Holiday Gift Ideas for Co-Workers

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If you love the idea of spreading a little holiday cheer around your workplace by giving gifts to your co-workers, but are never sure what to get, check out these great gift ideas. And they won’t put a huge dent in your holiday budget.

Holiday Greetings in a Card

Sometimes wishing your co-workers a happy holiday can be as simple as a card. You can buy holiday cards or even make your own. For some co-workers, even just a nice handwritten card will mean a lot. But if you would rather include something inside, you can choose from a few different fun things, like lottery tickets, movie tickets or gift cards to their favorite coffee shop or store.

If you like the idea of a gift card, but maybe can’t afford to hand those out to everyone, consider making a homemade gift certificate. They can be for anything from one hour of coverage at their desk, to a drink after work. Or offer to run an errand for them one day during lunch when they are swamped.

Holiday Food

If you love to cook or bake, a great idea for gifts is something you can make in your own kitchen and bring to work. Whether you leave a large breakfast casserole in the break room for everyone to enjoy, or make individual treat containers to hand out with delicious cookies, your co-workers will love it.

There are some great recipes for homemade candy or fun, flavored popcorn that almost anyone can make. So even if you don’t think you are the best cook or baker, you can likely find something easy enough to make that will still be super tasty to eat!

Fuzzy Socks or Mittens

Most people would welcome a new pair of fuzzy socks or mittens. And it is easy to find some with cute holiday patterns on them.

PC Accessories

If you work in an office that uses computers, there are lots of fun computer accessories that aren’t to expensive. Like a new USB charger or flash drive with a fun character on them. Or a new wireless mouse.

What is your favorite gift to bring to the office?