dry erase joke, nail polish remover, hairspray, hand sanitizer, Magic Eraser and sorry but none worked, and I’m trying to get a permanent marker mark off of a little tikes small car toy (not one you drive, but play with on the floor from back in the 80’s, so NO this mark was not made recently… my mom liked marking my toys which now is my daughter’s toy, but she’s too old for it, so I want to sell it, but of course, thanks to my mom, UGH this will NOT come off. Any ideas for items around the house? Thanks!

  • Joanie

    for smooth surfaces like plastic, wood, glass, leather (from experience), tiles; try Ethanol! trust me, it will get it out. i work as a research student at a bio lab, and since we need to rotulate EVERYTHING with permanent markers, every time we need to fix a title or just reuse whatever bottle, we erase it with good old alcohol 95% that everyone should keep in their fist-aid kits. the more concentrated, the better 🙂 good luck!

  • Crystal

    I have black sharpie marks on old orange fireplace bricks… I plan to stain the bricks but want to get the marks off first. Ideas?

    • Haylee

      Did you ever find anything to take the marker off of the brick? My son drew all over the light brick fireplace with marker, and we are moving out because we are renters!!

      • Marie Blocher

        I used Magic Eraser to get smoke stain off of brick fireplace. Takes off a minute part of the brick surface too, but that was OK.

  • suzanne

    What about off the diaper genie? We were moving last week and my toddler got a hold of a sharpie and attacked her diaper genie and her wood toy chest. Any advice?

  • Janice Bly

    I have used Mr Clean Magic Eraser on permanent marker and it has removed it rather quickly. It even removed it from the front of one of my favorite shirts!!

  • Sandy

    I know it’s not the same – but how do you get dry erase marker off of Little Tikes toys (like a kitchen, desk, vanity, etc.). Magic Eraser does NOT work and I have tried many, many things. My daughter did this a few years ago and I would like to sell these toys now that she has grown out of them. But, with the writing on them, it decreases their value SIGNIFICANTLY. They were older Little Tikes toys – from the 90s, I think? But, in really, really good shape. So, I’m not talking about permanent marker – but dry-erase.

    • Erica

      Try Febreeze – it will clean a wipe off board completely of the markers, might help getting dry erase markers off of something else!

    • Charilyn

      If you can’t remove it I would buy a dark colored spray paint that’s for plastics and just paint the toys.

    • Carolyn

      Someone wrote all over our Little Tikes rocking chair from the 90’s with dry erase markers. I was upset because I wanted to either give it to someone or sell it. I scrubbed and scrubbed with Soft Scrub with Bleach. It took several times and people, but it’s almost gone. I am going to try some of these suggestions to see if I can get the rest off.

    • Laura

      We cleaned our micro fiber chair with alcohol and a clean sponge. Keep using a clean spot of the sponge so that you are not smearing the marker instead of removing it. Using alcohol lets it evaporate with out leaving water rings as it drys.

  • Cathy

    I use baby wipes (huggies) for all that stuff. I find baby wipes takes almost everything off. My sister called me one morning freaking out that her daughter drew on her tv, walls and some toys with a marker. I simply told her to use a baby wipe and sure enough worked like a charm and its not to harsh to use on most everything. I hope this helps Good Luck

  • Courtney

    To get permanent marker off of anything smooth (not fabrics), but something like plastic or glass, I use cheap perfume. I don’t know why it works, but I know it does. Just spray it on, and wipe off with a paper towel!

  • Maddie Washington

    Personally I have used colgate whitening toothpaste and the scratchy side of a sponge as well as (on a different occasion) kids mint toothpaste and the scratchy side of a sponge to remove sharpie from a finished wood table.

    • Jacqui

      If I knew who you were, I would kiss you!! My son decided to draw a giant road last summer on his bedroom floor when he was supposed to be napping and we tried E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. to get that sharpie off– your suggestion actually worked!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  • Courtney Michelle

    Have your little ones gotten permanent marker on your valuable pctures, Old or new?? Try taking a dry erase marker and trace over the permanent marker ad wait a few minutes, then take a soft cloth and wipe away! May need to repeat a few times until it’s gone! 🙂

  • Samantha

    Hey, some of my old friends wrote on the back of my guitar with sharpie. how do i get it off? nail polish remover didnt work

  • Dee M.

    What about lenolium? My son decided to draw on it the day after we moved in…I’ve tried baby wipes, Soap and water, Baby wash haha nothings working. Help?

    • Kathy

      The custodians in our building use those tough brown paper towels and the heel of their foot to rub marker and scuff marks off the floors. This is done dry. I have done this hundreds of times and it works great!

      • Jennifer

        Our school uses tennis balls to get scuffs off the floors at school. Since there are so many at the end of the day, they put the tennis ball on the end of a broom handle and scrub without bending over! 🙂

  • Melody

    Well, I don’t have a permanent marker problem, but cartridge ink from a photo copier is all over our carpet – any ideas???

