Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Product At Best Buy

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Best Buy gave us an opportunity to try out the Dyson Supersonic TM hair dryer, Eric jumped at the chance to put it to the test.  He has always struggled with styling his hair and getting it to cooperate.  His stylist showed him the best way to apply the product he uses and she demonstrated using a hair dryer how to style his hair at home to look just as good as when he leaves the salon.

Eric never uses a hair dryer and his hair so often falls flat and droopy.  I showed him the Dyson and he gave it a test spin.  He really liked the difference it provided from the hairdryers he is used to experiencing.  His favorite thing, besides finally getting his hair to look great was that it didn’t burn his scalp.  That’s because this new re-thought version of a hair dryer turns convention on its head.  It achieves fast and balanced drying through the use of an intelligent thermometer and a digital motor with a unique ability to promote fast and balanced drying.

The air temperature is measured twenty times per second to prevent heat damage to your hair and protect its shine.  Moreover, the drying is super-fast, so Eric is able to incorporate it into his daily routine without being late for work.  Another really smart design feature is the three magnetic attachments only available with the Dyson Supersonic TM.  They are the Dyson smoothing nozzle which uses smooth, wide air to dry and style at the same time; the Dyson styling concentrator which uses high velocity, focused air for styling one section of hair at a time without disturbing other sections; and the Dyson diffuser which is engineered to simulate natural drying and reduce frizz.

The dryer has 3 speed settings and 4 temperature settings.  All of which are masterfully regulated.  Check out this amazing dryer here.