What Should I Do With This Empty Bottle Of Ocean Spray

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I was about to rinse and recycle this empty bottle of Ocean Spray and I started thinking is there some way to reuse this bottle.

Do you have any suggestions?

I cannot wait to hear all your ideas πŸ˜‰


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  • Penny P

    Rinse it out and put some coins and/or little bells in it for a Watson toy. It may be a tad big for him to bat around much but it would still be fun πŸ™‚ Or you can cut it in half decorate it with scrapbook paper, ribbon ect. and use it as a coupon holder

  • Kelly

    I sometimes reuse the containers to make iced tea or another drink it. Also, during warmer weather, I fill with water and free(X)e to ice and use in my cooler and as it melts we have ice cold water to drink. I have also used the plastic Ragu containers to store nails and other home improvement materials so they are not in their paper boxes.

  • RB

    You could wash it out and start a massive loose change jar. Even decorate the outside if you feel so inclined. πŸ™‚ Once it gets full bring it to a Coinstar machine and get yourself an Amazon gift certificate. The last time we did this we ended up with something like $70!

  • Delesa

    Cut the top off and it’ll make a great funnel (inside or out!) The rest of it can be used in the garden, punch holes in the bottom and plant beside several veggies and place water in the container instead of possibly wasting .

  • Diana

    I use juice containers for more juice! The freezer section usually sells frozen juice concentrate for about $1 and makes the same amount of juice when you add water. Its a great savings compared to buying juice at $3+

  • Bea S

    I reuse cleaned containers to store birdseed (easy pour spout,) I also like to store dried seashell pasta, lentils, beans, barley, etc. These tall & narrow containers save a lot of room and are easy to grab off my laszy susan in my cabinet.

  • Jax

    I fill them about 2/3rds up with water and use them to keep my freezer as full as possible- makes the freezer more efficient AND gives me free ice packs for my shopping bags on grocery day. I re-use soda bottles too , so I have smaller ones to fit the nooks and crannys of the freezer πŸ™‚

  • Alexus

    I Don’t know WHT you could use this for, but I cut a clorox bleach container to hold a litter box scooper! It’s even got a convenient handle(:

    Btw love seeing the adventures of Watson. HES SO CUTE!!!!!:D

  • Randi

    I use mine to store homemade vegetable broth in the fridge. I got tired of spending money on veggie broth after I realized homemade tastes so much better. The empty juice bottles are the perfect size.

  • Nicole

    I don’t know how well it will look with this bottle but I have been taking my empty milk bottles/jugs and painting faces on them with perm. marker and putting a LED tealight inside…..they look cool and no mess!

  • lorrie

    dependin on how many oz it is, refill it with water and use that as your water base to make sure you get your recommneded water amount for the day

  • April

    I’ve taken my empty shampoo bottles and cutting the tops off and using the bottoms as a holder for my cell phone while charging. You could do the same thing with that and then you’d have more room to store that long cord.