  • Yvette

    Will sunblock remove hot pink highlighter from a raincoat/trenchcoat? I have marks on the sleeve and I have tried everything….except sunblock. The outside of the coat is 100% PU (whatever that is) and the care instructions say to machine or hand wash in cold water, hang dry and NOT to use hot water, dry in a dryer, dry clean or iron. Any and all suggested remedies to remove pink highlighter from a beige/khaki colored coat are appreciated!

    • Lydia

      My husband just got pink highlighter on his kakhi pants and I scrubbed them with Fels-Naptha soap (a bar soap that is incredibly cheap and probably can be found at your local grocery store, maybe with the cleaning or laundry supplies–or on Amazon). It came out pretty easily. Maybe that would work on your coat? I’d try it with cold water but if that didn’t work I’d try it with hot. What do you have to lose?

  • Valerie

    Writing over the permanent marker with permanent marker has worked for me the majority of the time. Write over it and have a tissue or paper toweling available and wipe it off. You may need to do a couple of times, but I’ve found it works pretty well.

  • Morgan

    What about he inside of a dryer? We had a sharpie sneak into the dryer when a pair of jeans were thrown in for a quick refresh before washing (they had only been worn a couple of minutes but had wrinkled). My dryer is brand new and I’m just sick. I’ve tried hairspray, magic eraser, goo gone, dry erase marker, and rubbing alcohol. Anyone else have this problem? I literally have giant circles inside of the dryer 🙁

    • Heidi

      Same thing happened to me. Heat up some vinegar in microwave, then put into spray bottle and spray onto spots. Allow it to sit for three to five minutes and wipe off. Bigger spots may may take more time soaking.

    • Jonnie

      If you still have the dryer mess use nail polish remover. Just put it on a paper towel and wipe the dryer. It works fairly quickly.

  • Iki

    Last summer I sat on newspaper in my neon pink polyester pants and the ink transferred on them. I tried Tied pen,toothpaste. There’s still a couple of visible spots left.

    • Mia

      If you still have your pants and the stains are still on them, try smearing plenty of Dawn dish detergent on them with your fingers and leave for an hour or two. Then give it a good rinse in the washer and follow with a regular wash.
      I got Coka Cola all over a dress and jacket once. I washed it as normal, but it din’t come out. I forgot about them and found them again a year (!) later and tried this on a whim. Not a trace of the coke stains!

  • Beth

    On non-porous surfaces like plastic, I use an eraser from a pencil. Works every time. Also, for marks on lenoleum, you take a tennis ball and put on the end of a broom handle and just a little elbo grease and the black marks come off. We used this for taking soccer pictures in a gym where the rubber cleats would leave marks on the gym floor.

  • Emma

    My daughter decided to write the name of the notes on my Clavinova piano keys in sharpie marker. Not too impressed I tried all sorts of things from Jiff/Ciff, toothpaste, magic sponge etc… but found the only thing that worked was ‘sticky stuff remover’ – it contains orange oil and you only need a very small amount.. it may retail under different names in different countries but the content is generally the same. The keys are a hard smooth plastic, non porous.

    It would be very hard to remove anything from a porous surface/fabric…. as I know from my daughter’s art lessons which have deposited themselves all over her school shirts!!!

  • Kate Jamison

    Someone used a Sharpie Permanent Marker and drew mustaches inn faces in a page in a Photo Album book that was ordered from Wal-Mart. Is there anyways to get it off??

  • Kathy

    How about getting watercolor marker off of a porous wall surface? it was a brand new house and my grandson colored and wrote all over it! we have tried lots of things, but it either doesn’t help or takes off the wall finish!



    • patty

      I used a diaper wipe to clean marker off my white sneakers, was told by Nike, it was the best way to clean them also. Good luck

  • Amy

    Hi guys! We’re selling our house & my sweet child (ha.) drew all over our brick fireplace with a Sharpie. Any ideas?? Someone looked at it this weekend & commented on it, I was kinda hoping they wouldn’t notice =) I guess they did! Oops!

    • Haylee

      Were you able to get this out? We are renters and my son did this as well. Moving out and need to get the marker off!

      • Lindsay

        Did you ever get the permanent marker off the brick? Same problem as Haylee had!!! I’m always scared when our landlords walk in that they are going to notice it!!

  • kb

    No one has talked about acetone yet. That kinda surprises me. Anyone that needs permanent marker off of counter tops or something, I would suggest going to the nearest beauty supply place and getting pure acetone or whatever nail polish remover has the highest amount of acetone in it.

    Guy with Jordan’s: I cried a little bit for you. I’m a big Jordan’s guy. If I were you, I’d take acetone and a clean cloth, dab it gently on the ,marked areas a little at a time. You’ll know right away if it works. Good luck!

    • LANA DEE

      thank you for your advice. i tried it the acetone yesterday.. i had to be very patient with it though im only doing very small areas at a time just bc its so time consuming but for the most part it has kiiiiiiiiiiiiiinddddddaaaaa…. helped but for right now i wont say for sure bc im still working on it. i really wish i would be able to post a picture of the shoes…
      oh yea its girl with Jordan’s..

