10 Other Great Uses for Lip Balm

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10 Other Great Uses for Lip Balm

If you are like me, you end up with tons of free lip balm from various coupon deals.  Here are a few things you can use it for other than softening your lips:

Slide along your finger to help remove a stuck ring.  Way better than butter.

Use as a cuticle moisturizer.

Use on your nose when chapped from too many tissues.

Slide over a zipper to help fix one that is stuck.

Stop bleeding from a razor nick (will work on most)

Use on hair to tame wild eyebrows or mustache.

Lube up a light bulb before screwing in to make removal a breeze.

Use a little on the edges of your drawers to help when they get stuck.

Lube up a nail or screw before trying to nail/screw into wood.

In a pinch a little bit of lip balm can help add shine to your shoes.

Obviously I would not recommend you use this on your lips after touching these surfaces, so use ones almost done or just choose one to have on hand for these types of uses.