We Went To Ikea

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I love this photo of Lawson. Poor Buddy, the twins had their vaccines yesterday and they both have low grade fevers. Lawson has been sleepy too – but we made the trek to IKEA BECAUSE they have a SUPER rare $25 off of $150 purchase ( here is the coupon) it is good through July 8 2018. PLUS if you are the first 500 in the store ( with the family card ) you got a free gift – they were folder dividers plus free stuff animals for the kids.

Here is Gwendolyn enjoying scrambled eggs for FIRST time. She ate them like a champ! I am so excited to start making scrambled eggs for her for breakfast!

Eric REALLY wanted the free gift so we got to IKEA a bit early – here we are hanging out before the doors opened. YEP the twins are in their pjs – we decided on a pj day since the twins are not feeling great. These are my $.50 pjs! I bought a HUGE bag of boy clothes for $30 and these were two of the sleepers. I have found many of boy clothes are unisex 🙂

After breakfast we were OFF! I love this cart set up where both can sit in the cart – it does get a lot of stares but it is better than pushing two carts 😉

Shhhh…. do not tell the twins that they are getting this kitchen for Christmas. It is only $79 right now at IKEA – which is great price for a wooden product like this. They had so much playing with the floor model.

In the end we purchased kids hangers ( they have AMAZING wooden hangers for baby clothes), a hamper ( I will use for kid toys in the living room), new desk and chair for Eric, PLUS a new shelving unit for Eric’s office that has a section for toys.

If you have not eaten at IKEA – it is a MUST. Seriously yummy food for great prices. #notsponsored #bringonthemeatballs