Day in The Life Of A Baby Model

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As many of you know Lawson and Gwendolyn have been modeling/acting for the last 8 months. They have both done about 15 different gigs each during this time. If you would like more child modeling posts please comment – I would be happy to write them.

If you did not know Lawson and Gwendolyn are little models/actors ( find all the post about this adventure HERE).

In this post I wanted to write about a typical day in the life of baby model in terms of finding out about a gig, getting a gig, prepping for the gig, going to the gig, and aftermath. I want to note that what I talk about is what I experience – your experience could be different

FIRST OFF everything with modeling works very fast. Almost nothing is done weeks in advance.

6/19 – 9:30 am  – I find out there is a major brand print ad needing a size 9 month baby girl. Gwendolyn is submitted.

– 3: 30 pm – I receive communication that Gwendolyn was picked and receive all the directions to the studio ( call time 8:30 am on 6/20)

– 6:00 pm – Bath for Gwendolyn

– 7:00 pm – I pick out a simple onesie ( the stylist on set will take care of everything so going in simple is best) – the onesie I pick is the brand she will be modeling for in size 9 month.

– 8:00 am – Gwendolyn bed time


– 6:00 am Day starts. Gwendolyn is fed and changed into the onesie.

        – 7:30 am We leave the house with about 1/2 wiggle room for traffic. This is the bag I take with me with everything I would need on set

        – 8:15 am We check in and wait ( keeping Gwendolyn happy is key)

– 8:20 am We are called back and the stylist dresses Gwendolyn and we go on set

– 8:25 am On set. Take a minute for Gwendolyn to warm up. Then it is all smile. No cell phones allowed

– 8:35 am ALL DONE. Whisked back to change and given a payment voucher. Payment voucher is what you give your agent so they can take their cut and you can get paid.

– 9:00 am Back home

As you can see everything happened within 24 hours. The most important thing is keeping your baby happy – and make sure they are happy modeling. Gwendolyn LOVES being the center of attention — which is apparent with her post – modeling crying fit she has every time.

Now – we wait for the check in the mail so I can place it into Gwendolyn’s trust account. So how much did she make? Around $100 for about 20 minutes worth of work. Even when you work a short time you usually receive an hourly rate.