Did Mr.Savvy Get The Job ?!

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So let me explain this photo of my husband ( Mr.Savvy) …. well I guess there is not explanation.

I am so touched that so many people are asking how my husband’s job interview went  – so I decided to write a post dedicated to it.

Before I knew it I was looking through all our old pictures ( we take a lot of pictures ) and picked a few of my favorites.

Oh by the way — HE GOT THE JOB!!!!! He starts working on Monday.

He will be working at Starbucks 🙂

Okay back to the picture 😉


When we were first dating 🙂

Another one -- I think it was taken on the same day as the one above

Us at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas planning our wedding 🙂 I think it was 2009

Us ... Trying to look cool ( I think)

Us at Disneyland 🙂