What Happens When My Husband Cooks….Part 2

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I am shaking my head right now… I cannot even think how this could happen.

This is what I know

– The colander was in a drawer last night ( I put it there myself).

– Today Mr.Savvy made his own lunch “hot dogs” while I was doing some “spring cleaning” in the closet.

– After Mr.Savvy made lunch he soon left for work.

– I have tried calling Mr.Savvy — but he seems “unavailable” at this time.

This is what I do not know

– How did the colander get out of the drawer and find its way to the stove top?

– Was Mr.Savvy trying to cook hot dogs with the colander?

– Did Mr.Savvy think I would not notice ? — I kinda cook a lot 😉

– Is Mr.Savvy not answering the phone because he is busy or because he is guilty?

– Oh the questions keep going on and on.

Here is another picture

This is what I think happened. For whatever reason Mr.Savvy took the colander out – decided not to use it and left it next to a burner or on the burner ( who knows). Somehow that burner was turned on — and thus resulting in what you see above.

Just another piece of “art” to go with the cutting board.

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Has anything like this ever happen to you?

By the way this post is done in jest 🙂  Even though Mr.Savvy cannot cook I love him 😉