Set Visit With ABC Family’s Baby Daddy | #ABCFamilyEvent

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Last month I was in Los Angeles – myself and 24 other lucky bloggers got to go to CBS lot onto the set of  Baby Daddy– I think one of the coolest experiences ever is being able to be on the set of where a movie or tv show is made

When we got there they were working on a bar scene – I think the scene was all of 20 seconds but they went over so many times I knew all the lines – you never think how much work goes into a scene until you see how much work goes into it

Also it was really interesting to see how the scene evolved over time – there was changing of lines and placement — and all of them worked towards a better end result – it was really cool to see


Here is all the blogger in front of the sound stage of Baby Daddy – can you spot me 😉

About the show –  Ben becomes a surprise dad to a baby girl when she’s left on his doorstep by an ex-girlfriend. Ben decides to raise the baby with the help of his mother, his brother Danny, his friend Tucker and Riley the girl who is harboring a secret crush on him.

The show is a bit racy so I would not consider it a show for kids to watch

baby daddy

Disclaimer – Disney paid for the trip and experiences but all the opinions and thoughts are my own