How to Make an Owl Pumpkin

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How to Make an Owl Pumpkin

So if you know anything about me ( Sara aka Budget Savvy Diva) is that I love owls – I think they are unique and cute 🙂 I even have an owl themed bathroom

Combined with my love of owls is my new owl for making carve-less pumpkins

Am I the only one who completely sucks are carving pumpkins ( I would not say I am artistic BUT I know how to draw a face on a pumpkin) but trying to carve results in something laughable and they would only last a limited time

How to Made This Craft –

I took one small real pumpkin ( I got one with a smooth surface)

I bought foam paper ( I found mind at Michaels) – I think they are around $1 each

I also used hot glue and my hot glue gun. I found out half way through my project that the foam paper actually had a protective paper on the back and was sticky….. so yea. I ended up hot gluing everything because I wanted to make sure everything was going to stay on

You need to white circles ( I used a bottle cap for the shape)

Two small black dots

Gold triangle nose

15 – 20 feathers ( I choose different colors — you can choose whatever you want)

2 large wing shape

2 small wing shape

Glue the two black dots to the white circles – glue that to the pumpkin

glue the feathers to the pumpkin

Glue the small  wing onto the large wing then glue the unit to the sides of each pumpkin

AND the Owl Pumpkin is done 🙂

Enjoy the finished picture of my owl pumpkin 😉

How to Make an Owl Pumpkin