Always Discreet At Walmart

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We’ve all had that “I just peed a little moment time and again. Whether we laughed too hard, or strained to pick something up, or even a sudden sneeze caught us by surprise. When you are pregnant it is just a fact of life. But it is not a cause for embarrassment. These things happen and they do not have to be a big deal. However, you may not know it yet, but you are probably using the wrong solution to the problem. Liners and similar products made for menstrual issues are not ideally suited to this common form of incontinence. What you really should be using is Always Discreet. Like the name implies, no one is going to be aware of such potentially embarrassing moments when you are implementing the liners, pads or underwear baring the name. Always Discreet is specifically designed for bladder leaks and offers the unique advantage of form,function and feminine design. This is a good thing to always have on hand so you can be sure that you always have the right product to suit your specific need.

So, bladder leakage, incontinence– whatever you want to call it– It’s not a big deal. You know what is though? At Walmart you can get up to $8 off Always Discreet products! Look for the Always Discreet coupons in the 10/1 newspaper including, $2 off liners, $3 off pads and $3 off underwear – including Always Discreet Boutique. That means some Always Discreet products will actually be less than $1 when you buy them at Walmart! Did you just pee a little?

Did you know about Always Discreet, or were you aware of its specific design? What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of P&G . The opinions and text are all mine.