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The Secret IS….. I am PREGNANT! ( 3 months if you are wondering… Lachlan is 5 months)

Now you might be wondering didn’t I say I was not pregnant – so I never said I was not pregnant all I said was that the chances that I would become pregnant was be extremely slim. Sneaky I know: however, y’all would have guessed it right away. We are not really sure how it could have happened either since I was still bleeding off and on heavily from giving birth to Lachlan soooo…. This was a natural baby ( just if you were wondering ( meaning no fertility treatments)  – some people might ask and I just thought I would answer it).

The hint about the secret has to do with one of the kids – it does – the little one growing right now. I am just heading into the 2nd trimester.

I do not think anything prepares you to find out your over 1 month pregnant with a 3 month old ( birthed by c-section) sleeping up stairs along with your twin 2 year olds. We are extremely shocked and but very happy. Baby is doing very well and this mama is happy to be in the 2nd trimester. However, we are very much at risk for uterine rupture and placenta issues since the c-section scar is not healed fully and we became pregnant way too soon. My blood pressure we know will most likely be an issue again. 

Photo by Liz Wade | 971.570.9310

However, we are excited to have 4 babies all born in July! Though if this little one needs to be born early it will be in June. Another fun fact is that Lachlan and this baby will be “Irish Twins”. Irish twins are babies born within exactly one year of each other or less. So two different styles of twins (fraternal and Irish) – so that is fun though the thought of birthing 4 babies in 36 months boggles my mind. There is only one baby in there if anyone is wondering 

I cannot wait to share this journey with you. Though it is going to be a little rough – so any positive thoughts would be amazing – I am so glad to share it with you.

There is a CRAZY Story on how I found out – and I cannot wait to share that with you soon!