        • Carol

          Be careful with acetone because it melts some plastics. I was trying to remove sharpie writing from a dog crate and was very careful to only apply to the writing using a Q-tip. The plastic was fine but it wasn’t removing the ink. Then I moved to another part of the crate (the little snap on lid for the storage area on top) and it melted that plastic. That area only had little scuffs of some kind of paint and the end result looked worse than the scuffs. By the way, I have tried practically everything I have seen on the internet and the only thing that kind of worked was tea tree oil but it only lightened it about 50%.

  • bri davis

    I just removed A LOT of lines of perm. marker from carpet last night. My husband took a couple and i took a couple. We tried different things. Hairspray worked by far the best. I only had bumble and bumble so I had to use my expensive hair spray. Second was rubbing alcohol and all others really didn’t work.

  • Leslie

    Ok….how do I get a a large dye mark thar bleed from a burgundy rug off a light colored linoleum floor. I have tried vinegar, bleach, nail polish remover, magic eraser, and a coupke other solvents. Any ideas??

    • Trixie

      Have you tried pure acetone? It’s not nail polish remover, but can be purchased at the beauty supply store (maybe even Walmart) but it needs to be 100% pure acetone. It works great on getting ink off of just about anything.

    • Arwen

      Hi, I just used pure acetone – thank you, Pinterest! – to get the remains of some Sharpie lettering on my fridge door. Most of it had come off with something I can’t remember, but that was over a year ago. Then I saw the thing about pure acetone and I thought I’d give it a go – it was gone in seconds. Literally one wipe and it was gone. Give it a go! Linoleum doesn’t dissolve that easily, and it can take a few knocks…

    • D

      Laminate floors usually have aluminum oxide coating. Nail polish remover should work. If you know the manufacturer, they could also advise.

  • Feleisha

    My 3 yr old drew Down the side of my car with a sharpie so now I have a art mural on the side of my car how do I get it to come off with out it taking the clear coat off my car???!!! Please and thank you

    • Lorraine

      Did you try from the auto section in the store BUG and Tar remover?
      Check with a place that paints cars they too might have something to uae as well.

  • Angela

    on microfiber furniture i use diaper wipes. they will take off permanent marker, ink and most anything little ones get on them

  • Chelsea

    I have also had first hand experience with Permanent Markers…. I have always used Finger Nail Polish remover. I believe the remover with acetone in it. i wouldnt use it on porous surfaces though. like painted metal, refridgerator, stuff like that. but dont scrub too hard because the remover will eat the paint off of some things!

  • Caroline

    wish i could blame this on my grandkids, but this is my own stupidity. i was doing a diy project and coloring in a stencil on paper with dark blue felt marker on my kitchen table. wasn’t thinking and didn’t put anything under the paper. sooo…. i ended up with a lovely saying down almost the entire length of my table. Thanks to all of you for your ideas. The alcohol got a littlle off, but the “Goo Gone” didn’t do anything. The best result was the toothpaste and lots of scrubbing. i also let is set for about 10 minutes after scrubbing. it got about 95% of it off!! i am very impressed and so thankful to you guys!!! i may try sunscreen and the magic eraser to get the rest off. thankfully the table is a very dark walnut stain so you don’t really see it now – may not even tell my husband!!

  • Laura

    Does anyone know how to get dry erase marker off of linen? My daughter got it in our brand new linen couch :-(. Thanks.

    • Tona

      I have the same problem! Only with sharpie instead of dry erase….Does anybody know the answer??? HELP?!?!? Thanks.

  • Jessica

    This sounds crazy but carburetor cleaner gets permanent marker off in a heartbeat. You can buy it at most auto stores and is in an aerosol can. We own a car wash and detail center and it is our secret weapon! Not sure about all surfaces but it is worth trying on a small area. I have used it on plastic, metal, walls, painted surfaces and leather. Good luck! 😉

    • SewHotMama

      One of my uncles uses WD-40 to remove gum, oil and grease, pen, and other miscellaneous marks from car upholstery and interiors. He just sprays a little on and uses a clean rag to gently massage it out. The stuff works too. I used a degreaser to clean up spilled stuff and WD-40 to remove marks my kids made in my van (no idea what the marks were from). Both were a LOT cheaper than the name brand cleaners I bought to try and clean the inside of my van with and worked so much better too!

  • Melissa

    My daughter drew on my cream and blue ottoman with dry erase marker. I’m not certain of the material, but so far I have my best results with Murphy’s Wood Oil Soap. I have also tried baking soda, milk, an ink cleaner (only claimed to get out certain inks), whip-it (an organic general cleaner, hydrogen peroxide and yes, lots of rubbing alcohol. There are 3 very stubborn stains still remaining. Any ideas? I’ve used a toothbrush to try and get a “deep clean” in case anyone was wondering.

  • Jenifer

    Our boys decided to draw on the base of our fake fireplace in our rented home w/permanent marker. How would you get that off? I think the base if made of cement or something. I’m not sure. And has anyone ever used Goo Begone? Does that work on sharpie marks too?

    • SewHotMama

      When our girls decided to color on the white brick of the stone fireplace in the house we rented, we went to the local Professional Cleaning Supply store and picked up a cleaner specifically for fireplace brick and cement. We had to buy the cleaner and the special brush but they worked to remove it almost completely. What was left just looked like holes with shadows. We got our deposit back and that was worth the $40 the cleaners and brush cost us.

