Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

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Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home

There are several scents that repel spiders, such as garlic, peppermint or spearmint. So grab a spray bottle filled with water and add either a crushed clove of garlic or several drops of peppermint or spearmint essential oils. Shake the bottle well and then spray in the areas you frequently see spiders.



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  • Jill

    i used ground cinnamon in my bathroom along the walls and they went nuts and this year i have only seen maybe 3 spiders compared to last year 300-ish..

  • Heidi

    Will this work outside too? I have lots around the pool/patio area and up under the eaves around the house. Thank goodness they are small spiders-I can’t handle big daddies!

    • K

      I know for a fact that ants don’t like cinnamon. I once had one trapped on a counter in a circle of cinnamon, and it would not cross that line. Not sure about the peppermint and spearmint though.

  • kelly mcgrew

    let me tell you—- this is the best tip i’ve seen EVER.

    my boyfriend and i are terrified — i mean terrified of spiders. even if they’re harmless and they help kill flies blah blah blah we are deathly afraid!!

    well our student house we are living in has had them from day one, especially in the summer. we now spray all vents, doorways, and basement with peppermint oil/water in a spray bottle and have only seen 1 in MONTHS.

    thanks for this!!!!

  • Mei Lynn

    I have two indoor cats what can i use that’s natural and pet friendly, to get rid of silverfish, large cockroaches, fruitflies, and spiders? Thank you, Mei Lynn

  • Jay

    Urban legend cause I got a spearmint plant as a gift and the instructions said direct sunlight I put it outside and 30 mins later it had spider webs all over it. So spiders didn’t get the don’t like mint memo.

  • Elle

    We just had to move out of our house because are floors are being done, we have everything in storage except for my moms bed, when we first got it like five spiders came out but we didn’t know what to do so we a mint and killed it!!