Rudest Person EVER – “Do You Know How To Count”

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When we go out as a family there is never a time we are not approached at least a few times. It does not really bother us since the kids – especially the twins and Lachlan love the attention.

I will say recently – since I became very visibly pregnant the comments we receive to our face are becoming less and less ideal. We are able to shake it off since we know the kids comes first and are extremely loved and cared for.

HOWEVER, there is one comment that wins the rude award. I cannot even understand why she would say something like this to me.


So I am at the farmers market in the photo above – with the kids in the quad stroller. An older woman comes up to me and says – “I hope you can count to five”. I look confused. Again she repeats herself – “I hope you can count to five – since you obviously do not understand the concept of birth control”.

Then she gave another dirty look and left.



I wish I would have said something but I am still in shock – what should I have said?



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  • Angi

    You couldn’t print what I’d have told her. Not and keep it family friendly, anyway. I mean, where do people get off? Of course, I’m a VERY outspoken person with an awesome swear word vocabulary! I believe she’d have heard them all. Even the ones I made up myself! You do you. My daughter always said she wanted 10. She has a good job and can afford them. However, due to health issues, she will never know the joy of motherhood. Appreciate what you have, and don’t worry about anyone else.

  • Benfield,J

    Tell her to mind her own business! She isn’t sleeping with you or living with and she definitely isn’t supporting you or the children so back off !

  • Amanda

    I’m non-confrontational and a generally kind person. I’d have said, “my mama taught me to count, but it’s a shame your’s didn’t teach you manners.”

    • Sandra Mills

      I think you did best with no comment. Some people aren’t happy unless they try to hurt other people. It will probably never happen again but if it does be ready THANK YOU, GOD HAS BLESSED ME IMMENSELY WITH MY BABIES !

  • Angela

    She didn’t deserve a response. Like you said the kids safety and happiness is first. So seeing you upset would not have been good for them. I’m glad you were able to ignore her and enjoy the rest of your day.

  • Debbie

    I would respond to your comment, but my momma taught me manners and said if you can’t say something nice then keep your opinions to yourself. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to hear what people really thing of you.

    Or really tic her off and hold up your other hand and say, just wait till we fill up this hand to.
    She isn’t taking care of them or supporting them, so it’s none of her business.

  • S Ro

    That is so rude. I’m sorry you and your precious kids had to experience that. As a big family, I have had many rude comment too. One of the worst one was at PetSmart. These two people (couple?) were giving out cat for adoption. As we approached the store, these people yelled out “Are you guys uneducated? Don’t you guys heard about contraception?” Haven’t been back to PetSmart since.

  • Nicky S

    Oh my word…don’t get me started…I’ve got 8 kids…7 girls and 1 boy…I’ve received SO many different things from random strangers.…well mainly because I have 2 sets of fraternal twin girls born 14.5 months apart…yes I KNOW what causes it and it’s a lot of fun! (you should see the faces of those people when I say that lol) let’s see what else have they said..”are they your grandkids?” Um I know I have some grey hair but no..I birthed every single one of them…OR “are they all yours?” yes ALL MINE…and my hubby gets “is it with the same woman?” He’s like yea we’ve been married for over 15 yrs..OR ”did you keep trying until you had a son?” Um no..he’s number 2 (14yrs old)…well then why didn’t you stop at him? UGH! Or when I say have 2 sets of twins..”where they conceived naturally?” Umm…yes…but it ain’t your business…or you must have a big car..yeah we have a 15 passenger van…or “you must have your hands full” or “your house must be a disaster”…yes it sometimes can be crazy but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way…oh the ages are girl 16, boy 14, girl almost 10, twin girls 8, twin girls 7, and girl 5…yes it’s a lot and they drive me crazy but..God must have known what He was doing to give them to us… so yeah I know…sigh…

    • Sara

      Oh wow!!! You totally get it! I am in for a fun ride. The “are they all yours” is new for us. We just got our van – now I have people asking if we plan to have more babies soon – eek!!!

  • Kathy A Schroeder

    I would have told her “Yes I can count to five, I can even count higher! I am blessed beyond measure to have these lovely children.” Thank you. Birth control has nothing to do with this. Our choice to have a large family or not, is just that, Our choice. ” I do, however, wish Your family had taught you that being rude to people is not acceptable behavior.”