  • Fabi

    How to remove a black stain from my Guess beige pump(shoes)? The shoes stay together with another black shoes and now have this black stains. Help please. Thanks.

    • SewHotMama

      The best thing I have ever found to remove, not cover, animal odors (as well tons of other nasty smells, including vomit) is a product called OdoBan. I used to get it at Sam’s Club until they closed up shop here. Now I get it at Home Depot. Spray it on and you’re good. I also use about 1/4-1/3 cup of the concentrate in my laundry (especially when the kids wet the bed) – it gets out “Man Smell” and other stinkies.

  • Loni

    I just this minute, took off some purple Sharpie Fine point marks from my dry erase board using 99% Isopropyl Alcohol and a used dryer sheet.

  • Kenda

    Goo Gone takes Sharpie off of leather like a charm! My son wrote all over our leather couch and Goo Gone took it off super fast and with no damage to the lesther!

  • LeeAnn

    The inside of a tub?! Just moved into a new place and I have no idea how long It’s been like this but by the looks of it, a VERY long time. Tried magic eraser, clorox spray, bleach, nail polish remover. Ugh!

  • Tori

    For glass (mirrors, glasses, plates, etc.) Windex and a towel work like a charm. Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover will get it off of almost everything else Windex won’t take care of and if that fails, The Dollar Tree sells a great cleaning product called Awesome. We swear by it!

  • Denise

    My daughter got dry erase marker on her new shirt. We tried stain remover but it didnt work. Unfortunately my daughter didnt check the stain before throwing into the dryer. Do you think the hand sanitizer will work or are there any other suggestions?

  • BeaHoney

    I have some Sharpie stains that I have not been able to get out of a cotton undershirt and cotton bedding. I tried cheap hairspray and a laundry bar (my goto cleaner for ball point pen and grease stains). Next I tried hand sanitizer and strong rubbing alcohol. I think I’ve even bleached the undershirt. I cannot get the stains out. They’ve lightened and spread some though.

    I’ve had good luck getting sharpie off of smooth surfaces using hand sanitizer.

    Stuff that goes to camp always has the Sharpie come off from bug spray and sunscreen. I put a layer of tape over the Sharpie to keep it from wiping off at camp.

  • kathy

    How about the outside of a white washer and dryer, my youngest son drew all over it with purple sharpie? Thanks for any info that can help!

  • Shai

    Wow, can’t believe not one single person has mentioned tea tree oil!!! Took purple sharpie off of Papa’s yellow fiberglass boat, off of polyurethane finished dresser and off microfiber couch. Not to mention the other benefits it has. Not too hot on latex painted walls, but it works on fabric, faces and plastics. Try it!

  • Ash

    What about wood that has a finish over it will the rubbing alcohol take the finish off? I have an antique buffet cabinet type thing that I don’t want to ruin granted its ruined with the perm marker on it

  • Marie Corse

    One of the students in the school drew over the screen of my laptop with permanent marker, how can I remove it from there?

  • Linda

    Gina RE: Wrong side of a dvd? The side that plays has sharpie:(
    — I haven’t tried this one, but I have heard you can clean a DVD with toothpaste and a soft cloth. Rub the toothpaste in straight lines – from edge to edge. Do not rub in circle as that will affect the DVD content. Rinse well and allow to dry.

    Annette C. Bryant RE: How do I get the smell of cat urine out of my shoe?
    — Two options: You could try vinegar – it’s fairly effective removing odors, and most people have it on hand. The other thing you can use is Kids N Pets Instant All Purpose Stain and Odor Remover – I’ve tried it for several different odors and find it works pretty well. It’s about $5.00 – Target, Walmart and Amazon carry it.

    Misty RE: How bout off your kid? It’s all over his head arms feet?!?
    Try olive oil. It removes lots of things from skin, and has the added benefit of softening and nourishing the skin in the process!

  • Robin

    I moved into an apartment that unfortunately has a disgusting thick coating of grease on the stove hood. Other than scrapping it off with a razor, does anyone know of anything to remove the grease for real? I have tried tons of stuff with no result.

    • Jacque

      you might try spray oven cleaner. let it set and wipe it off. Be careful as this has lots of nasty fumes and don’t leave food out when spraying it.
      Also go to dollar store and pick up their “Awesome” degreaser. It works great.

      • SewHotMama

        Sam’s Club has a Heavy Duty Degreaser (it’s purple; a gallon jug was $12 last time I bought it).This is what I have used for years on the stove hoods, the “filter,” and even on my mini-blinds. Just spray on, give it a moment and then wipe off. No elbow grease required. If it’s a really thick layer, you might need to do it more than once. For the filter that goes in the hood, I put about 4-6 inches of hot water in my kitchen sink and about 1/4 cup of the concentrated degreaser then just put the filter/screen in and let it soak for about 20 minutes while I cleaned the hood, stove top, under the stove “lid” and back wall with the same stuff. Then I just rinsed the filter and it looked brand new!

