Interview with George Lucas about Strange Magic at Skywalker Ranch – #StrangeMagicEvent

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A couple weeks ago I was lucky enough with 24 other blogger to be able to interview George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch – he was discussing his new movie coming out in just 3 days!

I was able to video a good portion of the interview – so make sure to check out the video below 🙂


The story behind Strange Magic is a love story – but it is a bit different – it is a love story that is based not on looks but the connection two make under the surface

George Lucas – “Of course people are infatuated with boy bands and beautiful people and all the things you read in the magazines, but in the end—from experience—you don’t really want to be married to somebody like that, you really don’t want to spend the rest of your life like that, and you really aren’t going to have a serious, deep relationship with somebody like that.”


Lucas talked about this type of movie is essential for every generation – I personally loved the film and cannot wait for it to come out to be able to see it again — the music is SOOOO good since it is a nice mix of new and oldies

Another thing the film is the scenery — it looks like a backyard – “We wanted the film to be very realistic looking like it was actually photographed in somebodys backyard and that the elves and the fairies and everything were real. That demanded a stretching of the technology and at the same time it demanded a very, very, delicate balance between realism and stylized animation because the key to animation is that it has to be stylized, otherwise, why not just use real people.

Here is the trailer for Strange Magic

George Lucas discussed character design “The idea of making an animated character look real we’ve already accomplished. But the one thing you can’t do is a computer can’t act, only a human being can act. Its that magical thing called talent, which is what an actor uses to create empathy, to create character, thats something you can’t do with just a computer. We can make copies of people, but they can’t be human.


Remember the film opens Jan 23rd – the film is perfect for ALL ages it is a great story and it is not scary 🙂

I highly recommend it 🙂

Disclaimer – Disney paid for the trip and experiences but all the thoughts and opinions are my own .