Pet Odor Eliminator by Febreze AIR and FABRIC for Spring Cleaning

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This Febreze Pet Odor Eliminator post is sponsored. All opinions are my own.

I don’t know about you guys but the sun is shining here. It is gorgeous outside and I had to pick today to do some spring cleaning. The forecast said rain, but whatever. I made the commitment to decluttering and deep cleaning my kitchen. Plus I’m going to tackle my living room and furniture with Febreze.

Spring Cleaning with Toddlers and Pets

I need to make a difference around the house because the twins cause sooo much chaos! My little gigglers love to run around and are into everything. So, Eric and I are constantly cleaning up after them. The good news is they are learning how to pick up, but we need to tidy up more, so there is less for them to get into to begin with. Watson is getting used to them, so he’s been present more, which is good, but he takes a lot of cleaning up after too. Not to mention the stench of his litter box, which is superabrasive to my pregnancy nose.

It’s a timeless tale of kids finding garbage, cat eating garbage, and cat puking garbage on the carpet. Yes, that happened. One of the many incidents that lead me to decide to gear up for spring and freshen up the house.

Removing Pet Odor with Febreze

We love our Watson and it’s so great that he is around more. He used to hide out all day, but now he is not so intimidated by the children. But I need to do something about the odors he causes because I definitely notice them A LOT more, now. I whipped out the big guns to tackle the smell and used Febreze AIR Heavy Duty Pet Odor Eliminator AND Febreze FABRIC Pet Odor Eliminator. Now aside from making the house look spotless, I can finally breathe comfortably, too.

If you have a pet, that you love and you want to continue to love, or if you are thinking about adding a pet to your home, you should make sure you have Febreze AIR and FABRIC Pet Odor Eliminators at your disposal. It makes a big difference and you can get it at Petsmart.