Blood Pressure Scare

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I had a bit of a scare at my last OB visit. If you did not know my blood pressure has been great this whole pregnancy – I went to my OB on Monday and my blood pressure was 106/68 – in under 3 days it jumped to 132/96! It is important to know how to use a blood pressure cuff – please check out

We were not worried so much about the top number but the bottom number. But there is kinda good news there is no protein in my urine. High blood pressure could be a sign of preeclampsia – but the lack of urine caused my ob to rule it out. But I am having a few other symptoms like daily headaches now and white spots in my vision a few times a day so we have to watch things closely.

I would love any kind thoughts đŸ™‚ Good news is that the babies are doing well and getting bigger by the day.


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  • Tammy

    If your blood pressure continues to be high – not just a one time scare – i plead with you to also stay in check with your primary care doc not just your ob! I had complications after deluvery with me not baby…the ob doesnt always know what to loom for and watch in you medically. Constant high bp is dangerous for you. Email me if you have any questions about my experiences.

  • Rebecca Whittemore

    If you have a blood pressure cuff at home, keep a record of your blood pressures, especially when you have your headaches and vision problems. During my pregnancy, I would have a few highs, but nothing major for the doctor to really take notice, but then I developed postpartum preeclampsia after my baby was born and had to be put back into the hospital almost a week after the baby was born and it definately wasnt fun and effected my breathing and all, so it really scared me. It got pretty intense for a bit. And since I was breastfeeding, the baby came back to the hospital with me to stay. It definately added more stress on being sick while dealing with a new baby and being stuck in a hospital, so just be careful because with twins, your probably more at risk.

  • Linda R.

    I’ve been following you for several years so was so pleased when you were blessed with twins (although I personally would have preferred to start with one! Ha! just a little aside). It’s been a journey for you, your husband, Watson, and your parents, I’m sure. Your journey is almost over and soon you will begin a new journey–raising two brand, spanking new little humans. It’s all worth it in the long run. You will be fine. The babies are fine and will remain that way. Eric will be fine, and even Watson will be fine. I have a feeling he will be adopting those two (kitties) shortly after they arrive. I’m sure you already know that Eric should bring home blankets that the babies have been wrapped in and place those blankets with Watson. This way Watson will be prepared for the new smells and be prepared. I’m so very happy for you all. I know you will thank God many times over for you blessings. That being said, I send my best to you, the babies, Eric, Watson, and your parents. Many blessings to you all!