When Will Baby 5 Be Born

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First off I want to cook this baby as long as possible.

I am super hopeful that we will make it to the very end of July – like July 29 or 30th before my blood pressure increases too much.
To give you a recap every one of the babies have been born prematurely. Not extremely premature – late-term premature but enough that Lawson needed the NICU for a couple of weeks.

So I say July 29th

Eric thinks it will be July 8th ( I have an appointment tomorrow) – he is in full scramble mood. Reasons: the baby has dropped super low and my blood pressure keeps spiking plus the whole having too much fluid around the baby.

OB – thinks it can be at ANYTIME – but we are hoping to get to July 25th ( which would be amazing in her words) but VERY unlikely due to my history.

Time for YOU to guess – when do you think baby 5 will be born?