How To Make A Glitter Vase

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During Spring and Summer I love having small vases around so when I get flowers I can really brighten up many rooms in my house 🙂

I have an obsession with glitter ever since I was a kid — my thought was the more glitter the better — maybe it is my love for shiny things 😉

BUT I learned a couple ways so you do not have glitter everywhere 🙂

What You Need

Jar ( You could up-cycle a spaghetti jar)


Mod Podge

Sealant Spray


Sponge Brush

What To Do

Using the sponge brush – place one layer of mod podge on the jar where you want the glitter to be

Place the jar in the box

Slowly pour glitter on the jar — make sure to get all the places where the mod podge has been placed

Take jar out of the box and let dry for 30 minutes

Coat with one coat of sealant — this will make that glitter stay without a problem


If you make this craft I would love to see it — take a picture and upload to instagram or twitter use the hashtag BudgetSavvyDiva so I can check it out 🙂