Collagen Coffee: Is this Invention Really Beneficial for You?

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Have you heard about the latest trend among coffee lovers called collagen coffee? If you’re wondering what this is, you should know that it is a little of both; it has collagen and coffee, just like your standard cup of coffee.

Many manufacturers now provide collagen creamers that consumers add to their cups of coffee. Some argue that this is nonsense, while others think it is one of the most clever ways to consume collagen, which is essential for some people, especially those who are older.

In this article, we’re talking more about this fantastic combination called collagen coffee. Although you can’t drink these creamers on their own, they are still an amazing add-on to your standard cup of coffee. So what does the collagen creamer do? Keep reading and find out everything about it.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a fibrous protein in human bones, tendons, skin, and muscles. It has a huge role in our body’s vitality. Without it, our skin becomes dry, our tendons rigid, and our muscles sore. As we grow older, our body’s ability to produce it naturally decreases, and we need to add it artificially to stay healthy.

Naturally, collagen is found in protein-rich ingredients – meat, fish, eggs, and dairy products. If you’re not consuming enough of these, it’s best to find other ways to do it.

There are basically three types of collagen, with the first type consisting of between 80% and 90% of all other types in our bodies. The first type is found in ligaments, bones, skin, tendons, interstitial tissue, and dentin.

People’s bodies rich in collagen will look younger, be agile, and have smooth skin that looks and feels good. Even older people with enough collagen will look at least five to ten years younger than they actually are, which is why it’s so important to consume enough collagen-rich ingredients or find other ways to digest it.

Who needs collagen?

Vegans think they are living healthier lives than their carnivorous friends, and they are generally right. However, there’s not one thing on this planet that only has benefits without any downsides. Being a vegan means not consuming meat and animal products, which means not consuming collagen.

No plants provide collagen directly for you to consume, which is why you need to find other ways to do it. There are many ways to include collagen as part of your daily diet artificially, and one of these ways is collagen.

Regardless of age, consuming more collaged-rich ingredients is always wise. Since you’re drinking coffee daily, why not add a collagen creamer to it, and enjoy both the wonderful taste and the chance to include more collagen in your diet?

How is coffee made with it?

Collagen has a neutral taste, which makes it an excellent addition to your coffee. You won’t notice collagen inside, but manufacturers still place it inside creamers that will enrich your coffee and make it tastier.

Instead of adding traditional cream, you can add the collagen creamer and achieve the same taste and experience, or even a better one. Many creamers have different flavors, so you can choose how your coffee will taste while additionally improving your health.

Many people are concerned about the degradation of the protein when exposed to high temperatures. You should know that research showed that collagen might lose its quality. This is generally true, but you need to know at what temperature this occurs.

Collagen in creamers may lose its features if you expose it to temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius. Since your coffee is usually around 90 degrees, you’re safe from anything like this. Many people are not even drinking hot coffee, so they can rest assured that the collagen in the creamer is completely safe.

How can you benefit from collagen in your coffee?

People who regularly consume collagen in their coffees will improve their skin complexion, relieve joint pain, and prevent bone loss. As we mentioned at the beginning, collagen is responsible for your body parts functioning correctly, so drinking collagen-rich coffee can only benefit you.

Skin elasticity is important for everyone because more elastic skin looks good, but dry skin can lead to injuries. Joint and bone issues can lead to arthritis and osteoporosis – both seriously dangerous conditions that cause severe pain and movement inability in patients suffering from them.


If you’re a passionate coffee drinker and have a high opinion of your coffee, you may not like the idea of adding a creamer to your black coffee. Still, think about the option because it may prolong your life and improve your health tremendously. Those who enjoy creamers in their coffees will find this idea spectacular. Choose what seems the best for you and enjoy the coffee.