        • Tona

          Dollar Tree carries a degreaser called “Mean Green”. It’s amazing! Took the grease off a stove hood in a restaurant I cleaned after it closed. That hood hadn’t been cleaned in years (literally) Mean Green cleaned it in ten minutes! Looked brand spanking new!! Also took the baked on oil off of my “new” used car’s engine! It had so much oil spilled on it over the years that the car smelled like it was overheating as soon as you turned it on… Mean Green is Magic!!

  • Jenna

    Got marker off my computer screen, tv screen, and glass on my entertainment center off with alcohol swabs. Used a bunch of them because they’re small, but very little effort was needed to rub it all off.

  • Jan Selman

    Sharpie on my white comforter down alternative with white cotton cover.
    Tried washing, tried alcohol, faded but very apparent.
    What to do?

  • Liz

    How about sharpie on the side of the DVD that has the title? I used perfume and that has worked the best so far… But it didn’t get it all off…. Any ideas?? Thanks so much!! 😀

  • Michell

    My daughter and her friend were playing in the back of our van. My husbands tools were back there. The girls found the permanent markers and “put make up on each other. Their faces were covered. Including near their eyes. After a lot of experimenting with products that we hoped would not harm my daughters eyes or skin we found that Avon’s Skin So Soft bath oil worked awesome. It came right off. I wish I would have known that before I scrubbed with other things.

  • Ann

    Someone asked about linen and noone answered. I have a ptoblem with even more fificult fabric: beautiful partially silk dress. My doughter coloured it having it on for the firts time:(
    Dry laundry specialist said they can’t do anything. Any better suggestions?

  • Misty S

    I bought two antique door knob plates with the original paint. The seller put the price on the paint because he thought the copper underneath was the reason for buying them. Can I get the marker off without damaging the paint?

  • Amy

    What about porcelain tile. I’ve tried fingernail polish remover, alcohol and magic eraser. Nothing has worked so far.

  • Nikki

    What about getting it off of the baby? My baby girl just covered her toy box, which is not a huge problem as far as I am concerned, BUT we are having our Easter get-together and pics done tomorrow…. so I would LOVE to have her all shiny without black marker all on her arms and hands…

  • Sirah

    Permanent marker also takes off permanent marker. Just re-trace what you want to remove, then before it dries, rub it off. Works really well on metal surfaces. Probably works well on any hard smooth surface.

    • kayla

      If its paper, nothing. If its the plastic, try rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. When The new school year came around and I had last years classes written at the top or I didnt like how my name looked anymore, I used cotton balls and NPR to take of the Pmarker.

  • Amanda

    How about wallpaper ? My ex tenants child drew all over the wallpaper in the living and dining room and I don’t want to have paint both rooms 🙁

    • Mary Brown

      trying to get black magic marker(permenant) off a non-wood closet door. Tried magic eraser but didn’t work. Also, trying to get colored marker and black shoe polish of the carpet, the wall,(paint),and anything else 3 little kids could get to. Thanks much Mary Brown

  • Lori

    Before I use the Hand Sanitizer on my new white down comforter and $100 Sheets. Will it work? Yes, I have a 3 1/2 year old boy.

    Thanks for answering?

  • Margaret Lerch

    My granddaughter’s plastic lunch pail had permanent marker drawings. Her father used Dawn dish soap to remove it.

  • Michelle

    OMG. I was browsing on the internet you.
    I have been madly cleaning up my old craft room in preparation of converting it back into a bedroom. Well one of the kids when they were young had use the laminate inside the wardrobe as a white board. One part with faded white board pen and another part with permanent markers. Well it has been the for donkey’s years. It appears that I had unsuccessfully tried to remove it at some time in the past. I tried your advice. Toothpaste removed the faded whiteboard markers off the laminate. I smeared it on and waited maybe all of 10 seconds before rubbing it off. I did need to use a little effort but not much. The permanent markers came off very easily with hairspray!!!. I just sprayed it on and almost immediately you could see the ink reacting to the hairspray. It just needed to be wiped off – no effort at all! Now I have beautiful, unblemished white laminate again!!! Thank you SO much!!!

  • Makayla

    Having trouble getting sharpie off your couch?

    Well here is some ideas:
    *hairspray(little bit at a time SCRUB hard)
    *rubbing alchol(spray on your stain and SCRUB hard)
    *germ x (smear all over stain and SCRUB)

    Good Luck !!

  • Amanda

    I have got marker, crayon and stamp ink on a canvas painting, that was passed down in an inheritance from a family member who was quite talented. I don’t know if the artwork is oil paints, but the orange and red lines and heart shaped stamps have ruined its appearance and I haven’t tried to remove anything yet until I know what paint was used. Any suggestions?

  • Stephanie S.

    My son scribbled on his closet walls and a bookshelf with a permanent marker, and I tried Magic Eraser, toothpaste, rubbing alcohol, WD-40, hairspray, mayo, vinegar, and ammonia to remove the stains and nothing worked. I had to resort to repainting it all and I HATE painting. 🙁

  • Kaitlyn

    Try using those tough scrubbing Lysol pads. They work great. Use a little everyday until it is gone. Hope this helps

  • steph

    My son and his friend drew all over my tan carpet. I went over it all with alcohol and it took it all out. Alcohol also works great taking out stains when used mixed with water in a steam cleaner.

