Ready to Build the Ultimate She-Shed? Here are Some Trending Interior Designs

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If you’ve ever dreamed of getting away from it all, a she-shed — a garden studio or outdoor office — might be the perfect place for you. 

As an outdoor room that can be used year-round, a she-shed offers women (and men) with suburban homes ample opportunities for personal growth and empowerment.

A she-shed is essentially an outdoor room that can serve as your very own sanctuary. It’s a place to go when you need some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

You can store gardening tools and other equipment in it. You can use it to grow your vegetables or keep chickens if you want to get serious about staying self-sufficient. Or perhaps you just want somewhere cozy where you can read, meditate, do yoga, or listen to music while watching butterflies flit around the flowers. 

There are many different ways you can design your own she-shed or studio sheds, but we’ve narrowed down some of our favorites in this article. Read on for tips and ideas on designing your she-shed that meets all your needs and personal style, no matter how big or small your property is.

Invest in Double Glazing

Double glazing is an essential preventative measure against the dangers of noise pollution. Keeping this in mind, if you live in an urban environment, investing in double-glazed windows can create a soundproof zone to help you shut out the outside world’s noise. 

Double glazing also helps to reduce heat loss and keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This is especially important if you live in a hot climate and want your she-shed to be a place where you can escape the heat.  

Go for Raised Floors and Outward-Facing Windows

If you live in a warm climate, you might want to consider raising your she-shed floor a couple of feet off the ground to create a cooler indoor environment where you can escape the heat. Raised floors are beneficial for keeping cool in the summer, but you can also use them as radiant heaters in the colder months. 

Another important design feature to keep in mind is your windows’ direction. 

Windows that face outwards towards the outside world are beneficial if you want to keep the she-shed as private as possible. Outward-facing windows also allow in lots of natural light, which is essential for mood and productivity.

Incorporate Natural Light with Wide Windows

While we’re still on the topic of windows, natural light is essential for your she-shed because it helps maintain a healthy body clock and mood. 

Without enough natural light, falling asleep and staying asleep can be challenging. Additionally, too little light can make you depressed and lethargic, to say nothing about how it can affect your mood. 

By installing a large window that opens up to the outside, you can allow plenty of sunlight to stream into your she-shed. Alternatively, you can add skylights to let natural sunlight shine through.

Bright and Colourful Interior Design

If you’re one of those who love to surround yourself with soothing, calming colors, a she-shed is the perfect place to do so. After all, the she-shed exists in the middle of your garden and is surrounded by nature — the perfect combination for bringing your surroundings in line with your personal aesthetic preferences. 

From the colors of your furniture and soft furnishings to the color schemes of your wallpapers and paint color, your she-shed can be a space that’s completely tailored to you. 

Summing It Up

It’s no secret that the “She-Shed” movement is on fire. With so many women carving out their own unique spaces, it’s no wonder this trend has taken off. 

Designing your own studio shed can be an exciting and creative process. Remember, you don’t have to follow the trends — you can create your own trends and create a she-shed that is completely unique to you and your style.