How to Cook Burgers on a Gas Grill

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Summer is here. The floaties are launched into the pool, the skateboards are taken out of storage, and the burgers are flipped on the grill. Nothing quite screams summer like the scent of freshly grilled burger meat filling up the air as you sip lemonade and bask in the sun. However, this can be a problem when you do not know how to cook a burger! If you’re a fan of sinking your teeth into a juicy, perfectly grilled burger that leaves you craving more, you’re in for a treat. 


Once you have mastered the art of burger grilling, imagine the scene: the sun shining, friends and family gathering, the tantalizing aroma of burgers sizzling on the gas grills wafting through the air. The anticipation builds as you watch those patties transform from humble ground beef to flavourful masterpieces. They are ready to delight your taste buds and smiles to everyone present. 


Read on to learn how to achieve burger greatness!


 Choose the right ground beef


While you can always choose to assemble beef patties, if you are grilling, you might as well do it correctly! The journey to burger bliss begins with selecting the right ground beef. Finding the ideal blend is the key to a juicy and flavorful patty. 


Look for an 80/20 ground beef mixture containing 80% lean meat and 20% fat. This ratio ensures moist and succulent burgers during grilling, as the fat retains juices. So, don’t be afraid of a little fat. It’s the secret ingredient to a mouthwatering burger!


Preheat the grill 


The first thing you must do on the grill is preheat it! Many think they can just turn on the heat and slap the burger meat on the grill. However, preheating ensures the heat is evenly distributed and prevents the burger from sticking to the grates. 


Turn the burners to medium-high heat and let the grill warm for 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow the grill to reach the optimal temperature, giving you the perfect canvas for grilling those delicious burgers.


Shape your patties


If you loved playdough as a child, this step will be right up your alley. It is time to get your hands dirty— divide your ground beef into equal portions and gently shape them into patties. Remember that the patties will shrink during cooking, so make them slightly larger than your buns. 


To ensure your burger cooks evenly how you want it to, create a slight indentation in the center of each patty with your thumb. This simple step helps prevent burgers from puffing up in the middle and ensures an evenly cooked burger, and who doesn’t want that?!


Season to perfection


Now comes the fun and creativity: seasoning your burger and bringing it to life. Season your patties generously with salt, pepper, and other seasonings that make your taste buds dance with joy. 


Whether it’s garlic powder, paprika, or your secret spice blend, the choice is yours— the seasonings add depth and complexity to your burgers and elevate them from ordinary to extraordinary. This step may take some trial and error throughout the summer, so don’t be shy—season those patties confidently!


Oil and grill


To prevent your precious burgers from sticking to the grill grates, it’s wise to take preventative measures. Lightly brush the grates with oil to create a non-stick surface. Use a high smoke point oil like canola or vegetable oil to ensure well-coated grates. 


After this significant step comes the moment, you can grill those mouthwatering patties! Place the patties on the preheated grill and close the lid. Here’s a crucial tip: resist the constant temptation to flip or press down on the burgers. Allow them to cook undisturbed on the first side for 4 to 5 minutes. This uninterrupted cooking time allows the crust to form outside the patty, sealing in all the flavorful juices.


Assemble the food


Adding some cheese to your burger can skyrocket the flavour to the next level if you love cheese like any sane person. Add a slice of your favourite cheese about one minute before the burgers are done. Let it melt and ooze over the patty, creating a glorious cheese blanket to enhance every bite. 


Whether you opt for classic cheddar, melty Swiss, or tangy blue cheese, this cheesy addition will elevate your burger to another realm of deliciousness. Once your burgers have reached their desired level of doneness, remove them from the grill and resist the urge to devour them immediately. 


Instead, let the burgers rest for a few minutes. Now, it’s time to assemble your masterpiece! Add your favourite toppings, condiments, and a handful of fresh lettuce and ripe tomatoes. Let your creativity shine as you design your dream burger.