Save Money on a Las Vegas Vacation

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This is a highly requested video …. I have been to Las Vegas well over 20 times and I discuss how I have a good time on a budget – I hope you learn something from it. If you have any tips please put it in the comment section thanks!!!! For more guide on traveling to Vegas on a budget, click Las Vegas Jaunt.


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  • Crystal

    We go to Vegas every Feb. We stay @ the Desert Rose Resort. It is right off the strip behind Tropicana and Hooters. It isn’t a casino…a time share place but you don’t have to have a time share there to stay. On black Friday thru Cyber Monday a 1 room suite was going for $69!!! You get a bedroom of course but also a living room & full kitchen!!! So that always saves us money! They also have a nice free breakfast. They also have 2 room suites, which this last year was only around $115! So if you go with your kids, friends or another couple…..the cost is even better! Everyone there is really friendly too!!!

  • Bethany

    I just took a page worth of notes. Thank you! 🙂 My husband and I have gone a couple times because my brother lives in Summerlin (outside of Vegas) and this helped me plan my next vacation there for July. You’re the best!

  • Katrina

    Sign up for the hotel you’re staying at’s rewards program. A bunch of hotels are grouped together since they’re owned by the same group (Aria, Bellagio, Luxor, Excaliber, MGM, Mirage, etc.) and you can earn comps for the money you spend at all those hotels.

    Another idea is to play the game myVEGAS on Facebook. You earn comps like hotel rooms, show tickets, and free drinks. This is linked to an app you can use while on The Strip called Viva myVEGAS. There are QR codes located throughout MGM properties and you can earn comps when you scan them. Since they are located throughout The Strip, you can make a scavenger hunt out of it. Earn free rewards while exploring at the same time. Free activity that could potentially earn you freebies! I believe Caesar’s Palace and its associated hotels have a similar program/Facebook game.

    Lastly, if you don’t buy snacks beforehand, stop at Walgreen’s while there. You can buy some bagels and peanut butter for breakfast (since pb doesn’t spoil). It may cost more than usual, but it saves a lot when you compare it to eating at a restaurant!

  • Laurie

    We have made it a tradition to go every year. We’ve stayed in different places. This year we stayed at the Monte Carlo. Very nice place, (Keurig in every room!) nice casino, good little fast food court and several nice restarunts, and great location at a reasonable price. It’s next door to NYNY, so great walking location. It’s also part of the MGM family, so get the MGM club card.
    Consider doing things off the strip. We went to the new Mob Museum, which is down next to Freemont Street. Very well done, and extremely interesting. Ethel M Chocolates has a free tour (it’s not long), with a sample chocolate at the end, and they have a great cactus garden you can stroll through. We also took an afternoon and did some antiquing, and it’s really cool to find old casino memorabilia mixed in with the usual collectables. Go see the Flamingos at the Flamingo for free (yes, there are real pink Flamingos there!) or see a free Circus act at Circus Circus. The main thing is (and I think BSD would heartily agree!) do your research and make a plan! No one can do everything in one visit, so plan on your top three, and give yourself lots of free time around those things. A trip to Vegas doesn’t have to break the bank to be a fabulously fun experience.

    • Rebecca

      Where did you find antique shops in Vegas??? We are going in October and would like to check them out. Thanks!

  • Sue

    We have enjoyed Vegas many times and always go with a plan. We come from far away (NY) so we rent a car. We take off to different places for the day,like, Hoover Dam (free to wander around or take a tour, not that expensive) We have gone to Valley of fire, awesome sights, nominal fee to enter. Red Rock Canyon, also small fee to enter. This way we aren’t spending the day in casinos spending lots of money!
    We also plan out places to eat away from the major casinos. I join email lists and facebook pages of some of our fav restaurants to get discounts. We found several that we have returned to again and again.

  • Susie

    When we lived in Vegas we rarely went down to the strip but when we did we would always start off by sitting at a machine, throw in a few bucks- wait for the cocktail waitress to come around, order drinks and play really, really slowly. It’s like drinking for free-ish. I can’t remember but I think we always tried to order two drinks per person and made them doubles. Our friends honeymooned in Vegas a few years back and couldn’t find anywhere to buy a bottle of champagne that didnt cost a ridiculous amount of money. Grocery stores and some gas stations off the strip sell alcohol. If you are looking to buy a bottle or a case of beer take a taxi to a local grocery store. Definitely bring food! Also a good thing to pick up from a grocery store trip if you didn’t plan ahead 😉 I don’t know if its true or just dumb luck but machines on ends by restrooms always seem to pay out for us. My favorite place is the forum. It’s fun to walk around, see the statues, window shop and maybe pick up some gellato from the cart by Spaggo (if its still there).

