Ways to Cut Wedding Day Expenses

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Wedding cake decorated with beautiful flowers

If any of you have planned a wedding recently you know how expensive they can be. The average wedding costs more than $30,000! If the bride and groom hope to cover the costs alone, it’s important to look for costs savings anywhere you can. The following tips can help reduce those costs and still have a great day to remember.

Off the Rack isn’t Such a Bad Word

The wedding dress of your dreams does not require a designer label. The dress, and in many cases the tuxedoes that people wear for their weddings can carry large price tags. This is one area you can drastically cut by shopping for non-designer brand clothing.

DIY Decorations

The decorations to make your day beautiful can be costly. There are so many DIY wedding décor ideas available on Pinterest and everywhere. Plan your time accordingly and you can get them all done by making them yourself for so much less!

A Day Other Than Saturday

If you are trying to pick your wedding date, don’t be so quick to circle a Saturday on your calendar. Many venues offer much lower prices if you want a day other than Saturday. Sundays are usually lower or weekdays are sometimes even more greatly reduced.

Look at Not so Popular Venues

If you are not as picky about where your wedding or reception will be held, look into some locations that are not as popular for weddings. There are many of them out there and you can save a lot of money by choosing a cute but not as popular location.

Smaller Numbers

By keeping your guest list and your wedding party small, you can easily cut your costs in half or more. Whether it is number of people you are feeding, or gifts you need to purchase, you can save a lot by cutting your numbers.

Regardless of how you choose to cut back on your wedding day, one great tip is to pick one thing you will splurge one that you just have to have, and try to be frugal with everything else. Whether you want the perfect venue, dress or photographer, allow yourself that splurge and cut back everywhere else you can.