Pilgrim Hat Cookies Recipe

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Pilgrim Hat Cookies Recipe


After I had so much fun making the witches hat cookies a while back I thought it would be fun to make pilgrim hat cookies for Thanksgiving.

Okay credit has to be given to my mom for this one since she helped me come up with the overall look

The leaves that you see on each hat was inspired by the leaves from a walk ( it is so pretty here in Portland, OR )

Pilgrim Hat Cookies Recipe

I found these sprinkles at Target BUT I did see them at Michaels yesterday ( and I think they are on 40% clearance and only about $2)

If you do not have the leave sprinkles you can leave them plain ( they are still going to be yum-tastic )

Pilgrim Hat Cookies Recipe

One trick to this treat is using cookie icing — I found it made it easy to control and really kept everything just where I wanted it 🙂

Two other musts for this recipe are rolo candy and fudge striped shortbread cookies

If you make any of my recipes please let me know how you like them 🙂 Also if you happen to snap a picture I would love to see it – simply post it on instagram use the #budgetsavvydiva so I can check it out

Here is a closer shot of the final product ( I wish I was able to snap more but they were gone before I could)

Pilgrim Hat Cookies Recipe

I am super happy these hats came out 🙂 I would love to know what you think  – just write in the comment section ( I love reading them)

Pilgrim Hat Cookies Recipe



  • 15 Fudge Striped Cookies
  • 15 Rolo ( Unwrapped)
  • Orange Cookie Icing
  • 15 Thanksgiving Themed Sprinkles


  1. Place cookie fudge side up
  2. Place a small dollop of icing on the bottom of the rolo
  3. Press rolo into the middle of the cookie
  4. Ice around the rolo
  5. Place a small amount of icing on the back of the sprinkle and place on the rolo
  6. Repeat till you have 15 Pilgrim Hat Cookies
  7. Enjoy!