  • Mindy

    It’s so funny that you mentioned the smell at Excalibur. That is the exact reason that we don’t stay there anymore. We always stay at Mandalay Bay and get an awesome deal because I am signed up for their emails. They always send specials like free buffets and free show tickets (we saw The Lion King) and the rates have been reasonable $60-$90 a night plus resort fee. We recently found Hash House A Go Go. It is an AWESOME restaurant and has been featured on the Travel Channel. There entree’s are huge and are easily shared between two adults. My son’s pancake was the size of a hubcap! Also, try the Pizzaria at Circus Circus. It doesn’t look like much but the pizza is fabulous!

  • Frankie

    My husband and I go several Times a year. go to and look for deals on places you want to eat and purchase your gift certificates before you go. Also we save our coke rewards to trade for gift cards….they are virtual so the money is issued with a code online…the site is easy to navigate and the gift cert can be printed from your computer…last trip we spent a $50 gift card (from coke rewards) + $18 cash to get $250 in gift certificates to three restaurants in Vegas…we had some really nice dinners!

  • Melinda

    My Husband and I went to Vegas for the first time last year, and are headed back this year. I never flew before but it was his way of getting me to do it. I asked a bunch of friends and they all said it is cheaper to book Vegas yourself for hotel and flights than going through a travel agent. My cousin recommended using our Total Reward Card, since we live in NJ and have been to Atlantic City. We only had to pay for one night last year, which cost $35, at Imperial Palace, and we are staying there again this year for less than $100, with resort fees, for the week.

    I also play the myVegas slot game and have turned in points to go to the Adventuredome at Circus Circus, and the Tournament of Knights show at Excalibur, with more points still to figure out. (I have been playing the game since I saw it started last year on Facebook). We also have gotten great deals for flying out of Newark Airport, which is one of the most expensive, and found a one-way out for $185 a person on Southwest, where our checked bag is free. We also are looking at $220 a person on United on the way home, and even if we pay the $25 for our bag home, we are still at under $420 round trip per person.

    I also recommend getting the fast pass, which you can get in the forum, which we did last year. We were able to do a lot of things, for one price, and saved a lot of money that way. Loved the flamingos, pirate show at Treasure Island, and wish I saw more of the fountains at Belagio.

    • Rebecca

      Tell us more about the Fast Pass. What does it cover, how much does it cost, where do you get it? Thanks!

  • Carolina

    Hi! Just wanted to share what I know! There is a show at Caesars Palace that is free and pretty cool. We also go to this place called Ellis Island and get their steak special (steak, vegetable, patatoe, salad, bread and drink for 8.99) it’s great. Lastly we sign up for rewards cards from the different hotels because some give you a discount or comps on things. Some casinos also offer free play for first timers signing up.

  • Suzy Ford

    Thanks for posting this video about Vegas. We are planning to go in two weeks and are staying at the Flamingo. You gave us some great tips that I plan to follow. I’ve only been there one time before and it was only for two days which was filled with racing so this time I plan to take in all the other things!! Can’t wait. I have been on Groupon and plan to check back there before leaving. Thanks again and the video was not to long…

  • stacy

    I hadn’t gone to Vegas for the first time 3 years ago and loved it! I was super tight on cash when I went and hit up a bunch of coupon sites and ended up saving so much money. I think the biggest thing is food. If you can even get a few of your dinners or buffets half off, it saves you so much more money than people tell you. I had googled half off Vegas buffets and came across BOGO buffets at Main Street Buffet in old Vegas (Freemont) street. All you have to sign up or be a member of their casino rewards, but its a quick thing. I printed off multiple coupons, since there was 7 couples going. Soooo much money saved! Its like she said though, its all about research before. Sometimes it takes a little Googling lol. I am going back n May for my honeymoon and can not wait!! These tips will defiantly be used! Just because we have wedding money, doesn’t mean I want to spend it all lol

  • Emma

    Another great free activity is CBS Television City at the MGM Grand. It’s tucked away behind the CSI thing. You watch a pilot for a show they’re considering making for tv and take a short opinion survey. And they pay you $20 (unless you’re Canadian/International.. then you get a ton of GREAT MGM coupons)! Super fun and highly recommended.

  • Tegan

    I never think to bring snacks or do happy hour! thanks so much for the tips! My mom and I stay at Palace station, its off the strip but the luxury tower rooms are lovely! they have free shuttle to and from the strip and to the airport between certain hours. The buffet there is reasonably priced with the boarding pass. (4.99 per person for breakfast!). I love playing the myvegas game on facebook the amount of free things to do like the Zaranka or Beatles love. you can’t go wrong!

  • edward

    I visit vegas quite often and I no longer stay at hotels, because of additional fees and resort fees and high hospitality taxes. I now stay in vacation rentals, basically homes and condos that are available for rent on short term leases.

    I have rented some very nice homes and condos near the convention center for less that many of the hotels are charging. Also they are away from the noise great to relax and just do nothing.