Why Budget Savvy Diva’s Mail Was Suspended

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Thank you all for following my mail journey

This is what happened

Letter of The Mail Suspension + No One Is Giving Answers

Must Read! Budget Savvy Diva’s Mail Has Been Suspended ?!

We have found out the answer … Now it is pretty scary I just wanted to give you the morning

Two days ago someone ( they have not found the person yet) stabbed our mailman on property and this is why the suspension  has been placed until they find the person. I am trying to handle the news the best I can but I am very upset – Mr.Savvy and I are trying to come up with the best course of action. We do not live in a bad neighborhood or anything. The apartment complex was recently sold.


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  • marivel


  • jenn huff

    i understand your apprehension about this. although no one got hurt in my neighborhood here in chandler, my neighbor’s house was broken in to during the day and while she was home. and during that time i was home alone. very scary to think of these things happening especially when you think very hard about where to live to remain safe. good luck and remain positive.

  • Christina

    OMG! Just please be careful. I hope they find the unsub real soon. Prayers for the mail man and the whole community.

  • Jessica

    could you just go to the post office to pick up your mail? Im not sure why if you go in person amd show id why they would not allow you to get it. That is kinda scary. I heard from a man down the block that a lady a few blocks over is stealing mail out of peoples mail boxes. when she was asked what she was doing she said I live here? he knows who lives near him and she is not anyone. he reported her and now she is being invesagated because someones meds were stolen from there mail box….

  • Linda Bell

    You can arrange to put your mail on hold and pick it up at the PO until this is resolved. It is a little inconvenient, but that way you can get your mail.

  • jenniffer eads

    im not sure if you realize it..but your kinda profiling people who rent month to month..which is..sad..just because he was stabbed on the property doesnt even mean the person who stabbed your mailman even lives there..the reason i am even responding to your post is because we had to rent month to month at an apartment complex while our home was destroyed and we were rebuilding and we didnt stab anyone :/

  • Karen Hoier

    That is scarey. I dont know what I would do if I lived there, (move or stay). Where are we safe now a days.
    Good luck and stay safe.

  • Kim Newcomb

    Wow, What are people thinking. It could be awhile before you get service back. You might have to pick up your mail daily.

  • Star Traci

    Oh my goodness! I just saw this follow-up. So sorry -that is frightening! I wish you safety and good luck with the decision. Hopefully it was a single incident.
    Stay safe!

  • Juleah Brewer

    Yikes! I hope they find the creep who did it. Are they at least allowing you to pick your mail up at the post office?

  • Mary E. Gemmill

    But the post office is holding your mail? I hope. They may not want to deliver and put another post person in any jeopardy. Just make sure to keep your doors locked and watch yourselves. We all love you, Watson and your husband. Stay safe.

  • Patrice

    I do not get mail where I live because of things like that. Plus I like the idea of private mailboxes. Sorry to hear that you all are having such a time.

  • Maggie @ Tethered Mommy

    Oh no! That is SO scary! I wonder if it was connected to the beginning of the month checks – I know many places used to have volunteers escort around the mail carriers when those checks came out to dissuade robberies. I hope he gets better soon and it was an isolated incident.

  • m

    shoot we have all individual boxes here in our complex and some hit down a bunch of them on Tuesday morning I was glad they weren’t mine. but my out going mail was in them the association responsible for them hasn’t fixed them or the Post office has. I feel for some of the people that aren’t getting the mail while they are broke..

    I cant imagine having something like that happen in my area. being that we do have several town homes that are vacant and its bothersome to have them empty. Also empty gas station so i know this world is different and people just dont get it.
    hope fully people will get things figured out sooner or later.. and mail will be back tonormal for you

  • sarah j

    Did you ask if you could pick your mail up at the post office or maybe file a forwarding address to a trustworthy person nearby who would get your mail for you?

  • Shannon Hinkle

    What does renting month to month have to do with anything? I don’t understand that. And I also don’t understand why the post office would suspend mail for an entire apartment complex…chances are that they will never find whoever stabbed the mailman. I hope he is ok…but chances are that the perpetrator will never be found. And as someone already mentioned, the stabber may not even live there.

  • Hollie

    Oh, how awful for that poor mailman. Before I knew that I was going to joke around that they suspended your mail because you get too many freebies! Not so funny, though, now. It is such a different world now, with the economic problems. We now keep our doors locked & we are trying to get in the habit of having our phones “on” us at all times.

  • Carol

    Keeping your mailperson in our prayers. the easiest (ok not easy) solution is to have your mail “held” and pick it up from the Post Officel. As much as an inconvenience it is, everyone’ safety is most important.

    Be vigilant. Be safe.