DIY Gold Dinosaur Jewelry Holder

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I do not allow myself into Urban Outfitters or Anthropologie anymore because I want to buy ALL there knick knacks

I was on Tumblr last week and saw this cute gold dinosaur ring holder — of course it was from Anthropologie — but it was $25!!!!!!!!!!! I knew that was crazy sauce

I went to Target later that day and was strolling through the dollar section…. Does anyone else do that?? Even if I am planning on buying one thing at Target their $1 Target section is a MUST. I personally stock up on their $1 sunglasses ( I think I hold the record for the most lost sunglasses EVER) — I literally use all my sunglasses once ( soooo I buy them all for about $1…)

I was in their dollar section and saw these cute little dinosaurs for only $1 — so I thought that is the perfect price point for this craft

I also decided to add a little antique type plate with the dinosaur that would have the same gold gilding to it. The plate I used is from Goodwill ( which is a great inexpensive place to find vintage plates)

The plate cost $2.99 – and it happed to fit the dinosaur perfectly

I already had the gold gilding on hand ( you can buy it HERE)

You are going to use VERY little – maybe 1/5 of the small bottle – the gilding smells pretty bad so make sure you have a window open

I used a sponge brush from Michaels – worked great – I did 2 coats on the little dinosaur – you can do a protective sealant if you want ( I personally did not since I did not have any on hand and I wanted to keep the price point lower 😉 )

If you have any other suggestions for DIYs please let me know – I would love to make more soon 🙂 I will have another DIY up later this week

Enjoy the craft video – it is under 1 minute long

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