Shopping Tip: Save Money When Buying Poultry

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Shopping Tip: Save Money When Buying Poultry

There are couple things you can do to help you save money at the grocery store when buying poultry.

1) Skip the skinless boneless chicken. You will save 50% or more by buying it on the bone. It’s not hard to remove the bones once you get used to it.
2) Don’t buy marinated chicken. You are paying extra for the weight of the sauce. There are so many easy ways to marinate at home.


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  • jami gettings

    You forgot to mention one important thing, buying in bulk! You save a ton on all meat doing so. Even if you buy a membership to a warehouse store, its a significant savings.

  • Hady

    2. Don’t buy marinated meat. You are paying extra for spices that might not go well with yiur taste palette or your stomach (dried harlic might irritate the bowel). Not to mention that this is not at all the freshest of meat. The strong smell of the marinade will mask up any odours that might otherwise allert you. Using a ton of spices was common in the times before the refrigerator both as means of showing off wealth and as a way to keep the odours of a day old meat at bay.

  • Sarah

    I mostly agree with #1 but it depends on what you’re using the chicken for. Dark meat is fattier which makes it great for crock pot recipes, but not always as desirable on its own.

    Side Note: I’ve actually made Buffalo chicken thighs instead of wings since fresh wings cost like $3.00 per pound during football season. Haha.

  • Misty

    I buy a whole chicken and roast it in the crockpot with some water. Not only do you get a lot of yummy chicken for different recipes but you also get broth. Bonus points for not having to do much work and anyone can do it but also you can tailor it to fit your family’s diet.

  • clmosher

    But what about the waste in Bones and skin that you have to remove. Is it really a savings in the end? Certainly NOT on my time if I have to debone it myself. (I’ve done it before, numerous time. I do not relish the task) Very curious if anyone had done a cost analysis with waste factored in?

    • Sarah

      I suspect you would break even since bones and skin make up roughly half the weight of chicken thighs. That said, why would you throw out the bones when you can use them to make chicken stock? 🙂