2 BIG Announcements Coming Next Week + Giveaway

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I was having a hard time trying to figure out what photo to use for this post – so I settled on this one I took myself at a park a little bit ago. It really is nice to have sunny weather here in Oregon.

So this is what is going on – I have 2 announcements. I did not really know how to handle how to announce both since they are not related to each other. When I have news to announce I like to make it fun with a giveaway and I think this would be no different.

Announcement 1 – Will be revealed on Monday July 31st

Announcement 2 – Will be revealed on August 3rd

We will start the giveaway on July 26th for the first announcement. Winner will be announced in the announcement post. How many times can I write announcement in one post đŸ™‚

You can start guessing what you think each one is.