Finding Dory – Albert Brooks & Hayden Rolence

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If you have not yet make sure to head to your local movie theater because Finding Dory is now in theaters. If you have not checked out my review of them film go HERE


While I was in Los Angeles for the Disney press trip – I was able to interview Albert Brooks and Hayden Rolence who are the voices of  Marlin & Nemo, respectively. I always love interviewing a child because I am always shocked at the level of maturity child actors have.

It has been 13 years since Finding Nemo ( I remember seeing it in theaters) but still 13 years is 13 years so we wanted to know how Albert Brooks felt about going back into the roll. He said “I’m telling you it happens in about twenty seconds. Because the character itself, they- they didn’t age the character, so, you know, if it’s a year later, you start. You’ve created the character. So it, you know, as long as you’ve got your wits about you, you, you can do it. It’s like no time passed.


Something that never crossed my mind is that because 13 years have passed it would be impossible for the original voice of Nemo to do the same role in Finding Dory. So they brought in Hayden Rolence. He talked about what he had to do to land the roll – he said “I had to send in a tape, so I was able to just watch the movie, then practice the scene, and watch the movie and practice the scene. And I did that over and over again. And then finally I was able to make my voice sort of sound like Nemo.


Hayden has always been a Finding Nemo fan –  “I was a very big Nemo fan, even before I knew that I was going to be it- the voice of Nemo, I was still a really big Nemo fan.”  I personally think he did a great job in the roll.


Albert loved the film – he discusses how it moved him more then he thought it would – he said ” I don’t like to tell people what to do emotionally.  But I came out with more emotions than I thought I would.” He went on to talk about his favorite scene ( which is one of mine as well) is the scene with the shells ( you will know exactly what he means when you see the film) – he said “well I just saw the movie last night for the first time and I’m still thinking about it. The best one image of the movie were the shells. It looked like another planet and it had- it, it had so much emotion in that one image.”

If you have not yet make sure to check out the Finding Dory trailer below

Disclaimer – Disney paid for the trip and experiences but all the thoughts and opinions are my own.