  • Tara

    Try awesome cleaner for ANY STAIN this stuff is like magic in a bottle. I use it on everything: shower, window sills, exterior doors,walls, clothes,etc. The stains that will be removed is endless. I have found it in the “dollar tree store” and Walmart.

  • Franie

    Norwex cleaning paste is made from coconut oil, natural soap, and traces of marble-flour. It takes permanent marker off of almost any surface. I do a demo with a ceramic tike and permanaet marker and it takes it off with ease. i have also aken permanent marker out of a pair of my sons shorts by using cleaning paste, water, and a toothbrush. it took some elbow grease but worked! Check on an inconspicuous spot if unsure. I listed my webpage if you are interested.

  • Aubrie Jackson

    How do you remove permanent marker from steel? We have a steel door and my brother wrote a note with a permanent marker on a sheet of paper and it bled through to the steel door…

  • Lori S.

    My son got permanent marker and ink on two pair of khaki uniform shorts. The stains have dried. I tried hand sanitizer, but it didn’t help. Do I need to do this multiple times? Or is there something else to remove it?

  • Courtne

    How do you get it out of clothes that have been washed? I’ve used acetone after I washed it (I tried using a different remedy, but it didn’t work) and only some came out from the bigger spots. I’m at a loss.

  • Adriane

    I have recently found all-natural stain removers from a green company that work so well and we just love them! Please e-mail me for more information if you are looking for safe alternatives! [email protected] Good luck! 🙂

  • Karen

    How can I get dry erase marker out of clothing? (Not the first time my daughter has gotten it on her clothes – just last night on a white shirt, no less!!!!)

  • Karen

    So far hairspray, rubbing alcohol, Murphy’s oil soap, and Dawn haven’t worked – only partially removed the dry erase marker – and even then I had to scrub a lot.

  • Naomi

    I purchased a Playskool Little People set at a yard sale. A few of the characters have marker scribbled on them. I’m assuming it’s permanent maker since it won’t wash off. I have no idea how long the marker has been on there, and it seems the soft plastic might be really porous. Any ideas I can try to get it out or is it quite possibly too late?

  • Traci

    How about getting permanent marker off of the fridge? I’ve tried the magic erasers and it doesn’t competely take it off.

  • Carlie

    I have a Sharpie mark on my vintage kitchen tins. I’m afraid to use anything too abrasive due to the paint on them and I don’t want to damage them. Any ideas?

  • Emily

    HELP!!!! Sharpie on the WHITE footboard of my dd bed!!! She went ALL OUT too, it’s a wood Ashley bed or whatever Ashley makes their beds of these days, magic eraser doesn’t do it, I have tried lots but I haven’t done toothpaste would that help? Any suggestions before I just up and throw this less than 1 year old bed out because I can’t stand to look at it, it is devastating!

  • lauren

    Does anyone know how to get marker off wall with flat paint….I have tried the hairspray and toothpaste…..not having any luck

  • Maria

    Cheap Purfume! I have never had a permanent marker that coud beat cheap purfume. Works on most surface. Even pen marks on leather couches! Doesn’t harm surfaces. Just wipe away with a paper towel. Good as new 😉

  • Heather

    I gave my daughter a teddy bear that my mom made for me when I was the same age she is now, and got it back with “make up” on it. Permanent pink marker on denim. I have tried magic eraser, nail polish remover, and of course, the first thing my oldest did is throw it through the wash, so it is set in pretty well. Any ideas?

  • Jo

    Just wondering if anyone can offer some suggestions. Our youngest daughter drew on cream coloured textured wallpaper with a Sharpie. Any ideas on how to remove it? She also attacked coloured wallpaper too.

  • sarah

    permanent marker on wood floors = use tooth paste. my nephew took a sharpie to my wood floors all up and down the hall. (thanks for keeping a close watch, mom!) gathered all the toothpaste in my house and went over the lines and let sit. be prepared to use lots of arm power though! side note: MUST have nephew help too for learning.

  • Hilary

    Any idea how to remove permanent sharpie pen from the fridge door. We use the front of the fridge as a white board and use white board markers on it with great success. However the other day i picked up the wrong pen and now have permanent ink on the door. Tried Nail varnish remover but I think it will mark the door so I didn’t persevere. Also tried going over it with white board marker to see if it would lift it off but it didn’t. Help please.

  • Maureen

    My granddaughter colored on her face with black sharpie. After using soap which did not work we used Mary Kay eye makeup remover and it came right off. Haven’t tried it on anything else.

  • Sara

    PEC12 is a product made to remove Sharpie. It will damage some surfaces so you have to be careful, but I would suggest trying to buy some of this if you have a stain that has to come out and none of the other suggestions works.

  • Jill

    This is off subject, but I can not seem to find a solution. My son colored the walls with lip gloss and it is on flat paint. Anyone know how I could possibly get that off?

