15 Reasons Everyone Should Try Working Abroad

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One regret that many people have in old age is never having experienced working in a different country. Today there are many opportunities for working abroad. With more remote work available than ever, it’s easy to travel and work at the same time.


There are tons of benefits to working in a foreign country, even if it’s just temporarily. You may even find it inspires you to make the move permanently. If you’ve ever thought about working abroad, here are some of the advantages that may just tip the scale for you.

It Looks Great On Your Resume

Working abroad looks fantastic on any resume. Along with the know-how for working with people in a different and different culture, it shows that you aren’t afraid to take a risk. Many people who work abroad are fortunate enough to work for global industries.


This will always work in your favor when applying for other jobs in the future. If employers can see you’ve had experience with industry leaders, you’ll be better positioned to get the job than other candidates.

Cultural Education

No one country operates in the same way as another. When it comes to working abroad you will learn how different cultures can be. This is an important aspect of working in any workplace.


The more you know about different cultures, the easier it will be to get along with people, understand people, and work together as a team. Having experience of different cultures is a desirable trait in anyone looking for a job.

Better Opportunities

There’s no denying that some countries have better career opportunities than others. Depending on what career you’re aiming for, you may find that moving abroad allows you a better chance at training and climbing the career ladder. There is also the opportunity to make more money.


Job roles in cities are often higher paid. Many people choose to travel abroad to work and send money home to relatives because the pay is so much higher. For instance, you could travel somewhere in Europe and send money to Mexico with ease.

Create a Network

Building a career network is important for anyone. The more contacts you have, the more opportunities you’ll get. People under the age of forty don’t consider careers to be lifetime commitments. In fact, most under 40’s will change their careers up to three times before retirement.


The more people you know, from all around the world, the easier it will be to branch out into something new, should you want to. In addition, if you enjoy traveling while working, your connections may be able to set you up with jobs in different countries.

Work Experience

When students graduate from university or college, they’re often faced with a market full of people looking for the same jobs as them. Entry level opportunities are few and far between so it can take a significant amount of time for newly graduated students to gain the experience they need to stand out in the crowd.


Opening your horizons to the global job market will allow you to find jobs that offer the experience you require. The more experience you can gain after completing your studies, the better.

Work Perks

If you’re used to living somewhere cold and wet, a major perk of working abroad will be living somewhere hot and sunny. The change of lifestyle and pace of life can have tons of health benefits and be enormous fun. 


If you plan on working for a global company, there may be additional perks to working abroad. Such as health insurance, company vehicles, more paid time off, and more. Research the companies well and compare the perks before you apply.

Innovative Ways of Working

It’s no secret that some countries are more advanced than others. One of the benefits of working for a country advanced in technology is that it will prepare you well for the future of your industry. For example, many large industries are now making the most of AI.


AI helps to streamline work and free up time for employees to focus on what’s really important. Look for job roles that allow you to work at the forefront of technology and position you well for the future.


Better Living Standards

Free education and political stability are things that are often taken for granted in countries that have them. If you live somewhere without these things, working abroad may seem appealing. Healthy economies can lead to high living standards that are desirable for those coming from abroad.


You may feel that working in another country will give you a better quality of life because there is more available to you. If you have a family moving with you, these things will be even more important to look for.

Personal Growth

When you start thinking about working abroad, it will force you to think about what you want from life. Working in a new country and experiencing a new culture will help you to understand a different way of living. It can make your likes and dislikes far more clear than they’ve been before.


This will help you to set goals for the future and understand what you need to do to achieve them. Living somewhere unfamiliar can help to make you wiser a lot quicker than you would by staying at home.

Adding To Your Skills

When you work in another country, it’s inevitable that you’ll pick up some of the language. Learning a new language is a valuable skill that employers love to see. In a professional setting, knowing how to speak a different language broadens the company’s networking prospects.


Working in a different environment in another country also makes you adaptable. Adaptability is another desirable trait to add to your resume. In addition, you’ll undoubtedly develop problem solving skills and vast communication skills. 

Come Out Of Comfort Zone

Leaving one country for another is brave and will require you to exit your comfort zone. When it comes to working in a different country, there’s nothing quite as challenging as working with a team of diverse people that could be from all over the world. It will take patience and a lot of effort to work well in a team that could span across many different cultures.


Although this will be a challenge, it will also be one of the best things you can do for yourself- personally and professionally. You will walk away with more understanding of the world and the way people work than you’ve ever had before.


Increased Independence

Those who have lived and worked in another country have no qualms about booking a flight when they need to. The logistics of moving to another country can be challenging. There will be paperwork to fill in, accommodation to find, and that’s before learning the best ways to get around your new town or city.


You have no choice but to throw yourself in the deep end and get on with it. This creates a new level of independence that will go with you throughout the rest of your life. From henceforth, traveling will never be a worry.

Demonstrate Your Character

For many employers, character is just as (if not more) important than qualifications. Working abroad says a lot about your character. It shows that you’re not afraid to take on new challenges and you’re willing to work to get to where you want to be.


It tells people who don’t know you well that you have high standards and set goals for yourself. It shows that you’re well organized and capable of adapting. Settling into a new place and a new culture can also show that you’re intellectual and emotionally intelligent. 

New Perspective

When you’ve been used to living in a certain way in your own country, it can be difficult to think outside the box. It’s only when you experience a different way of life that you can start to think differently. Living in a different country and working within the community will give you the opportunity to see new ways of living.


It’s a great way to open your mind and try things you’ve never tried before. This will allow you to find ways of living that work for you based on who you are and what you need, rather than the culture you belong to.

Self Confidence

When you expand your job search to different countries, the sky is your limit. Many people sell themselves short because they don’t believe they’re capable of achieving their dreams. Working abroad is a great confidence boost.


It’s an excellent way to conquer fears and do things you never imagined doing. You won’t leave as the same person that came.


If you’re thinking about moving abroad to work, the advantages certainly outweigh the disadvantages. If you’ve found this article helpful, take a look at the others.