Officially On Baby Watch!

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We are officially on BABY WATCH!

Are you freaking out because I am freaking out. The hospital bag is almost packed… we have her car seat…. BREATHE BREATHE.

Here is where we are at. I have been taking my blood pressure a couple times a day – if you did not know I always have to deliver early due to blood pressure and it keeps going over that 140/90. Everything is hinging on tomorrow’s doctors appointment – basically if my reading is high tomorrow there will be a baby born! If the reading is not in the high range this baby keeps cooking. I will also have an ultrasound too to look at the amount of fluid that is around the baby. I hope it is not increasing from last week.

Do not worry I will keep you all updated. My hope is that we can keep her cooking for another week because we are not to full term yet. 4/4 of my babies have been preterm and only Lawson went to the NICU.

I also want to take the time to thank all of you that have gifted us item from the baby registry. We feel so blessed and loved. Thank you a million times over. If you wanted to snoop the baby registry have fun!