  • gayle

    I bought some ceramic cups at the second hand store the other day and they had written the price on the inside of them with a permanent marker. I used alcohol which took most of it off, but the paint is kind of crackly and there is a shadow of the price in the cracks. I have tried the alcohol again, an eraser, hand sanitizer, alcohol mixed with baking soda and soaking vinegar in them . Has anyone had any luck getting marker out of a porous ceramic?

  • Heather

    Anyone have a sure fire way to remove pen from a raincoat?

    I’ve tried hairspray, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol (although, only 70%), perfume (not “cheap” perfume, but perfume none-the-less), magic eraser, WD-40, multi-purpose stamp cleaner, low-odor thinner, sticky-out/goo-be-gone, toothpaste, baking soda, dish soap, and a few stain-removers specifically claiming to remove ink.

    NOTHING has worked!

  • Bahb

    If you didn’t get an answer to your query here, you should try reading ALL the comments because I can’t think of any surface, except paper and latex-painted walls, that has not had a cure posted in response.

  • Jessica S

    I have a hockey helmet that I’m trying to get an autograph that was done in sharpie off of it…any suggestions?!

  • Michaela Peterson

    Okay, So… My phone, 1 day in class i was bored so I pulled out my phone (awe android) and wrote ( I <3 You) on it.. and now it wont come off.. i want it off so bad!!! I have tried.. nail polish remover, makeup remover, toothpaste, water, scrubbing bubbles, etc. I have not tried hairspray or goof off, I will try that in the morning. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know, it would be VERY helpful!!!!!!! Thanks, and GOD BLESS! <3

    • Josh

      I have headphones that my friend gave to me and he put permanent marker on both and I have tried alcohol, clean chemicals, and dry erase marker. it still won’t come off!!!

  • Mona

    I got a table and chairs on discount but now that it’s home, I notice that they wrote the price tag on top of the table and the Sharpie marker leaked through. In the light, I can read the table name and price. I’m really scared to use anything in fear of ruining the table top. Help!

  • Kelli

    I got blue sharpie all over my chef’s jacket. I have tried to get it out with hand sanitizer , shout, and spray and wash. Any other ideas?

  • Jan Campbell

    How do you remove black permanent marker that’s been on awhile from a laminated recurve bow without hurting the finish and the bow.

  • Momma

    Toothpaste and a soft cloth…dampen the cloth rub the toothpaste(not gel) on the marks then wipe off. Might take a couple of tries but it does work…cleaned my TV today!

  • Bonnie

    My son discovered that using 320 grit sandpaper (super fine) will remove stains off of whiteboards when all else fails. Spray the board with water while gently rubbing the board with the sandpaper. Rewax the scrubbed area if needed.

  • Sarah

    Rubbing alcohol takes permanent marker off anything. We did this as an experiment in 7th grade science class. Also brasso brass cleaner and jiffy cleaner will take permanent marker off of dry erase boards and plastic surfaces. Jiffy will take paint out of carpet if used immediately.

  • Jessica

    I have a question, my two year old drew on her new boots they are like ugg boots, with a regular marker how would I get that out?

  • tim

    I am trying to get expo marker off of a fridge. It has been on the fridge for several months now. I have tried toothpaste, nail polish remover, and hand sanitizer. None have taken even the slightest off. Any suggestions?

    • Beth

      Considering the marker is on a fridge, I would suggest a Mr. Clean magic eraser. It has gotten everything off my fridge. If you don’t want to try that, I would try rubbing (isopropyl) alcohol.

  • Jocelyn

    I had a friend over who wrote on a rubber bouncy ball with sharpie. I’ve tried toothpaste, lotion, warm water, soap, pine sol, mr. Green cleaner, windex, and nothing is working I can’t tell my parents or they will be mad. Please give me suggestions!!

  • joyce

    I was measuring my canvas for a window to paint. When I removed the tape, some of the ballpoint marks were still on the canvas. Now the middle of the window is stained. How to remove these stains is my problem .. They are on regular canvas..not clothes…not rugs, not tables. What should I use to remove them? Or paint over them…..real problem, no one can help me so far.

  • joyce

    I wanted to paint a Bob Ross project. There were instructions on how to measure. Unfortunately I grabbed a ball point pen to mark off where the window should be on the canvas. I thought the marks would be covered up with paint, but when I removed the tape they were sticking out like a sore thumb. Now I am wondering how to remove those marks. Maybe there is a way to paint over them, but I am having trouble deciding the best way to make this right……Can you help me? Thank You

  • Melinda

    My son bought an old van to fix up and the previous owner wrote the name of his business on the “plastic” portion of the top of the van, if that makes sense. We’ve tried alcohol, toothpaste, magic eraser, soap and water of course and nail polish remover. Any other suggestions? It appears the writing has been on there for awhile.

  • angelica

    Help please i was using a white paint sharpie marker. And it got on my photos like not the glass the actual photo and i need help getting it off like asap. Its a graduation gift need it off before tomorrow help please!

  • lindsey

    Hello! My daughter’s friend accidently wrote with black sharpie marker on the back of my light tan leather seats. I’ve tried to use spray on sunscreen…it didn’t work….anyone have any ideas on what I can try next. I don’t want to ruin my leather…but I don’t want my husband to kill me either…lol help!

  • Damaris

    Can anyone help I can’t get rid of my sharpie writing on my water jug from last year and I dont want to have to buy another one plz help thanks.

  • Chris

    Does anybody know how I can remove heavy black Sharpie writing off of the back of my favorite denim jacket. Unfortunately my young kids decided to use it as their canvas to draw their masterpiece!! Please help!! Thank you very very much!!

  • KieLauna

    My daughter put sharpie on a huge family portrait canvas hanging in my mother’s living room. I’m hoping someone has an idea for how to remove the marker without damaging the portrait. It was rather expensive to have the portrait done and custom framed professionally. My mother would rather leave the marker than try things to remove the marker without someone with experience advising us. Thank you in advanced to anyone who can help.

  • Tanya

    The nail polish remover(acetone) worked great to remove sharpie off of the bricks! I just haven’t been able to remove it off of concrete yet. Still working on it!

  • Linda

    I have a 49ers jacket made out of a leather type material but they called it “pleather”
    Someone at work a few years back wrote on it with a permanent black marker that I was never able to remove. I tried a strong hand cleaner, alcohol, peroxide, can’t remember what else but nothing even came close to removing it. Still in decent condition but won’t wear it because of that. Niners were doing good that year and they apparently were jealous so they wrote”sucks use the S.F. emblem on the back. Any ideas or help would be appreciated.

  • Shayla

    What about school excerise books?. I get bored in class and I draw on my books with vivid. I promised myself I would keep them tidy with no graffiti but that didn’t last long. I really want this vivid to come off. Any suggestions?

  • Charlie N.

    I got highlighter ink in my glasses box I don’t know how to take it out so if anyone has any tips please help. Thank you.

    • Victoria m.

      Try lemon juice, I know it removes highlighter ink from book and magazine pages like magic. Maybe it could work for that as well?

  • Karen

    I just used hand sanitizer to try to get permanent marker out of a tile floor in a school hallway. It did get the marker out, however it also took off the finish. I guess that’s less noticeable, but I’m still in trouble with our custodial staff.

  • Lisa

    How do you remove permanent marker from the back of a wooden canvas? I dated a piece of art work, though I was never satisfied with it. I recently went back to my piece, and I am much more happy with it now. I want to change the date of completion. Luckily, I only need to change one number. But how do I do that? It is a porous wood, pine maybe…. Can anybody help me?

  • Kelly

    Sunscreen works for removing permanent marker from plastic. Squirt on a good amount let sit for a minute or so. Then wipe off with a cloth or paper towel.


    any ideas how to remove permanent marker off of the side of a house? my lovely almost tEn year old was mad at mom because she couldn’t come to the store with me, so she wrote a bad word on my WHITE siding of our home, that we rent mind you. needless to say, shes more mad now that everything is taken away than before….any help would be greatly appreciated. i have tried hair spry and WD-40…with n o l u c k…..HELP

  • NCondron

    What about wallpaper? My daughter used coloured markers on the wallpaper 🙁 Have tried Magic Eraser, nail polish remover and toothpaste. None worked and I didn’t want to rub too hard obviously in case the wallpaper would tear.

  • Trish Parker

    Do you know how to get basketball marks off of a patio door. When the basketball has been hitting our patio doors when my son plays outside it’s left an orange mark on the doors?

  • Bobbi

    Many times, if the surface is smooth, you can just go over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker and then wipe it off! I use this trick all the time.

  • Orah

    what about off of a backpack? I’ve tried hand sanitizer and a magic eraser. so far both have just gotten the purple from the backpack off but not the black permanent marker

  • Lonnie

    Trying to find out how to get sharpie off of the back of painted canvas. It didn’t bleed through…however it shows through and would love to be able to get it off without ruining the paining

  • Laura A

    So I have some guys come over to give me estimates on some new gutters and while standing there we noticed that some awesome person decided to write “Whoop Whoop” on my vinyl siding in Orange marker. Any ideas what will work best taking the marker off because I don’t want to take the finish off the vinyl siding or discolor it? HELP!!!!

  • Yvonne

    I need to remove permanent marker ink from my white refrigerator. I’ve already used grain alcohol and although the markings faded considerably, they’re still somewhat discernible. I would welcome any suggestions you may have.
    Thank you.

  • Cool Nisha

    How to remove permanent marker stain from cassette window blinds . I tried so many stuff but it’s not worked at all. Infect stain goes more worst.

  • Noah Enholm

    To remove permanent markers from glass, you can use WD-40 Multi-purpose spray or use rubbing alcohol of at least 70% concentration.

    • Noah Enholm

      Because WD-40 is so powerful, it will almost certainly erase the permanent marker at this stage. However, an oily residue may remain.
      To remove the greasy residue, dip a piece of cloth or cotton ball in dishwashing liquid or glass cleaner and gently wipe it on the glass. After that, wipe the glass surface with a wet cloth and paper towel.